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Duncan-Parnell Branch 5
Charlotte -Granite St
11333-A Granite Street
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-0047
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Lincoln Heights ES Renovations
The General Contract scope of work includes Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, Security and Electrical work. There will be no site or civil scope as all work is within the interior of the existing building.
Neighboring Concepts08/09/2022
View Job Details | OrderLaurinburg, NC - Distribution System Improvements - Phase 2
The Project consists of constructing approximately 10,400 feet of 20-inch water line, 640 feet of 16-inch water line, 850 feet of 12-inch, 1,340 feet of 8-inch, and 320 feet of 6-inch water line and all appurtenances.

Estimate for construction $7,000,000
Willis Engineers10/27/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Lincoln County, NC - Lincoln County Gateway Signs
The project consists of the construction of four (4) gateway monument signs at selected highway interchanges throughout Lincoln County. Construction will include signs and their foundations along with associated grading, landscape, and lighting/electrical.
View Job DetailsRock Hill, SC - Filter 4 Underdrain Replacement
The project consists of the demolition of the existing underdrain system in Filter 4 and installing and field-testing replacement gravity filter equipment and media in Filter 4. Filter 4 is a dualcell water filter (i.e., includes Filter 4A & Filter 4B) and is located at the Rock Hill Water Plant. The gravity filter equipment and filter media has been pre-purchased by the City from WesTech.
Wiedeman and Singleton, Inc.07/14/2022
View Job Details | OrderRock Hill, SC - Keiger Street Apartments Renovations - Phase II
Project scope consists of renovating 28 existing apartment buildings in the Keiger Street Community, located at 110-570 Keiger Street in Rock Hill, SC. The 28 apartment buildings are positioned in clusters around five existing parking lots. The project scope will be executed in two (2) phases. The work is to be coordinated with the Rock Hill Housing Authority during the construction phases. The intent of the project is to renovate the interior buildings within the Keiger Community by providing minor wall relocations, new finishes, energy efficient appliances, plumbing fixtures & accessories, new interior doors and painting as needed to accommodate the project needs. The project drawings and specifications define the project scope. The current project scope bidding at this time is the interior scope of work. The exterior scope of work was bid earlier as a separate project.

Work Scope (See Drawings and Specifications for full Scope):

1. Provide new interior doors (29 buildings).
2. Provide new Kitchen cabinets and appliances (29 buildings).
3. Provide new toilet fixtures and accessories (29 buildings).
4. Provide new interior doors and hardware at 58 units (29 buildings).
5. Provide new interior finishes (29 buildings).
6. Provide new Hot Water Heaters (29 buildings).
7. Provide new HVAC units (29 buildings).
Neighboring Concepts10/20/2022
View Job DetailsWeyers Cave, VA - Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 - 20070

The Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 project is a ½” mill and 2” overlay with minimal grade correction of the Airport’s single 6000’ x 150’ runway using P-401 bituminous asphalt. Demolition of Taxiway D and minor geometry correction are included as well as possible relocation of several light fixtures and re-wiring of the TW A circuit.

Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
Duncan-Parnell Branch 1
Charlotte - McDowell St
900 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 372-7766
View Job Details | OrderBrunswick County, NC - Wastewater Treatment and Disposal for the City of Southport (20170253.00.WL)
A general description of the work includes:

Supplying, installation, startup, and related work for a new 0.75 million gallon per day water reclamation facility and associated piping, site work, influent force main from US 17 to Shallotte WWTP from Shallotte WWTP to new WRF and from WRF to disposal areas, three high-rate infiltration basins with groundwater lowering drains, and 11.18-acre spray application field.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.10/19/2022
View Job DetailsChamblee, GA - Dresden Park Stream Bank Stabilization 20200698.00.AT
The Work will consist of installation of stream bank stabilization measures on Arrow Creek.

The Work will be awarded in one Contract.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.08/29/2022
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Arrowood Road Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Project (CDOT-ITS-19-546)
The Arrowood Road ITS Project includes the installation of approximately 3.2 miles of fiber optic cable in new directionally bored and trenched conduit and aerial attachments to wood utility poles. This project includes the installation of 11 traffic management cameras, including the upgrade of 3 existing traffic management cameras and 8 new locations. This project also includes fiber splicing and testing. The project limits are from S. Tryon Road to South Boulevard in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC.

The estimated cost of this Project is between $600,000 and $700,000.
City of Charlotte08/11/2022
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Eastland Mall Redevelopment
This project includes roadway, utility, and landscape construction and improvements as described in project plans entitled “Eastland Mall Redevelopment”, dated June 8, 2022, and/or as amended, and all requirements and provisions specified in the Bid Proposal Document and its attachments.
Crosland Southeast08/22/2022
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Emergency Egress Gate Additions (269-2023-666)
Fabricate and install new emergency egress gates, gate posts and signage at Tom Hunter (three new gates), University City Boulevard (six new gates), McCullough (three new gates), and J W Clay (six new gates) stations for a total of 18 new gates.
City of Charlotte11/11/2022
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Freedom Drive Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Project (CDOT-ITS-22-542)
The Freedom Drive ITS Project includes the installation of approximately 3.27 miles of fiber optic cable in new directionally bored and trenched conduit and aerial attachments to wood utility poles. This project includes the installation of 10 new traffic management cameras and communications equipment to 11 traffic signals. This project also includes fiber splicing and testing. The project limits are Freedom Drive from Bradford Drive/Edgewood Road to Morehead Street and Ashley Road from Freedom Drive to Alleghany Street to Harding University Drive in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC.

City of Charlotte10/11/2022
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - I-85 North Bridge (512-15-003)
This project will connect Doug Mayes Place and Research Drive. This scope includes two bridges, one over I-85 and the other over Doby Creek. The bridge over I-85 will include aesthetic elements to create a gateway into Charlotte. In addition, the project will realign the intersection of Research Drive and David Taylor Drive to provide more efficient travel through the intersection. The construction work includes grading, paving, storm drainage, bridge structures, curb & gutter, sidewalk, driveways, curb ramps, erosion control, traffic control, pavement marking, guardrail, aesthetic lighting and related works.

The estimated cost of this Project is between $21,500,000 and $22,500,000.
City of Charlotte08/30/2022
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Jordan / Davidson Intersection - (PMES-181-560)

This project was derived from the Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Program (NECI) planning study. The purpose of the project is to improve the North Davidson Street/Jordan Place Intersection and enhance multimodal transportation choices for users. This project will improve accessibility for pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular connections to the 25th Street light rail station as well as to the Davidson to Matheson XCLT Project on Brevard Street. Works include grading, paving, milling, drainage, concrete sidewalk, signals, two-way cycle track, curb & gutter and retaining wall.
City of Charlotte09/20/2022
View Job Details | OrderEden, NC - Junction St Basin Replace & Rehab (20120031.14.RA)
The work will consist of multiple phases including:

1. Contract V-Junction Basin Rehabilitation and Replacement Project consisting of the following:

a. Wastewater Infrastructure

i. Linear Replacement and Rehabilitation

1. Approximately 530 LF of 8-inch gravity sewer replacement
2. Approximately 1,170 LF of18-inch gravity sewer rehabilitation (UV-Cured Liner)
3. Approximately 1,060 LF of 24-inch gravity sewer replacement

ii. Manhole Replacement and Rehabilitation

1. Seven (7) 5-foot diameter manhole replacements
2. Three (3) 4-foot diameter manhole replacements
3. Four (4) 4-foot diameter manhole rehabilitations

b. Water Infrastructure

i. Linear Replacement

1. Approximately 10 LF of 2-inch water main replacement
2. Approximately 575 LF of 6-inch water main replacement

2. It also entails replacement and rehabilitation of the Smith River Outfall between Kings Highway and the Junction Lift Station. This portion of the project includes the following items of work:

a. Wastewater Infrastructure

i. Linear Replacement and Rehabilitation

1. Approximately 175 LF of 8-inch gravity sewer replacement
2. Approximately 270 LF of 10-inch gravity sewer replacement
3. Approximately 430 LF of 18-inch gravity sewer replacement
4. Approximately 560 LF of 24-inch gravity sewer replacement
5. Approximately 2,550 LF of 24-inch gravity sewer rehabilitation
6. Approximately 60 LF of 30-inch gravity sewer rehabilitation

ii. Manhole Replacement and Rehabilitation

1. Two (2) 4-foot diameter manhole replacement
2. Six (6) 5-foot diameter manhole replacement
3. Six (6) 6-foot diameter manhole replacement
4. Eight (8) 4-foot diameter manhole rehabilitation

iii. Siphon Replacement

1. Replacement of the triple barrel (8-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch barrels) siphon and boxes with the same including temporary coffer dam of the Smith River
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.11/02/2022
View Job Details | OrderGaston County, NC - Landfill Unit III Construction - Site Grading
The Project includes the following Work:

Replacement of a sediment basin, construction of an underdrain, and site grading, including site clearing of the Unit III area for future landfill construction.
Gaston County10/14/2022
View Job Details | OrderGaston County, NC - York Chester Plaza Roof Replacement
Demolition and removal of selected portions of building or structure:

1. Remove existing PVC membrane and all PVC roof flashings
2. Existing Iso-board insulation to be left in place. Replacement of any unsuitable insulation will be processed via Change Order at agreed upon price.
3. Coping and gutter to remain.
4. Solar Panels to be removed by Others.
Gaston County10/18/2022
View Job Details | OrderGaston County, NC RFQ - Professional Architectural & Engineering Services - Courthouse 5th Floor Renovation
The delivery method for the Project will be Design-Bid-Build. The selected firm will be required to provide a full range of design services for a fully usable, operational, and code compliant facility that satisfies the County’s project requirements, including but not limited to:

Stakeholder management;
Schematic design;
Design development;
Construction documents;
Submitting for permits required for compliance with local, state and federal requirements;
Conducting regular meetings with appropriate County and State personnel;
Preparing contract documents for bidding and permitting;
Preparing detailed cost estimates;
Preparing a construction phasing plan to meet the County’s specific equipment, storage, and workflow needs;
Bidding administration;
Special inspections and material testing;
Construction administration; and
Project Closeout.
Gaston County10/19/2022
View Job DetailsGreeneville, TN - Dewatering and Solids Handling Imp GWC (20210434.00.KV)
The work to be performed under this Contract shall consist of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and incidentals and performing all work required to construct complete in place and ready to operate:

1. A new Schwing Bioset screw press and alkaline stabilization system. Owner has pre purchased equipment from Schwing.
2. A new Biosolids Storage Area. Owner has pre-purchased a pre-engineered red iron steel building.

The work will be awarded in one Contract.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.09/20/2022
View Job Details | OrderLake Lure, NC - Subaqueous Sanitary Sewer HDD Pipelines Installation
The project consists of construction of two pairs of parallel 6-inch HDPE pipelines in two locations”
LaBella Associates10/12/2022
View Job Details | OrderLancaster, SC - CDBG Meter Vault Replacement (20210631.00.CL)
The work will consist of installing new precast meter vault, metering, control equipment, and appurtenances along with demolition of the existing vault.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.10/13/2022
View Job DetailsLoudon County, TN - Tellico Area Services Systems - North End Booster Pump Stations (20190268.00.KV)
The work to be performed under this Contract shall consist of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and incidentals and performing all work required to construct complete, in place, and ready to operate the following:

1. Provide all materials, equipment, and labor to construct one masonry pump house with wood trusses and metal roof adjacent to the existing Jackson Ferry Booster Pump Station.

2. Provide all materials, equipment, and labor to complete and make operable the Jackson Ferry Booster Pump Station including but not limited to pumps, piping, valving, controls, electrical components, and all site work shown.

3. Decommission the existing Jackson Ferry Booster Pump Station by deconstructing and properly disposing of all components and structures of the Booster Pump Station. v
4. Provide all materials, equipment, and labor to construct one masonry pump house with wood trusses and metal roof addition of the existing Hackney Hills Booster Pump Station.

5. Provide all materials, equipment, and labor to complete and make operable the Hackney Hills Booster Pump Station including but not limited to pumps, piping, valving, controls, electrical components, bypass pumping, and all site work shown.

The work will be awarded in one Contract.

W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.09/13/2022
View Job DetailsMount Holly, NC - RFQ - Dutchmans Creek Pedestrian Bridge Final
The City is seeking a firm whose combination of experience and personnel will provide timely, cost-effective and quality professional services for this project. Areas of expertise should include feasibility studies, construction cost estimation for new construction and renovation projects, site plan review and layout and engineering design with an emphasis on new park facility, amenities construction, and greenway pedestrian bridges.
City of Mount Holly08/23/2022
View Job DetailsMount Holly, NC - RFQ - Relocation of the Mount Holly Historical Society Museum
The City of Mount Holly is requesting Statements of Interest and Qualifications from museum design-oriented firms interested in providing Architectural Services related to museum design, subsequent building space design and construction administration for upfit and relocation of the Mount Holly Historical Society Museum.
City of Mount Holly08/29/2022
View Job Details | OrderOak Island, NC - Oak Island Building 801 Flooding Improvements (20200803.00.RA)
The work will consist of installing 470 square yards of permeable pavement, 1,165 square feet of stormwater management underground infiltration system, stormwater pump station with electrical control panel, associated storm drainage system, ABC stone and concrete pavement replacement, and dune vegetation replacement within Town right-of-way and Town parcels located near the Building 801.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.11/03/2022
View Job DetailsRE-Advertisement - Mount Holly, NC - Street Improvements: Resurfacing, Sidewalks, Drainage
The proposed project is located within the right-of-way or easements on various streets in Mount Holly, NC. The project includes the repair and repaving of the streets listed in the project manual.
SEPI Engineering & Construction, Inc.09/22/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Clinton, NC - Sampson County Emergency Services & Sheriff's Office Storage Facility
The Work includes General, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical work to be constructed under Single Prime Lump Sum Contract. The extent of the work is shown on the Drawings and specified in the Project Manual.
ADW Architects09/28/2022
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Eden, NC - Eden Remediation Program - Contract IIB Junction Pump Station Rehabilitation
Contract IIB- 11 MGD Junction Lift Station Rehabilitation Project is composed of the following work:

• Converting the existing pumps to direct-coupled variable frequency drive submersible motor pumps
• Replacement of piping and valves
• Enhanced system reliability through the installation of automatic transfer switch
• Installing a permanent generator on an elevated platform supported with micro-piles enclosed by 6-FT chain link fence and a 16-Ft double swing gate
• Elevating electrical controls
• Installing an emergency pump connection for current & future pump station bypass
• General site improvements composed of earthen berm, gravel road, concrete sidewalk extension, and cattle wire fence removal & relocation.
• Water site improvements composed of type K copper 2” water main, 1-1/2” water meter, water meter box, 1-1/2” RPZ, RPZ enclosure, two (2) 2” gate valves, and a non-freeze yard hydrant.
• Demolition of existing pump motors, pump motor shafts piping and valves.
• Demolition of existing RPZ water valve vault
• Cleaning and inspection of the wet well (as an additive bid)
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.11/02/2022
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Gastonia, NC - FUSE - Additions Umpire Locker Room and Overlook Bar Roof
The work consist of construction of a standing seam metal roof assembly over a metal structure at the existing Overlook Bar of the FUSE Stadium (Caromont Park) in Gastonia, NC, along with construction of a new ‘Umpires Building’ addition of approximately 500 square feet with applicable MEP improvements.
City of Gastonia NC10/13/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Gastonia, NC - Municipal Airport - Fencing Improvements
Project consists of the installation of approximately 2400 lf. of 6ft high chain-link fencing and 270 lf. of Aluminum Decorative Fencing at the Gastonia Municipal Airport.
City of Gastonia NC09/08/2022
View Job DetailsReBid - Greensboro, NC - PTI Rental Car Lot Repaving (20210696.01.RA)
This project consists of approximately 10,200 SY of asphalt pavement milling; 8,300 SY of full depth reclamation with cement stabilization; 1,900 TN of bituminous asphalt surface course; pavement marking; and other incidental items necessary to complete the project in the rental car quick turnaround facility parking lots.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.08/18/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Laurinburg, NC - Laurinburg Maxton Airport Apron Rehab-Ph2 (20210021.00.CL)
The project will include approximately 6,200 SY of apron rehabilitation, taking bids for both asphalt and concrete pavement options. The demolition of the existing apron pavement will include the removal of an antiquated 4-Bay T-Hangar building. Total contract time is 60 calendar days. Construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2022.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.09/12/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Salisbury (NC) High School Security Fencing Project
The work is to be constructed under a Single Prime Contract. The extent of the work is shown on the drawings and specified in the project manual.
ADW Architects09/06/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Town of Harrisburg, NC - Millbrook Pump Station Decommissioning (20210706.00.CL)
The work will consist of constructing approximately 1,250 linear feet of 8-inch sewer mains, 7 manholes, related appurtenances, abandonment of the existing Millbrook Pump Station, and surrounding area site restoration.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.09/08/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Tyrrell County, NC - Maintenance Excavation and Removal of Sediment from Canals (20190283.00.RA)
The Project provides maintenance for three canals with total of 7,500 LF in close proximity to Columbia, North Carolina. The work includes excavation (dredging), removal, transport, and off-site disposal of approximately 10,360 cubic yards of sediment from the North Boundary Canal (26%), Bridgepath Canal (38%), Roughton B Canal (36%).

Bids must be submitted on the complete project.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.09/26/2022
View Job DetailsREBID - Union County, NC - Parkwood Middle School Renovations
Base bid work includes ceiling replacement, and HVAC and electrical upgrades to the majority of the building. Alternate bid work includes complete renovations to classroom pod #1.
ADW Architects10/05/2022
View Job DetailsSevierville, TN - Allensville Sewer Improvements SEV (20210474.00.KV)
The work to be performed under this Contract shall consist of furnishing all labor, materials, tools, equipment, and incidentals and performing all work required to construct complete, in place, and ready to operate the following:

1. Install one 300 gallon per minute (gpm) suction lift sewer pump station at Kellum Creek, including all structures, equipment, earthwork and sitework, piping, valving, and appurtenances to complete the sewer pumping station.
2. Install approximately 9,040 linear feet (LF) of 6-inch polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe sanitary pressure main between the new Kellum Creek Pump Station and the terminus near Allensville Square Road, including all associated pipe, fittings, and valves.
3. Abandon/Renovate the existing Union Hill, Allensville Road, and Norlil Road Pump Stations.
4. Provide approximately 5,300 LF of 8-inch PVC pipe gravity sanitary sewer, including all associated pipe, precast manholes, and appurtenances.

The work will be awarded in one Contract.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.08/09/2022
View Job DetailsSmithfield, NC - Johnston Regional Airport - Three Corporate Hangars (20190518.00.RA)
Bids are for labor, material and equipment for the Three Corporate Hangars project that includes construction of three metal hangars with dimensions of 60’ x 60’, 60’ x 60’, and 80’ x 80’ along with interior office space and associated site work
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.09/08/2022
View Job Details | OrderSummerville, SC RFP - Sawmill Branch Water Supply - Booster Pumping and Storage Improvements
The Summerville Commissioners of Public Works (SCPW) is seeking properly licensed and qualified contractors to submit proposals for the opportunity to serve as Construction Manager At-Risk (CMAR) for preconstruction services and potential construction services for a project at their potable water supply connection to the Santee Cooper Regional Water System (SCRWS). The “Project” will consist of two (2) 1.0-million-gallon ground storage tanks (GST) and associated yard piping; a booster pump station (BPS) and associated equipment; a 30-inch supply main from the SCRWS meter to the new GST and BPS site; a 30-inch transmission main parallel to an existing 24-inch transmission main into the SCPW water system; demolition of the existing 150,000-gallon Coastal elevated storage tank; and the addition of two (2) check valve vaults and one (1) control valve vault on the distribution lines associated with the North elevated storage tank. The objective of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to provide additional information to enable Offerors to submit written proposals for the project. Offerors must submit two (2) hard copies of their proposal as well as one (1) USB thumb drive containing a single PDF copy of their proposal.
W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.10/14/2022
View Job DetailsUnion County, NC - Government Center Generator Replacement
Scope of Work: The Electrical and Plumbing contract work consists of replacing the existing indoor 180kW diesel generator “in-kind” with a new 180kW Natural gas generator located in existing parking lot. The existing diesel generator shall be demolished after the new generator is in-place. A new ATS shall be provided and provisions for a roll-up generator to connect to a permanent switching means in-case of building generator failure or planned system maintenance outages. Work shall include natural gas piping to new generator.
Optima Engineering, PA09/20/2022
View Job Details | OrderUnion County, NC - Jesse Helms Park Water Main Extension
The Project consists of constructing approximately 4,576 linear feet of 8-inch water mains and related appurtenances.
Union County NC10/18/2022
View Job DetailsWaxhaw, NC - Sunbonnet Lane Improvements
The project consists of all necessary work to complete the Sunbonnet Lane Improvements including but not limited to: asphalt paving, concrete curb and gutter, stormwater improvements, grading and miscellaneous site improvements as detailed on this bid form and on the Project Plans.
Town of Waxhaw08/17/2022
View Job DetailsYork County, SC - East Water Meter
The overall project consists of construction of the York County & Rock Hill Master Meter Replacement Project described as follows:

The Project consists of construction of a new cast-in-place meter vault, master meter, electrical improvements, and site improvements.

Completion time for the project will be 120 calendar days as set forth in the Agreement.

W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.07/13/2022
Duncan-Parnell Branch 9
Concord Office
651 Church Street North
Concord, NC 28025
(704) 782-2625
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Philemon Avenue Extension
This project includes the installation of a precast box culvert with the construction of cast-in-place wingwalls, roadway, storm drainage, gabion basket retaining wall, utility, lighting, and landscaping construction and improvements as described in project plans entitled “Philemon Avenue Public Road Extension” dated 09/08/2022, 2022 and “Charlotte Water Proposed Water Distribution and Sanitary Sewer Improvements to Serve Philemon Avenue Public Road Extension” dated 06/17/2022 and/or as amended, and all requirements and provisions specified in this Bid Package Manual and its attachments.
Concorde Construction10/07/2022
Duncan-Parnell Branch 7
Greensboro Office
4275 Regency Drive #100
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 855-1211
View Job DetailsHigh Point, NC - Blair Park Golf Course Stormwater Improvements
The work for this stormwater improvement project at Blair Park Golf Course in High Point shall consist of all labor, equipment, and materials to complete items including, but not limited to, installation of stormwater drainage structures, pipe and underdrain systems, grading open channels, sanitary sewer abandonment, erosion control, irrigation removal and replacement, sodding and grounds restoration.
City of High Point, N.C.09/21/2022
View Job DetailsHigh Point, NC - Foxwoode Meadows Subdivision Connector 2022-2023, Bid 01-071322
This contract consists of providing personnel, equipment and materials to develop the Foxwoode Estates Connector Road; basically including, the installation of approximately 75 linear feet of 15 inch reinforced concrete storm pipe, 3 drainage structures, 430 linear feet of 6” Ductile Iron Water Pipe, 1,300 cubic yards of unclassified excavation for roadway development including approximately 180 tons of various grade asphalt, 860 linear feet of curb and gutter, and other various items associated with the contract plans and specifications.
City of High Point, N.C.07/13/2022
View Job DetailsHigh Point, NC - NC Works Career Center Alteration, Bid 8000-072821
Miscellaneous wall and knee wall demolition, patching and repair, new aluminum storefront and glass walls and doors, new metal stud and gypsum wallboard wall construction, hollow metal door frame and solid core wood door and partial acoustic panel ceiling repair.
City of High Point, N.C.
View Job Details | OrderHigh Point, NC - Vacuum Tank Replacement, Bid 9004-101822
Work under this contract consists of furnishing personnel, equipment, and materials for the City of High Point Vacuum Tank Replacement project. The City of High Point, Public Services Department is seeking qualified vendors to replace the vacuum tank for the Green Leaf Filters (filters 5-8) at the Ward Water Plant, located at 121 N. Pendleton St., High Point, NC 27260. The existing vacuum tank was installed as part of the original construction in 1998. Attached are drawings and schematics of the Green Leaf Filters.
City of High Point, N.C.10/18/2022
View Job DetailsLexington, NC - Davidson County Schools South Davidson High School Storm Drainage Rehab - DMP 210116
Rehabilitation (via CIPP) of existing RCP storm drain piping, totaling approximately 1,200 linear feet of 12-inch, 15-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch pipe, and installation of new/additional area drains and associated piping. Project is located at the school’s football stadium.
Davis Martin Powell & Associates, Inc.07/14/2022
View Job DetailsMocksville, NC - Liberty Lifestyle Drive, Gravity Sanitary Sewer Extension, DMP Project 200229
The construction work will consist of the following approximate major quantities: 1,350 LF 8” PVC Sanitary Sewer Outfall and nine (9) Sanitary Sewer Manholes and Appurtenances.
Davis Martin Powell & Associates, Inc.09/29/2022
View Job DetailsThomasville, NC - AT&T
This project will include all labor, materials, equipment, and supervision to complete the AT&T tenant infill scope of work per project documents.
Moser Construction LLC09/08/2022
Duncan-Parnell Branch 6
Greenville Office
115-A Red Banks Rd
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 321-3800
View Job Details | OrderBethel, NC - GUC Town of Bethel Water System Improvements
The Project consists of the following:

• Approximately 5,038 LF of 12-inch water main, 555 LF of 8-inch water main, 150 LF of 2-inch water main and 110 LF of 1-inch chemical feed line.
• A new flow control station on US 64 Alt.
• Site demolition, grading, and construction of a new chemical feed building and system at Well Site 3.
• A new two-way meter system at Well Site 3.
• A new mixing system for the elevated tank.
• A chlorine contact loop at Well Site 3.
• Replace an existing well pump at Well Site 3 and a new well head piping arrangement and enclosure.
• A standby generator for Well Site 3.
The East Group10/18/2022
View Job DetailsSharpsburg, NC - 2019 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Wastewater System Improvements Project Project Number: CS370698-01
The Project includes the following Work:

Restore the remote monitoring of nine municipal wastewater pump stations.
Replace the existing vacuum assist pumps with submersible pumps at seven of the Town’s nine wastewater pump stations.
Extend an existing 6-inch force main on Railroad Street 580 LF to a new discharge location.
Raise or seal manhole tops for 22 manholes.
CCTV inspect 14,300 LF of gravity sewer.
Provide the following work in the Brickyard Pump Station service area:
Provide up to 20 point repairs to gravity sewer main lines.
Cap up to 136 services in the Weaver MHP and adjacent MHP in the Brickyard PS service area.
The East Group08/18/2022
Duncan-Parnell Branch 8
Lake Norman Office
364 Williamson Rd #301
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 658-9666
View Job DetailsJefferson, NC - Ashe County Airport Waterline Extension
The Work is generally described as the WATER LINE EXTENSIONS PROJECT and includes the installation of water lines, erosion and sediment control measures, booster pump station, fire hydrants, and other similar facilities.
AVCON, INC.09/29/2022
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - One Mooresville Center
Mooresville's new Town Hall Annex Facility(One Mooresville Center) will be a renovation of the existing Police Department located at 750 W. Iredell Ave. Updates to the building include: demolition of existing spaces, enhanced entry ways, restrooms, renovation of existing space to accommodate new offices, and complete updating of fixtures, furnishing, finishes throughout the building, and two new exterior windows.
Town of Mooresville10/04/2022
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - Public Operations Center RFQ
• The focus of this project is two-fold: 1) to locate a new Traffic unit inside the existing facility and 2) to provide space needs analysis and recommendation use, to better accommodate existing employees and future growth for the Public Operations Facility.
• The existing facility is 11 years old and houses workstations, offices, meeting rooms, and warehouse storage for municipal construction and maintenance departments.
• The traffic control unit will consist of additional workstations and offices identified by a feasibility study
• The project has an anticipated completion date of 1/1/2023.
• A site visit will be held on 7/13/2022 at Town of Mooresville Public Operations Facility located at 2523 Charlotte HWY, for all interested firms to ask questions of project leadership and receive a tour of the existing facility. Scope of Work

1. Pre-design planning including assistance in the preparation of a schedule, preliminary cost estimates, and space needs evaluations.
2. Professional design services for the conversion of existing space to host new departments.
Town of Mooresville07/15/2022
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - RFQ - Cornelius Road Park Phase II
Scope of Work

1. Pre-construction planning including assistance in the preparation of a schedule, public and leadership meetings, preliminary cost estimates and value engineering measures.

2. Development and refinement of cost estimates and project schedules.

3. Professional civil, architectural, structural, drawings, specifications, shop drawings, details, cut sheets or layout plans resulting in a biddable construction package including permitting and zoning procedures.
Town of Mooresville08/10/2022
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - RFQ - Town of Mooresville Silicon Shores East-West Connector Road Project
This contract shall be partially reimbursed with US BUILD TRANSPORTATION funding through the North Carolina Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as the Department). The solicitation, selection, and negotiation of a contract shall be conducted in accordance with all Department requirements and guidelines. The primary firm shall be pre-qualified by the Department to perform ANY COMBINATION of the work codes listed below for the Town of Mooresville. Work Codes required are: ? 309 Traffic Data Collection ? 532 Project Funds Management ? 535 STIP Reporting and Analysis WORK CODES for each primary firm SHALL be listed on the respective RS-2 FORMS (see section ‘SUBMISSION ORGANIZATION AND INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS’).
Town of Mooresville08/09/2022
View Job DetailsRe-Advertisement - Asheville, NC - Asheville Regional Airport Stormwater Improvements Project
The Asheville Regional Airport Stormwater Improvements Project consists of stormwater drainage improvements at five separate locations on airport property. The scope of work includes clearing and grubbing, demolition of existing drainage and pavements, grading, drainage, gravel road installation, sediment and erosion control, and seeding and mulching.
AVCON, INC.09/23/2022
Duncan-Parnell Branch 4
North Charleston Office
3150 West Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 747-6033
View Job DetailsCharleston, SC - Leeds Ave - Roof Replacement
Base Bid work includes complete removal of existing asphalt fiberglass, three-tab shingle roof system down to the deck for approximately 80 squares. Roof replacement includes minor deck repairs/securement, rough carpentry, and a new asphalt fiberglass architectural laminated shingle roof system. All associated sheet metal components and accessories are included.

Alternate Number 1 work includes complete removal of existing asphalt fiberglass, three-tab shingles down to the existing wood deck for approximately 3 squares on the Storage Building. Roof replacement includes deck repairs, rough carpentry, and a new asphalt fiberglass architectural laminated shingle roof system. All associated sheet metal components and accessories are included.
Building Envelope Enclosure Group08/25/2022
View Job DetailsLadson, SC - New Ladson Elementary School Phase 1 - Portable Classroom Relocation
Scope of Work: The work includes, but is not limited to, clearing and grubbing, installation of utilities, sidewalks, steps, ramps, landscaping and stormwater piping. Work also includes enlargement of the existing pond, reconfiguring the car rider drive and bus drive and relocation of portable classroom trailers from on campus and off campus locations. Installation of Project will be required to be designed and constructed in accordance with CCSD’s Educational Specifications and Design Requirement
Duncan-Parnell Branch 2
Raleigh Office
201 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 833-4677
View Job Details | OrderApex, NC - Jordan Lake State Recreation Area - Waste Handling Facility
The project includes the construction of a new waste handling facility adjacent to the existing maintenance facility at the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area. The Project will include a concrete pad area for roll-off waste compactors and standard waste containers, gravel surfacing and utilities to support the operations of the facility.
Finch & Associates11/08/2022
View Job Details | OrderJohnston County, NC - Anna Drive Sewer Improvements
The work will be located near Anna Drive and NC-42 and will consist of the construction of approximately:

*Anna Drive Pump Station
*2,200 LF of 2-inch Force Main by open cut and trenchless methods
*400 LF of 8-inch Gravity Sewer
*Including appurtenances, service reconnections, and site restorations
CJS Conveyance10/20/2022
View Job Details | OrderRaleigh, NC - Stormwater Demolition Bundle-7312 Harps Mill, 514/600 Glenbrook Rds. SM 2022-0031
Demolition of three residential structures driveway, walkways man-made structures and accessory buildings/amenities. One property, 514 Glenbrook Road, has an underground fuel storage tank as identified in the attached documents. The demolition contractor will have to remediate the onsite soils as part of the storage tank removal and disposal of all materials so the City can file a “No Further Action” letter with DEQ to cancel the Notice of Residential Petroleum.

Those property locations are;

7312 Harps Mill Road
514 Glenbrook Road – Identified UST
600 Glenbrook Road
City of Raleigh11/08/2022
Delta - Released
Projects listed here are available to receive bids.
Place your order to be added to the official bidders list.
View Job Details | OrderBloomsburg, PA - Install 12,000 Gallon AVGAS Self-Serve Fuel System (15126)
The project includes the construction of a new above-ground self-serve 12,000-gallon AVGAS fueling system to replace the existing above-ground 5,000-gallon AVGAS tank.

Delta Airport Consultants Inc.11/03/2022
View Job DetailsOkemah, OK - BP1-Construct Hangars & Sitework BP2-Construct Apron & Taxilane Pavement - 21044
The scope of the project includes the construction of all new infrastructure for the development of a T-Hangar building and box hangar, including the required taxilane and apron pavement necessary to access the hangars. All the infrastructure will be new construction, except for minor rehabilitation of the existing apron pavement to facilitate the minimum grading requirements. The project bidding structure will have two (2) Bid Packages:

1). Bid Package 1:
• Base Bid: 65’x65’ box hangar & 6-unit T-Hangar foundation and building erection and all site grading
• Bid Additive 1: 2 additional units on T-Hangar

2). Bid Package 2:
• Schedule 1 – Concrete
Base Bid: Removal of pavement box (cut) & apron and taxilane paving for 65’x65’ box hangar and 8-unit T-Hangar
• Schedule 2 – Asphalt
Base Bid: Removal of pavement box (cut) & apron and taxilane paving for 65’x65’ box hangar and 8-unit T-Hangar
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.
View Job DetailsSalisbury, MD - Wicomico Regional Airport - Construct New Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Building (18037)
This project involves the construction of a two-story, 6,432 sq. ft. Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Building and associated site work.
Delta Airport Consultants Inc.