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Mount Holly, NC - RFQ - Dutchmans Creek Pedestrian Bridge Final

The City is seeking a firm whose combination of experience and personnel will provide timely, cost-effective and quality professional services for this project. Areas of expertise should include feasibility studies, construction cost estimation for new construction and renovation projects, site plan review and layout and engineering design with an emphasis on new park facility, amenities construction, and greenway pedestrian bridges.



Contact:   Mark Jusko
PreBid Date:   08/16/2022 10:00 AM
PreBid Info:   A pre-RFQ submittal conference will be held at the Mount Holly Municipal Complex, 400 East Central Avenue, Mount Holly, NC 28120. All prospective firms are encouraged to attend this conference.

Company:   City of Mount Holly
Bid Date:   08/23/2022 11:00 AM
Bid Info:   If your firm would like to be considered for providing the required services for the City, please submit seven (7) original and one (1) digital copy of your Qualifications Package to: Mark Jusko, Parks & Recreation Superintendent, The City of Mount Holly, 400 East Central Avenue, Mount Holly, NC 28120

Title on Package: RFQ – Construction Design Services for Dutchmans Creek Pedestrian Bridge Each firm is solely responsible for the timely delivery of its Qualifications Package. No Qualifications Packages will be accepted after this deadline. Firms accept all risks of late delivery of Qualifications Packages regardless of fault.

Project Location: Mount Holly, NC

Public Notes:
Questions concerning RFQ procedures and/or contract administration shall be submitted in writing and directed to:

Mark Jusko
Parks & Recreation Superintendent
400 East Central Avenue
Mount Holly, NC 28120

All questions shall be submitted by August 18. In order that the selection process is as objective as possible, do not contact any City of Mount Holly officials other than noted above. Any attempt to contact any person other than listed above may result in disqualification of the firm’s submittal for consideration.

Job Purchase Information:
RFQ Closed