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REBID - Fletcher NC, Asheville Regional Airport South Parking Area

This project is located at the Asheville Regional Airport in Fletcher, North Carolina. It generally consists of the following scope items: clearing and grubbing, earthwork and grading, construction of a new parking lot with approximately 650 spaces, including paving, markings, and signage, installation of stormwater drainage pipes and structures, construction of two parking lot entrance roads, one stream crossing, various erosion and sediment control measures, including two temporary skimmer basins, one of which will be converted to a permanent stormwater basin, and site stabilization/landscaping. A secondary work area to the south of the proposed parking lot includes earthwork and grading, removal of vegetation within stream limits, installation of stormwater drainage pipes and structures, and site stabilization/landscaping.



Contact:   Denise Merritt
PreBid Date:   05/04/2023 10:30 AM
PreBid Info:   Airport Administration Office, 61 Terminal Drive, 2nd floor, Suite 1, Fletcher, NC 28732.

Company:   AVCON, INC.
Bid Date:   05/30/2023 02:00 PM
Bid Info:   See Addendum #4

Airport Administration Office, 61 Terminal Drive, Suite 1, Fletcher, NC 28732, on behalf of the Greater Asheville Regional Airport Authority (Authority)

Project Location: Fletcher NC

Public Notes:
Questions about this project should be directed to:

J. Denise Merritt
Avcon, INC.
10115 Kincey Avenue, Suite 140, Huntersville, NC 28078

Contractors shall meet the following bidding requirements:
• Contractors must be listed on the NCDOT Prequalified list as a bidder or Prime to bid on this project.
• Contractors, including subcontractors, must have a NC Contracting License pertaining to their discipline of work.
• Contractors, including subcontractors, must be prequalified by the NCDOT to perform the work pertaining to their specific scope of work in the contract. The prime contractor for the project must be prequalified by the NCDOT as a prime.
• Work codes for this project include, but are not limited to:,
NCDOT Section 200 Clearing and Grubbing, NCDOT Section 225 Roadway Excavation, NCDOT Section 250 Removal of Existing Pavement, NCDOT Section 260 Proof Rolling, NCDOT Section 305 Drainage Pipe, NCDOT Section 340 Pipe Removal, NCDOT Section 402 Removal of Existing Structures, NCDOT Section 500 Fine Grading, NCDOT Section 520 Aggregate Base Course, NCDOT Section 600 Prime Coat, NCDOT Section 610 Asphalt Concrete Plant Mix Pavements, NCDOT Section 710 8" Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, Miscellaneous, NCDOT Section 800 Mobilization, NCDOT Section 801 Survey and Stakeout, NCDOT Section 802 Disposal of Waste and Debris, NCDOT Section 838 Endwalls, NCDOT Section 840 Minor Drainage Structures, NCDOT Section 846 Concrete Curb, Curb and Gutter, Concrete Gutter, Shoulder Berm Gutter, Concrete Expressway Gutter and Concrete Valley Gutter, NCDOT Section 848 Concrete Sidewalks, Driveways and Curb Ramps, NCDOT Section 858 Adjustment of Catch Basins, Manholes, Drop Inlets, Meter Boxes and Valve Boxes, NCDOT Section 862 Guardrail, NCDOT Section 866 Fence, NCDOT Section 876 Rip Rap, NCDOT Section 1089 Traffic Control, NCDOT Section 1205 Pavement Marking General Requirements, NCDOT Section 1605 Temporary Silt Fence, NCDOT Section 1631 Rolled Erosion Control Products, NCDOT Section 1660 Seeding and Mulching
• Work code 00099 OTHER will not be accepted unless otherwise approved by the NCDOT that the work associated with that work code description for the contractor matches the work for the project.
The prequalified list of contractors can be found at:
For more information about getting prequalified with the NCDOT, please visit:

Job Purchase Information:
Bidding is Closed