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Charleston, SC - The Ciadel - Murray Barracks Envelope Repair

Base Bid work includes the following:

1. Preparation and repairs to the exterior walls including the top surfaces of the parapets and turrets. Area of work is exterior from roof counterflashings, parapet walls, exterior walls to grade. Interior Quad/Galleys/Rooms not included.
2. Removal, storage and reinstallation of all window screens. a. Unit price is included for each replacement screen and hardware. Twenty (20) are included in the Base Bid.
3. Preparation and repairs to concrete/stucco surfaces including cracks, spalling and deterioration.
4. Complete removal and replacement of all exterior sealant joints.
5. Preparation, cleaning and new elastomeric coating system to all exterior surface.

C. Alternate Number 1 work includes painting of exterior doors, frames to match existing.
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