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REBID - Bethel, NC - GUC Town of Bethel Water System Improvements

The Project consists of the following:

• Approximately 5,038 LF of 12-inch water main, 555 LF of 8-inch water main, 150 LF of 2-inch water main and 110 LF of 1-inch chemical feed line.
• A new flow control station on US 64 Alt.
• Site demolition, grading, and construction of a new chemical feed building and system at Well Site 3.
• A new two-way meter system at Well Site 3.
• A new mixing system for the elevated tank.
• A chlorine contact loop at Well Site 3.
• Replace an existing well pump at Well Site 3 and a new well head piping arrangement and enclosure.
• A standby generator for Well Site 3.
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