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Ravenel, SC Hall & Ball Field Park Improvements

The Town of Ravenel is accepting sealed bids for the Ravenel Hall & Ball Field Improvements located at 5700 Connors Street in Ravenel. The work generally involves architectural renovations to the existing Ravenel Hall, parking lots, ballfield, playground, utility and septic system.



Contact:   Town Administrator
PreBid Date:   05/04/2023 01:00 PM
PreBid Info:   5700 Conners Street, Ravenel South Carolina. SC 29405

Company:   Town Of Ravenel
Bid Date:   05/26/2023 02:00 PM
Bid Info:   Town of Ravenel ? Mike Hemmer 5962 Highway 165, Suite 100 Ravenel, SC 29470

Project Location: Ravenel, SC

Public Notes:
For information regarding this project please contact:

Mike Hemmer
Town of Ravenel
5962 Highway 165, Suite 100 Ravenel, SC 29470

OR Marie Frier
Outdoor Spatial Design, LLC
1349 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29407

This RFP is issued to obtain adequate information from interested contractors in order for the Town to select and negotiate an acceptable contract with a qualified and reputable General Bidder to perform the scope of work as include in the Construction Documents. The Town of Ravenel reserves the right, and has a duty, to hire the most qualified provider for all contracts. This may result in the Town contracting with any individual or company that responds to a request that, in the determination of the Town Council, is qualified to complete the job, regardless of bid price. The Town of Ravenel may also disqualify bidders and/or cancel, rebid, or extend a request for bid review process pursuant to Ravenel and State of South Carolina procurement laws.

Job Purchase Information:
Bidding is Closed