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Duncan-Parnell Branch 1
Charlotte - McDowell St
900 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 372-7766
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Chandworth Storm Drainage Improvement Project (671-13-015)
The Project is located in the Beverly Woods area between Park Road to the west, Sulkirk Rd. to the north, and Sharon road to the south and east. The purpose of the project is to reduce structural and roadway flooding. Improvements include culvert replacements and pipe system upgrades. Work includes: Removal of existing storm drainage and installation of new reinforced concrete pipe, reinforced concrete box culverts, catch basins, junction boxes and headwalls; channel bank enhancement and stabilization; foundation protection; removal and replacement of valley gutter, driveways and pavement; water and sewer relocations; traffic control, grading, and other related activities.

A copy of the Geotechnical Report can be viewed by clicking HERE

City of Charlotte08/20/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Country Club Drive Storm Drainage Improvement Project (PMSW191593)
This project involves analysis of design and construction of needed improvements. The Country Club Culvert Storm Drainage Improvement Project (SDIP) is in the 3000 block of Country Club Drive. Shamrock Gardens Elementary School is on the northern upstream side of the culvert and The Charlotte Country Club is on the southern downstream end of the culvert. The project supports Beckwith Meadow SDIP and Shamrock Drive Street Improvements and the improvements will include culvert replacement.
City of Charlotte07/16/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Elmwood Cemetery Retaining Walls (PMES181543)
This project provides for renovations of deteriorating and/or inadequate walls along cemetery roadways in the City-owned Elmwood Cemetery. Work also includes curb and gutter removal and installation and other related activities.
City of Charlotte06/16/2020
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Grier Road at Rocky River Road Left Turn (PMES181564)
The project location is the intersection of Grier Road and Rocky River Road. The scope is to add a left turning lane from Grier Road onto Rocky River Road. The City of Charlotte’s objective for this project is to improve safety at the intersection of Grier Road and Rocky River Road. Project length = 0.18 miles

The Itemized Bid Form in Excel format can be viewed by clicking HERE

City of Charlotte09/03/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Howie Acres Phase 2 Neighborhood Improvement Project (PM51208061)
The purpose of this project is to improve storm drainage infrastructure along the south side of Dinglewood Avenue between East Sugarcreek Road and Eastway Drive. Sidewalk and street trees will not be installed on this project. Specific items include curb & gutter, storm drainage infrastructure, driveway aprons, retrofit wheelchair ramps and resurfacing.

The Itemized Bid file can be viewed by clicking HERE

City of Charlotte07/09/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Kenilworth – Romany Storm Drainage Improvement Project (671-11-016)
Kenilworth-Romany Storm Drainage Improvement Project will upgrade existing storm drainage infrastructure along Kenilworth Avenue, Romany Road, Dilworth Road, and other adjacent streets in the Dilworth Community. The downstream portion of the improvements includes a box culvert which will run through Atrium Health’s Carolina Medical Center property and outfall into Little Sugar Creek. The project includes storm drainage, utility relocation, asphalt paving, curb & gutter, traffic control and other related construction activities.
City of Charlotte10/03/2019
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Margaret Wallace (Campbell Creek - Old Gate Drive) Sidewalk (PM51215030)
To construct new sidewalk along the south side of Margaret Wallace Road from Campbell Creek to Old Gate Drive in order to improve pedestrian access along the corridor.
City of Charlotte08/06/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Marvin Road Sidewalk (PMES171509)
Installing new sidewalk along the Northeast side of Marvin Road between US-521 and Ardrey Kell Road.
City of Charlotte08/06/2020
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Old Providence Road Sidewalk (Sharon View-English Meadows) (512-17-006)
This project will construct sidewalk on Old Providence Road from English Meadows Lane to Lancer Drive, approximately 0.5 mile, and will include a storm drainage system.

The Itemized Bid Form in Excel format can be viewed by clicking HERE

City of Charlotte09/03/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Parkwood Avenue Improvements (PMES181534)
This project includes work between the existing curb lines that proposes new pavement markings that will create buffered bike lanes along the entire project limits. Additional improvements will include new traffic signals, pedestrian crossings and median modifications.
City of Charlotte07/09/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Queens Road Phase 2 Storm Drainage Improvement Project (SWDES00492)
The Project will upgrade existing infrastructure along Queens Road, and Baxter Street. The improvements will include a box culvert that will run along Baxter Street and outlet into a channel that runs between Baxter Street and Queens Road. The project will include storm drainage, utility relocation, asphalt paving, curb & gutter, traffic control, and other related construction activities.

A copy of the Geotechnical Report can be viewed by clicking HERE

City of Charlotte08/06/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Resurfacing FY 2020-2022 (TKOP120003)
This project involves street resurfacing and associated functions throughout the City. The project includes traffic control, pavement milling, bituminous surface treatment, structure adjustment, full depth patching, sidewalk & curb repairs, wheelchair ramp installation, and pavement markings.
City of Charlotte08/06/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Rocky River Rd West Streetscape (512-14-022)
This project is intended to upgrade Rocky River Road West between North Tryon Street and Rockland Drive / Toby Creek, with the goal of providing a modern, complete street that includes upgraded pedestrian and bicycle facilities. This project will provide upgraded sidewalks, pedestrian refuges, bike lanes, planting strips, pedestrian lighting, and street trees to achieve USDG guidelines. Work includes construction of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, paving, grading, drainage, erosion control and utilities.

A copy of Geotechnical Report can be viewed by clicking HERE
City of Charlotte07/16/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Sugar Creek Road Improvement Project (512-15-014)
The project includes approximately 0.24 miles sidewalk and bike lane along Sugar Creek Road between North Tryon Street and Greensboro Street. Work includes grading, paving, drainage, sidewalk, concrete curb and gutter, cast in place box culvert, erosion control, traffic control and pavement markings.

A copy of the Geotechnical Report can be viewed by clicking HERE

CAD files are available upon request. Please email that request to

The Culvert Survey Report can be viewed by clicking HERE

City of Charlotte08/06/2020
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Tuckaseegee Berryhill Thrift Roundabout (PM51213034)

The project will replace the signalized intersection with a roundabout. Project will also provide sidewalks, curb and gutter, driveways, concrete island, wheel chair ramps, retaining wall, storm drainage, asphalt pavement, pavement markings and signage and utility relocation.

The CLTWater Information Security Agreement can be saved by clicking HERE
City of Charlotte
View Job Details | OrderIndian Trail, NC - FY 20/21 Fall Resurfacing Contract
SCOPE OF WORK: This Contract consists of performing roadway improvements for the following Town-maintained streets: a) Affirmed Drive h) Greenleaf Street o) Preakness Boulevard b) Aylsheba Drive i) Hercules Drive p) Saratoga Boulevard c) Back Stretch Boulevard j) Holly Park Drive q) Seabiscuit Drive d) Belmont Stakes Avenue k) Ladys Secret Drive r) Triple Crown Drive e) Bimelech Drive l) Miesque Drive s) Trigger Drive f) Equipoise Drive m) Painted Horse Drive t) Twenty Grand Drive g) Filly Drive n) Phar Lap Drive u) Warwagon Drive
Town of Indian Trail08/14/2020
View Job DetailsJackson County, GA - Apron Pavement and Drainage Rehabilitation- Phase 2 (20190358.00.AT)
The project primarily consists of the replacement and expansion of the asphalt apron in the T-hangar area at Jackson County Airport, as well as the installation of two slotted drain systems to address storm drainage issues.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.06/18/2020
View Job Details | OrderKnoxville, TN - HPUD - North Fork Sewer Improvements (20190430.00.KV)
The work will consist of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment and incidentals and performing all work required to construct complete and ready to operate:

1. approximately 1,050 LF of pipe bursting existing 8-inch concrete sewer to 12-inch HDPE;
2. approximately 1,360 LF of 12-inch PVC open cut gravity sewer;
3. all associated services reconnections, erosion and sedimentation control, and appurtenances.

The work will be awarded in one Contract.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.09/01/2020
View Job DetailsKnoxville, TN - Temple Acres Sewer Rehabilitation (20190431.00.KV)
The work to be performed under this Contract shall consist of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and incidentals and performing all work required to construct complete, in place, and ready to operate the following:

1. Approximately 13,000 LF of 8-inch sewer rehabilitation by cured-in-place pipe method.
2. Approximately 60 manholes to be rehabilitated by spray lining.
3. Reinstatement of approximately 115 service connections by open cut, cured-in-place pipe lining, and core and brush.
4. Sewers require pre-installation and post-installation CCTV inspections. Lateral launch capabilities will be required.
5. All associated pavement restoration, landscaping, erosion and sedimentation control, and appurtenances.

The work will be awarded in one Contract.

The drawings are viewable in black & white. When purchased they will be sent in full color.

If you would like to purchase the "CCTV Video Inspections and Reports" reference material for an additional non refundable $50.00, please email with this request.

W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.06/23/2020
View Job DetailsLewisville (NC) Community Center
The work includes General, Site, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical work to be constructed under one Single Prime Contract. The extent of work is shown on the drawings and specified in the project manual.
ADW Architects07/29/2020
View Job Details | OrderMecklenburg County, NC - Foxhole Landfill Phase 2 Cell 2 Construction Project
The Work to be performed under this Contract generally includes the construction of Phase 2 Cell 2 of the Foxhole Landfill. The Work includes the development of an on-site borrow pit and off-site sourcing of soils, grading (cut/fill) of the Phase 2 Cell 2 area, installation and tie-in of an 18-inch low permeability soil layer, HDPE liner, geosynthetic clay liner, drainage layer, and protective cover, in addition to stormwater and erosion and sedimentation controls and other details as shown on the Drawings and noted in the Specifications. The constructed lined area of the Phase 2 Cell 2 will be approximately 14 acres.
CDM Smith Inc09/17/2020
View Job Details | OrderUnion County, NC - Phase 2 Sheriff's Office Training Complex
Construction of a concrete pad, electrical, sanitary and power connections for 4 pre-sited double wide modular buildings. Two of the buildings will be storage facilities and two will be classroom buildings. The storage buildings only require power connections to existing panels. The classroom buildings will each be modified to add one unisex, ADA compliant toilet with attending electrical, water and sanitary connections. The work will also include an ADA compliant ramp, sidewalk and stairs from the existing Phase 1 parking lot. The following work is excluded from the contract:
a. Moving and setting the buildings on foundations.
b. Combining the buildings and making them watertight.
c. Installing the prefabricated stairs and ramps.
d. Repairs to existing buildings.
Union County NC09/01/2020
View Job Details | OrderUnion County, NC - STEG Gravity Sewer Improvement P1 (20190522.00.CL)
The Project consists of constructing approximately 7,560 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer mains and 36 manholes on North Catawba Circle, Smith Circle, Greenbriar Drive, and Spruce street. This includes, but not limited to pipe, manholes, services, clean outs, erosion control, and restoration.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.08/18/2020
View Job DetailsWest Stanly (NC) WWTP and Sanitary Sewer Improvements SRF (20170316.00.CL)
The work will consist of upgrades to McCoy Creek pump station piping and valving, headworks, aeration basin, secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact chamber, and gravity thickener.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.07/02/2020
View Job DetailsWilkes County (NC) Airport - North Hangar Development (20190570.00.CL)
The project scope will include approximately 30,000 cubic yards of excavation with associated erosion control, approximately 1,500 linear feet of storm pipe, and approximately 1,100 tons of asphalt pavement for the proposed taxilane.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.07/23/2020
Duncan-Parnell Branch 2
Raleigh Office
201 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 833-4677
View Job DetailsNew Bern, NC - Craven County Lawson Creek Booster Station Interim Bypass Pumping
The work will be located on the Lawson Creek Park property located at 1309 Country Club Rd New Bern, NC 28560 and will consist of ductile iron water main, valved and appurtenances, potable water electric drive pass pump, and electrical modifications.
CJS Conveyance08/12/2020
View Job Details | OrderRaleigh (NC) Water Oberlin Road Project
The installation of approximately 6,100 linear feet of 12-inch ductile iron water main on Oberlin Road between Davis Street and Bedford Avenue and corresponding abandonment of existing 8” cast iron main along the same corridor. The work includes replacement of existing hydrants, reconnection of intersecting mains, replacement of water services, a 36-inch bore and jack of Wade Avenue, a 12-inch check valve assembly within Wade Avenue, and associated paving, restoration, and traffic control to provide a complete and operable water system. Additionally, the project includes replacement of portions of the sanitary sewer system along the corridor totaling approximately 2,000 linear feet of 8-inch ductile iron gravity sewer.
CJS Conveyance08/25/2020
View Job DetailsSmithfield, NC - NC 210 Water Main Improvements
The work will be located along NC 210 from Old Stage Road to NC 50 and will consist of the construction of approximately;

18,530 LF of 20-inch water distribution main
15,990 LF of 12-inch water distribution main
845 LF of 2-inch through 8-inch water distribution main
Thirteen (13) bore and jack crossings of NCDOT roadways


CJS Conveyance06/16/2020
Duncan-Parnell Branch 15
Myrtle Beach Office
1478 Dividend Loop
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 626-3641
View Job DetailsMyrtle Beach, SC - Horry-Georgetown Technical College - Renovation of Grand Strand Bldgs 100, 200 & 300 and Campus Infrastructure (2019028.00)
Exterior improvements and additions to 3 buildings on the Grand Strand campus of Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC} and site improvements to the approximately 11 acre site located between Pampas Drive. Hemlock A venue and Swallow Drive.
Becker Morgan Group, Inc07/09/2020
Duncan-Parnell Branch 8
Lake Norman Office
364 Williamson Rd #301
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 658-9666
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - 2021 Street Resurfacing Project #301-2-01
The work will consist of milling, repaving and restriping multiple Town owned streets located in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Town of Mooresville06/18/2020
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - Fleet Maintenance Building Expansion
The work will include the following but is not limited to site clearing, demolition, grading, asphalt and concrete paving, drainage, water and sewer utilities, building additions including foundations, structural steel, roofing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and fire protection systems
Town of Mooresville06/18/2020
View Job Details | OrderMooresville, NC - Hope Park RFQ
Town of Mooresville Facilities and Construction Project Management

Pursuant with State of North Carolina Statute § 143—64.31, The Town of Mooresville is soliciting requests for qualifications from professional and experienced firms for a master plan for the renovation and design of Hope Park. The goal of this project is to provide the Town of Mooresville with a conceptual design for the renovation of the existing park and grounds.
Town of Mooresville08/21/2020
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - Mooresville Pump Station Rehabilitations
The project involves work at two (2) wastewater pump stations and will be bid under the same project name and formal bid process, but will contain independent project scopes and may result in potentially two (2) separate contracts or divisions of work. The Town of Mooresville will open all bids duly received publicly at the stated time for the bid opening and then will evaluate with the Engineer the award scenario most advantageous to the Town.
McGill Associates, P.A.06/30/2020
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - Northside Pump Station Improvements (Contract 84.0)
The Project consists of improvements to the Northside Pump Station including the construction of a new screening facility and replacement of the existing lime containment structure.

Engineer's Estimate $560,000
Willis Engineers08/06/2020
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - Request for Qualifications Engineering Services
The Town of Mooresville Construction Project Management and Facilities Division is now soliciting statements of qualifications for general engineering services on various upcoming capital projects. Agreements will be entered into on a project by project basis. Work may include, but not limited to geotechnical and soil exploration, construction materials testing, concrete and masonry observation, and unit testing
Town of Mooresville07/17/2020
View Job Details | OrderMooresville, NC - RFQ - Charles Mack Citizens Center
The focus of this project includes replacing the providing design consultation and aide in use of existing facilities, selection of new furnishings, fixtures, flooring, and lighting to be used in the existing locations, as well as conceptual architectural design services for future planned renovations.
*The scope includes conceptual professional architectural and interior design services.
*The project has an estimated budget of $20,000.00.
*The project has an anticipated completion date of 6/30/2021.
*A site visit will be held on 8/19/2020 at 2:00 P.M. Charles Mack Citizens Center, 215 N. Main St, Mooresville, NC 28115 for all interested firms to ask questions of Project Leadership and receive a tour of the existing facility.
*Submissions must include a list of all licensed agencies and firms that will be part of the project including designers, contractors, and subcontractors.

Scope of Work

1. Pre-design planning including assistance in the preparation of a schedule, preliminary cost estimates and value engineering measures.
2. Development and refinement of cost estimates and project schedules.
3. Aide in the selection of furniture, flooring, colors, and lighting to support prior renovations.
4. Conceptual architectural services for the addition of a new hospitality suite, expansion of existing ballrooms, addition of a business center, and addition of a welcome center/gift shop.
Town of Mooresville09/02/2020
View Job Details | OrderMooresville, NC - Skate Park RFQ
Town of Mooresville Facilities and Construction Project Management

Pursuant with State of North Carolina Statute § 143—64.31, The Town of Mooresville is soliciting requests for qualifications from professional and experienced firms for a master plan for the renovation and design of the Mooresville Skate Park. The goal of this project is to provide the Town of Mooresville with biddable construction documents for the use of the existing skate park space as a concrete skate plaza. Design firms responding to this Request for Qualifications, who satisfy the stated criteria shall be evaluated by Mooresville according to the criteria identified in this Request for Qualifications. The most qualified firm will be identified, and Town of Mooresville will request a proposal for design service.
Town of Mooresville08/28/2020
View Job Details | OrderMooresville, NC - Wiggins Road Sewer Facilities - Force Main – Phase I
The Project consists of constructing 8,609 feet of 24-inch force main. The work also includes the connection of the force main from the Town’s existing Northside Pump Station to the new force main.

Estimate for Construction $3,290,000

Willis Engineers09/03/2020
View Job DetailsTown of Mooresville (NC) RFQ for Professional Engineering Services
The Town of Mooresville (Town) invites qualified firms to submit a Qualification Proposal in accordance with North Carolina Statutes to provide on-call professional civil engineering, planning and surveying consulting services associated with the planning, design, bidding and construction inspection/administration of various public utility infrastructure projects.
Town of Mooresville06/30/2020
Duncan-Parnell Branch 4
North Charleston Office
3150 West Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 747-6033
View Job DetailsCharleston, SC - Mitchell Elementary School Renovations
The work involved in the renovation of Julian Mitchell Math & Science Elementary (2 Perry St., Charleston, SC 29403) includes, but is not limited to:

Construction and integration of a new secured vestibule at the second-floor main entrance
*Transformation of an existing second-floor classroom into a contemporary and secure reception office
*Construction of a new exterior elevator with a covered vestibule (first floor) and veranda (second floor) providing secure and direct access to the new reception office
*Modernization of the existing interior elevator
*Reorganization of the existing business area
*Installation of new rooftop HVAC units and aluminum screening
*Replacement of existing interior HVAC units
*Integration of new mechanical chases on the second and third floors, and duct replacement in hallways
*Resurfacing of the existing roof
*Replacement of acoustical ceiling tiles and grids in hallways and select rooms following installation of new HVAC ductwork
*Remodeling of group and faculty restrooms
*Extensive interior painting
*Replacement of selected flooring
*Replacement of selected built-in cabinetry, countertops, and classroom sinks and bubblers, and kitchenettes
*Replacement of selected interior wood door slabs and hardware
*Replacement of selected door hardware
*Integration of new third floor workroom

The construction of new exterior elevator, open-air vestibules, and elevator machine room will be composed predominantly of load bearing masonry veneered with brick and reinforced with structural steel, joists, trusses, and metal decking. The roof resurfacing will be a fluid applied coating system over a modified bitumen base sheet. Finishes will include, but are not limited to: LVT, porcelain full body tile, carpet tiles, acoustical ceilings, paint, and casework. The package also includes basic electrical services, electrical supply upgrade, electrical life safety systems, technology items, and upgrades to the existing fire alarm system. Limited sitework includes installation of new sidewalk in at new first floor vestibule where the existing sidewalk will be demolished for installation of new concrete footings and elevator pit.
Cumming Construction Management Inc07/15/2020
View Job Details | OrderCharleston, SC - Stoney Field Improvements – Phase II
Scope of work includes, but is not limited to: Phase II includes an additional six (6) month Surcharge Program “The Surcharge Plan Phase”, then a “Final Plan Phase” Final Football Field Construction and all field related improvements including grading, drainage and synthetic turf.

All bleacher and parking improvements to be completed in a separate contract by the City of Charleston.
Cumming Construction Management Inc08/20/2020
View Job DetailsColumbia, SC Criminal Justice Academy (19214)
Base Bid work includes Buildings 8 and 31 which are pre-engineered metal buildings that require repairs and modifications to penetrations, terminations and transitions of the metal roofs. Base Bid work also includes removal and replacement of asphalt/fiberglass shingles and fiberglass reinforced ‘skylight’ panels (FRP) for approximately 224 squares with new systems for buildings 1, 2, 3 and 113. Alternate Number 1 work includes thru-fastened metal roof system “R” panel roof system in lieu of asphalt fiberglass roofing in the Base Bid for Buildings 1, 2, 3 and 113.
Building Envelope Enclosure Group07/07/2020
View Job Details | OrderFolly Beach (SC) City Hall Renovations
Renovations to the interior of the Folly Beach City Hall. Demolition, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and new layout and finishes are included.
Cummings & McCrady, Inc. Architects08/18/2020
View Job DetailsNorth Charleston, SC - Monorail System Upgrade Pump Station #205 (Watkins)
The structural system consists primarily of cast in place concrete walls and diaphragms below grade and concrete beams, columns, and slabs with infill masonry walls above grade. The exterior walls are clad with brick veneer. The goal of this project is to extend the new monorail system to the exterior of the structure to facilitate pump removal and replacement operations and to provide a new monorail system lifting capacity of 3 tons.
Rickborn & Associates LLC07/01/2020
View Job Details | OrderNorth Charleston, SC - RE-BID Main Campus Roofing & Building Envelope Waterproofing Building 920
Base Bid work includes removal of existing roofing and wall systems down to the substrates noted for Building 920. Roof replacement, recovery and repairs as noted includes minor deck repairs, rough carpentry, roof insulation, including taper, and a two-ply modified bitumen roof system. All associated wall panel modifications sheet metal components and accessories are included. Exterior wall modifications (EIFS and metal panels) and sealant replacement for select areas are also included.
Building Envelope Enclosure Group08/20/2020
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Gifford (SC) Rosenwald School Stabilization
Stabilization and mothballing the historic Gifford Rosenwald School. The school is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Cummings & McCrady, Inc. Architects09/15/2020
Duncan-Parnell Branch 5
Charlotte -Granite St
11333-A Granite Street
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-0047
View Job Details | OrderLaurens, SC - Saxon Street Water Treatment Plant Storage Building Re-Purposing
The work to be performed consists of furnishing all materials, tools and equipment and performing all labor necessary to construct an upfit to re-purpose an existing storage building at the Saxon Street Water Treatment Plant and the construction of new concrete retainage walls at the site as outlined in the specifications and contract documents.
Wiedeman and Singleton, Inc.08/20/2020
View Job Details | OrderNorwood (NC) WWTP Renovation
The Project consists of constructing a new headworks, aeration basin weirs, splitter box, clarifiers, sludge pump station, chlorine contact chamber and other site improvements.

Engineer's Estimate $3,750,000

Willis Engineers08/20/2020
Duncan-Parnell Branch 7
Greensboro Office
4275 Regency Drive #100
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 855-1211
View Job DetailsHigh Point, NC - General Water and Sewer Improvements Bid 01-070120
This contract consists of providing personnel, equipment and materials to install approximately 855 linear feet of 6-inch ductile Iron water pipe, 118 linear feet of 6-inch restrained joint water pipe using a 12 -inch jack and bored encasement pipe, 10 linear feet of 6-inch ductile iron sewer pipe, 124 linear feet of 10-inch ductile iron sewer pipe, 48 linear feet of 12-inch ductile iron sewer pipe, 2900 linear feet of 8-inch SDR-26 sewer pipe, 288 linear feet of 12-inch SDR-26 sewer pipe, 150 linear feet of 10-inch vitrified clay pipe using the pilot tube method, 381 linear feet of 8-inch HDPE sewer pipe installed with pipe bursting, 460 linear feet of 6-inch cure in place pipe liner, 1845 linear feet of 8-inch cure in place pipe liner. A variety of other materials including structures, services, traffic control, pavement repairs, resurfacing and additional work necessary to complete this contract.
City of High Point, N.C.07/01/2020
View Job DetailsHigh Point, NC - Riverdale Gravity Sewer Extension Bid 16-062420
The work includes construction of gravity sewer and manholes. Work under this contract consists of furnishing personnel, equipment, and materials for the construction of a gravity sanitary sewer and manholes located along Riverdale Road. This project will include the installation of approximately 2,800 lf of 42” gravity sanitary sewer pipe, 450 lf of 2” PVC force main, 390 lf of 8” PVC gravity sanitary sewer pipe, and 140 lf of steel encasement pipe installed by bore and jack. Manholes will consist of 6’ diameter polymer concrete manholes installed on the 42” gravity sanitary sewer and 4’ diameter precast concrete manholes installed on the 8” gravity sanitary sewer. An existing sanitary sewer system, including aerial sewer pipe and manholes, will be removed and abandoned.
City of High Point, N.C.06/24/2020
View Job DetailsLexington, NC - North Davidson High School Track Resurfacing
Rehabilitate (via FDR) asphalt surface and install ½” SBR Synthetic Surface on track facilities at North Davidson Senior High School.
Davis Martin Powell & Associates, Inc.07/27/2020
Duncan-Parnell Branch 9
Concord Office
651 Church Street North
Concord, NC 28025
(704) 782-2625
View Job DetailsCity of Kannapolis (NC) Resurfacing Project 2020
Street improvements of two (2) named streets (or part thereof) totaling approximately 7,370 LF of pavement. The work shall consist of preparing for paving by patching, asphalt surface treatment, milling, and resurfacing or other work necessary or as directed by the Director of Engineering.
City of Kannapolis
Delta - Released
Projects listed here are available to receive bids.
Place your order to be added to the official bidders list.
View Job DetailsAbingdon, VA - Virginia Highlands Airport - Rehabilitate Taxilane & Landside Pavement (19024)
The scope of the Rehabilitate Taxilane & Landside Pavement project includes the following:

~Relocation of a Taxilane Connector to access a hangar area
~Rehabilitation of a T-Hangar Taxilane
~Rehabilitation of a Service Road
~Minor drainage improvements
~Minor airfield electrical modifications
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.08/05/2020
View Job DetailsAngola, IN - Rehabilitate Runway 5-23, Rehabilitate Taxiways A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5 (17048)
This project will provide for the rehabilitation of Runway 5-23 and associated transitions into the existing connecting taxiways.

The scope of the project includes the following major elements:

Pavement surface milling (2-inch nominal, approximately 46,000 SY)
Pre-paving pavement crack repair (approximately 38,000 LF)
Placement of asphalt overlay (2-inch nominal, approximately 6,800 TN)
Initial runway and taxiway marking (approximately 33,000 SF)
Pavement grooving (approximately 28,000 SY)
Final runway and taxiway marking (approximately 44,000 SF)
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.06/16/2020
View Job DetailsBryan, OH - Williams County Airport - Reconstruct Partial Parallel Taxiway "B" (18118)
This Project is to demolish and remove existing partial parallel Taxiway “B”, then reconstruct a new partial parallel taxiway (Taxiway “B”) to the east end of Runway 7-25 (RWY 25 End) at the Williams County Airport (0G6) in Bryan, Ohio. The project is planned to include, but not be limited to the following general project elements: 1. Demolish and remove approximately 14,000 square yards of bituminous asphalt taxiway pavement, demolish and remove the existing low-intensity taxiway edge lighting system and regrade the area to promote positive drainage and comply with Runway Safety Area (RSA) grading criteria. 2. Construct approximately 3,230, linear feet by 35 feet wide FAA specification P-401 bituminous asphalt (approximately 5,000 tons) taxiway pavement. 3. Construct drainage structures, storm water drainage culverts and perform site grading along the reconstructed taxiway. 4. Install approximately three FAA specification L-858 airfield guidance signs and approximately 60 FAA specification L-861T LED medium-intensity taxiway edge lights (MITL).
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.06/24/2020
View Job Details | OrderSeminole (OK) Muncipal Airport - Rehabilitate Runway 16-34 Lighting (20026)
The scope of the project includes the rehabilitation of the Runway 16-34 lighting system. The project has two Alternates and one Bid Additive:

• Alternate 1: remove existing runway lights, cable signs and conduit, install new conduit, cable, LED runway lights, LED runway holding position signs and new LED runway exit signs

• Alternate 2: remove existing runway lights, cable signs and conduit, install new conduit, cable, LED runway lights, and LED runway holding position signs

• Bid Additive 1: install new LED Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL’s)

Delta Airport Consultants Inc.08/20/2020
View Job Details | OrderSeminole (OK) Municipal Airport - North Hangar Taxiway and Apron Pavement - Phase 1 (19099)
The scope of this project includes the site preparation and grading for future taxilane and apron pavement and hangars. The project includes two Alternates:

• Alternate 1: site grading, clearing and grubbing, installation of gravel haul road, drainage pipe, and vehicle access gate

• Alternate 2: site grading, clearing and grubbing

Delta Airport Consultants Inc.08/20/2020
View Job DetailsTalihina (OK) Municipal Airport - Schedule 2 - Install Rotating Beacon and Wind Cone (19068)
The project includes the installation of a new rotating beacon and wind cone.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.07/23/2020