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Rock Hill, SC - Tech Park Sanitary Sewer Replacement

The project consists of furnishing of all materials and equipment and performing all labor necessary to construct the Tech Park Sanitary Sewer Replacement as detailed on the drawings and in the specifications. In general, the work includes installing approximately 6,500 linear feet of 36-inch sewer, installing approximately 2,600 linear feet of 12-inch to 6-inch gravity sewers and the rehabilitation of approximately 825 LF of existing sewer by sliplining with 12”/8” HDPE. The proposed sewers will serve as replacements to existing gravity sewers and include construction through an industrial park.

This project is being funded by a loan from the State Revolving Fund. Bidders must comply with all applicable state and federal requirements identified in the bid documents including compliance with Davis-Bacon Act minimum wage and reporting requirements.
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