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Duncan-Parnell Branch 1
Charlotte - McDowell St
900 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 372-7766
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Bridge Deck Overlay FY2019 (4292000185)
This project involves hydro-demoing, latex modified concrete overlays, foam joint seals, link slabs, milling, and paving at various locations within the city limits. This work shall consist of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials to scarify bridge decks, hydro-demo bridge decks, supply, place and finish latex modified concrete; expansion joint repair/replacement, and repair/replace asphalt wearing course. Work includes but is not limited to: traffic control, marking and delineation; scarifying, hydro-demoing and surface preparation of bridge decks; supplying, placing and finishing latex modified concrete; installing foam joint seals, link slabs, milling and repaving asphalt approach, seeding and mulching all grassed areas disturbed; all incidental items necessary to complete the project as specified and shown on the plans.
City of Charlotte06/27/2019
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Bryant Farms Road Sidewalk (PM51217009)
This project will fill in gaps in sidewalk connectivity along the north side of Bryant Farms Road and install new mid block pedestrian crossings on Bryant Farms Road where appropriate. The length of the new sidewalk is 0.57 miles along a total project length of 1.02 miles of intermittent pockets of existing sidewalk. Specific improvements will also include: Curb and Gutter, Accessible ramps, Driveways, and Pedestrian Refuge Islands
City of Charlotte07/25/2019
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Collective Storm Drainage Improvement Projects Series C (SWDES10375)
This project is comprised of seven individual Storm Water point repair projects combined into 1 package. This package will include improvements and replacements of existing storm drainage infrastructure within the City limits including the following: replacement of storm drainage pipes, culvert, masonry drainage structures, asphalt pavement, waterline work, pipe lining, concrete flat work, and associated landscaping.
City of Charlotte07/23/2019
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Five Points Plaza Improvement Project (512-16-069)
The Five Points Plaza project will install new sidewalks and steps, a decorative retaining wall, an irrigation system and splash pad, a stage with a canopy, lighting, electrical outlets, decorative pavers, drainage improvements, water and sewer utilities and site furnishings and a recirculating filtration water system.
City of Charlotte06/13/2019
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - I-77 West Trade Underpass Enhancement (512-16-070)
The I-77 West Trade Underpass Enhancement project will provide new sidewalk and curb and gutter in key locations, decorative pavers, electrical outlets, site furnishings, lighting and a decorative retaining wall.
City of Charlotte06/13/2019
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Lincoln Heights Storm Drainage Improvement (671-12-004)
The Lincoln Heights Storm Drainage Improvement Project is located within the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood. Project limits are bounded by Gilbert Street to the North, Interstate 77 to the East, St. Luke Street to the South, and Beatties Ford Road to the West. Improvements to the existing storm drainage infrastructure are needed to prevent flooding and spread issues. Improvements include storm drainage pipe system upgrades and channel improvements, utility relocation, curb and gutter replacement, asphalt paving, traffic control and related activities.
City of Charlotte07/18/2019
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Sidewalk Gaps and Ramps FY2020 (PM51215040)
This project will install sidewalk and accessible ramps in various locations throughout the City of Charlotte.
City of Charlotte07/25/2019
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Specialized Roadway Construction Services FY20 A
This unspecified contract will provide horizontal construction services on an as-needed basis to the Engineering Department. The work includes traffic control, erosion control, clearing and grading, drainage, milling, asphalt paving, pavement markings; retaining wall; concrete curb, sidewalk, driveways, pedestrian refuge island and wheelchair ramps; utility relocation and installations.
City of Charlotte08/06/2019
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC Bridge Painting Services FY2019 (4292000185)
This project involves repairing, sealing, cleaning, and painting existing bridge structures at various locations within the city limits. This work shall consist of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials to repair concrete, seal bridge decks, clean and paint the noted structural steel and/or bearing plates of the bridge structures. Work includes but is not limited to: traffic control, marking and delineation; concrete deck sealant, concrete repairs, epoxy resin overlay systems, removal, containment and disposal of exiting paint system; surface preparation of surfaces to be painted, and applying new paint system; seeding and mulching all grassed areas disturbed; all incidental items necessary to complete the project as specified and shown on the plans.

The contractor shall be responsible for fulfilling all requirements of the NCDOT Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures dated January 2018, and/or Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual (CLDSM), except as otherwise noted.

The contractor shall always maintain 2-way traffic when working within existing streets. The contractor shall place and maintain signs, danger lights, barricades, and furnish watchman or flagmen to direct traffic in accordance with the latest edition of CDOT’s Watch Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH). Work in the right-of-way of State System Streets may require additional traffic control requirements.

The contractor shall do that which is necessary to control erosion and prevent sedimentation damage to all adjacent properties and streams in accordance with the appropriate City of Charlotte Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance and/or NCDOT regulation.

City of Charlotte06/27/2019
View Job DetailsColumbia, SC - CUB WA#1 Various Airport Site-Civil Improvements (20180391.00.CA)
Work associated with the project may be described, but not limited to: excavation and embankment, retaining wall removal and installation, roadway asphalt pavement and curb removal, installation of new roadway asphalt and concrete pavements, curb and gutter installation, installation of new drainage structure, modification of existing drainage structures, removal of existing drainage pipe, installation of new drainage pipe, detention pond improvements to include spillway modification and riprap weir installation, security fence removal and replacement, security gate removal, minor airfield electrical, demolition and replacement of a portion of parallel taxiway pavement, airside and landside pavement marking.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/20/2019
View Job Details | OrderElkin Municipal Airport T-Hangar & Taxilane (20180195.00.CL)
The project will include construction of one new 10-unit T-hangar building with the associated asphalt taxilanes (approximately 700 TN), grading (approximately 1,500 CY), and storm drainage (approximately 375 LF). The project will also include utility extensions for the proposed T-Hangar. Total contract time is 120 calendar days.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/30/2019
View Job Details | OrderElm City, NC - Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport Self-Serve Fuel Farm (20180310.00.RA)
The project will include installation of a 24-hour self-serve fuel facility to be located on the existing general aviation apron.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/16/2019
View Job DetailsGeorgetown SC - WTP Generator & High Service Drives (20180411.00.CH)
Generally and without force or effect on the Contract requirements, the Work consists of furnishing and installing a new 250 kW permanent on-site standby generator with automatic transfer switch and new 480V distribution panel, step-down transformer, 208/120V panelboard and variable speed drives at the High Service Pump Station.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/27/2019
View Job DetailsIndian Trail, NC - FY 18/19 Resurfacing Contract
This Contract consists of performing roadway improvements for the following Town-maintained streets:

a) Ashburne Place
b) Aylesbury Lane
c) Bradberry Lane
d) Braxton Drive
e) Carlisle Drive
f) Council Fire Circle
g) Harvest Red Road
h) Helleri Drive
i) Pioneer Lane
j) Sentinel Drive
k) Spring Fancy Lane
Town of Indian Trail06/11/2019
View Job Details | OrderIndian Trail, NC - Unionville-Indian Trail Rd. & Sardis Church Rd. Intersection Improvements
This project consists of performing intersection improvements (construct a roundabout) at the intersection of Unionville-Indian Trail Rd (SR 1367) and Sardis Church Rd (SR 1515).
Town of Indian Trail07/24/2019
View Job Details | OrderLangley Trunk Interceptor and Navy Base Force Main Rehabilitation – Phase 9 (20180405.00.CH)
The construction will include sanitary sewer rehabilitation by constructing new cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) within approximately 1,737 linear feet of 30-inch gravity sewers, 6,251 linear feet of 36-inch gravity sewers and 2,121 linear feet of 20-inch sewer force main. Twenty-eight (28) manholes will be rehabilitated with reconstructive concrete and epoxy lining. One (1) new manhole will be constructed. The project will include bypass pumping and other appurtenant activities.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/13/2019
View Job DetailsLincoln County, NC - Highway 73, S. Ingleside Farm Rd, and Old Plank Rd Water Line Extensions (20170324.00.HI)
The project consists of supplying, installation, startup and related construction services associated with the Highway 73, S. Ingleside Farm Rd and Old Plank Rd Water Line extensions to be performed in two (2) divisions as summarized below:

1. Division 1 – Schedule A - Highway 73 Water Line:
 a. Approximately 532 LF of 24-inch water line along NC Highway 73 from the eastern end to Ingleside Farm Rd.;
 b. Approximately 19,100 LF of 16-inch water line along NC Hwy 73 from S. Ingleside Farm Rd. to Lambs Way Rd. including piping and valve connections for the proposed Booster Pump Station;
2. Division 1 – Schedules B and C - S. Ingleside Farm Rd. and Old Plank Rd. Water Lines:
 a. Approximately 6,480 LF of 12-inch water line along S. Ingleside Farm Rd. from NC Hwy 73 to Old Plank Rd.;
 b. Approximately 5,920 LF of 12-inch water line along Old Plank Rd. from S. Ingleside Farm Rd. to the entrance of the Duke Energy Power Plant; and,
3. Division 2 – Booster Pumping Station:
 a. A booster pumping station consisting of a duplex split case, horizontal, skid mounted packaged booster pump system, sodium hypochlorite storage tanks, chemical metering pumps and related piping and controls, masonry building, by-pass piping, pressure regulating valve (PRV), backup power generator and connections into the Owner’s SCADA monitoring system.
 b. The booster pumping station is to be located at or near Anderson Creek. Provisions will also be made to by-pass water, around the booster pumping station, from the Central Zone to the East Zone by remote SCADA controlled pressure reducing valve.

The Engineer’s estimate is as follows:
Division 1 $6,000,000
Division 2 $1,500,000
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/04/2019
View Job DetailsOconee County Regional Airport CEU Nebo Church Road Relocation and West Apron Expansion (20180309.00.CA)
Relocation of Nebo Church Road, demolition of a portion of existing Nebo Church Road, mass grading of existing Nebo Church Road roadbed, site preparation for future hangar developments, concrete apron pavement expansion.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/20/2019
View Job DetailsREBID - Cross Charlotte Trail – Brandywine Road to Tyvola Road (512-15-015)
This project is a part of the larger Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT), a joint project of the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to complete a hard surface pathway spanning the City limits of Charlotte by completing and seamlessly connecting several greenways and urban trails. This project will complete a 1.5 mile long section of XCLT and Little Sugar Creek Greenway starting at the end of an existing section of greenway on the north side of Brandywine Road near Westfield Drive and running south along the creek to connect to another existing section of greenway just north of Tyvola Road. The work includes but is not limited to clearing and grading, multiple retaining walls, asphalt and concrete pathway (greenway and connectors), bridges, elevated boardwalk, drainage, curb & gutter, wheelchair ramps, bank stabilization, and traffic control. It also includes some planting along Little Sugar Creek and the existing greenway north of this construction as part of environmental mitigation for the construction project.

Itemized bid includes alternate pavement design options for the proposed greenways.

The project will follow 2012 NCDOT Standard Specifications.

City of Charlotte06/21/2019
View Job DetailsUnion County, NC - New Wingate Elevated Tank (20180070.00.CL)
The Project consists of installing a new one-million-gallon composite elevated water storage tank, as follows:

A. Construction of new 1.0 MG composite elevated storage tank including application of coating systems and installation of all necessary equipment, piping, valving, and appurtenances;
B. Related telemetry and controls;
C. Connection of elevated storage tank to existing water distribution system;
D. Related site work grading, erosion/sediment control measures, access road, security fencing, and land scaping, and;
E. Additive Alternative for Logo/Lettering to be painted on tank.

Bids will be received for a single prime Contract. Bids shall be on a lump sum and unit price basis, with additive alternate bid items as indicated in the Bid Form.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/25/2019
Duncan-Parnell Branch 2
Raleigh Office
201 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 833-4677
View Job Details | OrderRaleigh, NC - Stormwater Drainage Assistance Program - Bundle Project #2 (SM 2019-0009)
Work of the Project will include the construction of four (4) stormwater drainage assistance projects as listed below:

6319 Gainsborough Drive
Slade Hill Road
Kings Court
2000 & 2001 Petworth Court

Each project should be bid individually using the “Bid Schedule of Prices”. It is the intent of the City of Raleigh to award all four projects to the same contractor based on the cumulative total of four projects.

The work will consist of stream bank stabilization construction activities, re-grading the channel banks in conjunction with the installation of imbricated rock bank protection, toe protection and soil lifts to repair and improve eroded stream channel’s sections on City’s Permanent Drainage Easement. The work will include but is not necessarily limited to clearing; grading; stream channel excavation; furnish and installation of live stakes, soil lifts, boulder riffles, boulders, riparian seed mix, rooted plant plugs, NCDOT rip-raps; traffic control, erosion and sediment control, landscaping, topsoil, seeding, mulching and other related items. Work shall include any associated work as indicated on the plans, in the specifications, in the bid schedule of prices, or as directed by the Project Engineer.
City of Raleigh - Stormwater Management Division - Engineering Services07/29/2019
Duncan-Parnell Branch 8
Lake Norman Office
364 Williamson Rd #301
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 658-9666
View Job DetailsHuntersville, NC - ABC Store #22
Located at 323 Huntersville Gateway Blvd. Huntersville, NC 28078, the scope of work consists of a new 6,615sf building on a previously graded site. Site work will consist of underground utility work, concrete curb cuts, some re-grading to allow for new parking, loading dock and dumpster pad along with walkways to entrance of building. The building will be consisted of steel frame construction on concrete slab and foundation enclosed by block and brick masonry walls attached to stud walls with pvc roof. Mechanical work will include two roof top units and a heat pump with exposed duct work. Interiors will be finished out including mechanical, plumbing and electrical.
RDM Architecture07/15/2019
View Job Details | OrderMooresville, NC - Briarcliff Road Area Sidewalk Improvements
The work will consist of constructing complete in place a 15’-7” span x 10’-2” rise aluminum structural plate pipe-arch culvert, approximately 9,500 linear feet of 5’ concrete sidewalk, 7,500 linear feet of curb and gutter, street widening, milling of pavement, 23,700 square yards of asphalt overlay, grading and associated storm drainage on White Oaks Road, Bellingham Drive, Briarcliff Road, Whispering Oaks Court and Kistler Farm Road in the Town of Mooresville.
Town of Mooresville08/20/2019
View Job DetailsMooresville, NC - Mazeppa Pedestrian Bridge Replacement (301-19-06)
The work will consist of removing and replacing a pedestrian bridge and its foundational components within Mazeppa Park in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Town of Mooresville06/27/2019
View Job Details | OrderMooresville, NC - RFQ Fleet Expansion Design
Town of Mooresville Public Works and Construction Project Management are now soliciting statements of qualifications for the design expansion of an existing fleet maintenance facility. The expansion will be approximately 5300 square feet, along with associated parking and is part of the Town of Mooresville Public Works Facility located at 2523 Charlotte Highway, Mooresville NC, 28117. A preliminary layout has been completed and will be available to interested firms.
Town of Mooresville07/26/2019
View Job Details | OrderMooresville, NC - US 21 / Connector Rd Waterlines (301-19-02)
The work will consist of constructing complete in place approximately 4,525 LF of 16” PVC waterline along Connector Road and approximately 4,650 LF of 24” PVC waterline along US HWY 21, including connections to existing system, fire hydrants, and appurtenances, in Mooresville, North Carolina. The work shall be sequenced such that the 16” waterline along Connector Road is completed (installed, tested, and operational) prior to beginning installation of the 24” waterline along US HWY 21.
Town of Mooresville07/18/2019
View Job DetailsREBID Mooresville, NC - NC 801/NC 150 Intersection Improvements TIP # C-5701
Improvements to intersection of NC 801 and NC 150
Town of Mooresville06/14/2019
Duncan-Parnell Branch 4
North Charleston Office
3150 West Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 747-6033
View Job Details | OrderMt Pleasant, SC - Moultrie Middle School Exploratory Classroom Addition
Moultrie Middle School is an existing school located at 645 Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant, SC. The school is currently in the late phases of additions to the three classroom wings, and this Exploratory Classroom addition will be adjacent to the northern-most wing addition, which will require close coordination between two General Contractors. The Exploratory Classroom additions will be approximately 4,500 sf and will consist of two GTT classrooms, an Orchestra Room, Group toilets, practice room, and support spaces. Construction consists of spread footings, CMU foundations, brick veneer over CMU walls, concrete floor slabs, typical finishes, including, but not limited to, paint, wood doors, HM frames, aluminum windows, ACT ceiling systems, and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. This Contract will require a separate area for office trailers and laydown than is being used by the current Contractor.
Cumming Construction Management Inc07/31/2019
Duncan-Parnell Branch 5
Charlotte -Granite St
11333-A Granite Street
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-0047
View Job DetailsYork County, SC - Improvements to Ebenezer Park
The work of this project consists of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, services, and incidentals; and of performing all work necessary to complete all specified work in accordance with the Contract Documents prepared therefore and entitled Improvements to Ebenezer Park (YCE 17256). The work generally consists of the construction of a new pier, kayak launch, boat slip, concrete sidewalks, storm sewer, improved beach, and dredged swimming area.
ADC Engineering07/09/2019
Duncan-Parnell Branch 6
Greenville Office
115-A Red Banks Rd
Greenville, NC 27858
(252) 321-3800
View Job DetailsAhoskie, NC - Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center – 2nd Floor Residency Alteration
A portion of the Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center facility in Ahoskie was left unfinished during the initial phase of construction of the building. The space consists of approx. 3,500 sf of warm vanilla shell space located on the second floor of the building. This space will be upfit to accomodate a new Residency program consisting of exam rooms, a lab, nurse stations, offices and various support spaces. A new waiting area and checkout counter will also be installed in place of two existing exam rooms.
BW Architecture06/11/2019
Duncan-Parnell Branch 7
Greensboro Office
4275 Regency Drive #100
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 855-1211
View Job DetailsDunn, NC - Black River WWTP Aeration System Replacement - (DMP Project 170207)
The construction work will consist of the removal of existing aeration component from four (4) aeration basins, installation of new fine bubble diffusers, air piping and blowers. Modifications to the final clarifier distribution piping and associated mechanical, electrical and controls.
Davis Martin Powell & Associates, Inc.06/20/2019
View Job DetailsREBID - High Point, NC - Tanglebrook Sewer Improvements (64-061919)
The work includes construction of gravity sewer, manholes and appurtenances and the awarded contractor shall provide and pay for all materials, labor, tools, equipment, water, light, heat, power, transportation, superintendence, temporary construction of every nature.
City of High Point, N.C.06/19/2019
View Job DetailsREBID - Jamestown NC - Sidewalk Enhancement Project - East Main Street Sidewalk
This contract includes 600 square yards of concrete sidewalk; 1,300 square yards of brick sidewalk; 3,000 feet of 30” concrete curb & gutter (alternate bid adds 1,400 lf); 2,100 linear feet of 15” to 18” RCP (alternate bid adds 150 lf); 24 drainage structures (alternate bid adds 7 structures) 300 tons of asphalt (alternate bid adds 120 tons) 400 feet of steel beam guardrail, including 4 GREU’s
Town of Jamestown07/15/2019
View Job DetailsREBID - Jamestown, NC - GTCC - Medlin Campus Center Renovations
The renovation includes approximately 115,000 square foot of existing Medlin Campus Center space with major grading and site work around the perimeter of the building. Work also includes demolition of the existing welding building, the pedestrian bridge at the south entry, and construction of a new steel-framed entry on the south face elevation, as well as a new entrance and canopy on the north face elevation. The interior renovation will modify almost all of the existing space, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, new elevators, stairs, and departmental layouts.

TFF Architects & Planners, LLP06/18/2019
View Job Details | OrderThomasville, NC - North Hamby Creek Sanitary Sewer Outfall Phase III
The project includes the construction of approximately 9,990 linear feet of 24-inch, 28 linear feet of 10-inch, and 510 linear feet of gravity sanitary sewer main and 44 new manholes with service connections to the existing sanitary sewer collection lines.
City of Thomasville, NC07/25/2019
Duncan-Parnell Branch 9
Concord Office
651 Church Street North
Concord, NC 28025
(704) 782-2625
View Job DetailsKannapolis, NC - Irish Buffalo Creek Greenway (NCDOT TIP# C-5161)
The proposed work is generally described as follows:
Construction of 2.7 miles of 10 foot wide paved greenway trail work including, but not limited to clearing, demolition, staking, layout, earthwork, erosion control, storm drainage, pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge construction, asphalt and concrete paving, site furnishings, signage, landscaping, and ancillary site work.
City of Kannapolis06/05/2019
Delta - Released
Projects listed here are available to receive bids.
Place your order to be added to the official bidders list.
View Job DetailsAtoka Municipal Airport-AQR-PAPI Lights and Pavement Rehabilitation (18101)
The (Schedule 1) project will include the installation of Medium Intensity Runway Lights (MIRLs) for Runway 18-36 and will also include the installation of a new Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) system for Runway 18-36.

A concurrent project (Schedule 2) includes pavement rehabilitation of the airfield asphalt pavement including crack repair, pavement sealing and remarking of the Runway 18-36, select taxiways, taxilane and aprons.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/13/2019
View Job DetailsCharlottesville-Albemarle Airport-Apron Expansion (17018)
This project expands the concrete air carrier apron approximately 470 feet to the north. Major work items include the following: 500 feet of retaining wall (15-20 foot tall), four new flood lights, gate power, 20,000 CY embankment, P-401 and P-501 paving, drainage, marking and landscaping.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/26/2019
View Job Details | OrderColumbiana County (Ohio) Airport Acquire Airport Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) (18079)
This project is to acquire a single piece of Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) with the accessories and attachments as generally described herein which will enable the SRE to perform light and heavy-duty snow and ice removal operations from airport runways, taxiways and apron pavement areas. The project is to include, but not be limited to, the following general project elements: 1. It is understood that this equipment is to be procured utilizing Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funds and therefore must comply with required Federal provisions established by various laws and statutes including but not limited to the applicable Federal Contract Provisions of Appendix A as published by the FAA at the following website: 2. All equipment, where applicable must meet the requirements of FAA AC 150/5220-20A "Airport Snow and Ice Control Equipment" Date: 9/24/2014 (or current edition) and applicable ARP SAE referenced documents. Where guidance is provided herein, the intent is to establish a minimum performance requirement to provide manufactures a reference point an selecting the manufacturer's standard product similar to the performance indicated. 3. Acquire a single, industrial 4x4 tractor SRE Carrier Vehicle: The carrier vehicle may be new or used provided the carrier vehicle meets SAE ARP 5539 carrier vehicle specifications and is a documented FAA approved/waivered SRE. If used, the preferred manufacturer year of the carrier vehicle is between 2012 and 2014. The number of total hours on the used carrier vehicle may vary as long as the expected normal-use useful life of the carrier vehicle, upon delivery and acceptance will exceed 640 hours over the next 10 years. The Owner reserves the right to inspect the used carrier vehicle prior to the acceptance of the bid with the bidder providing the carrier vehicle VIN for background research. The carrier vehicle shall be delivered with the following attachments mounted on the front and rear of the carrier vehicle unit: a. A 10 ft. wide x 38-inch tall full-roll power-reversing straight snow plow moldboard with a minimum of four (4) trip springs mounted to the blade and attached to a full-reversing hydraulically operated table assembly with in-cab remote operation capabilities. The snow plow and table assembly shall be installed on the “front” end of the SRE unit and be in accordance with SAE ARP 5943. Preference will only be given to this item if it is manufactured and/or assembled in the U.S.A. and documented to meet the Buy American requirements of the FAA. b. An 84-inch minimum, 90-inch maximum width, single auger, heavy-duty carrier vehicle “rear” end, push-type snow blower shall be provided and installed onto the “rear” end of carrier vehicle unit. The snow blower shall be a new PTO driven, 3-point, category 2 hitch mounted, two stage snow blower. The snow blower shall be in accordance with SAE ARP 5539. The snow blower unit is to be manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. and documented to meet the Buy American requirements of the FAA.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/23/2019
View Job DetailsFarmville Regional Airport-Rehabilitate Runway 3-21 (18034)
The Rehabilitate Runway 3-21 project will include the reconstruction of the runway and the rehabilitation of the end taxiway turnarounds and apron connector taxiway. The existing asphalt and base course will be reclaimed and stabilized with cement to form the new pavement base. In addition, the existing incandescent runway edge lights and REILS will be replaced with LED fixtures and can and conduit infastructure.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/18/2019
View Job DetailsHSP-Construct Equipment Storage Facility (66x66) and Aircraft Hanger (66x66) - 18088
Due to the age and dilapidated condition of the existing equipment storage structure at the airport it will be demolished as a part of this project. In its place, a new equipment storage facility will be constructed to house snow removal equipment and other airport owner equipment and materials. Additionally, a new aircraft hangar will be concurrently constructed, pending available funds. The scope of the project includes the following:

-Demolition of existing storage structure
-Project site work including grading, drainage, paving, etc.
-Construction of Equipment Storage Facility
-Construction of Aircraft Hangar
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/11/2019
View Job DetailsLuray Caverns Airport - Construct Terminal Apron (18049)
This project involves a 3,700 square yard expansion of the existing North Apron, and includes site demolition, pipe installation, grading, paving, sealcoat, and marking.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/19/2019
View Job DetailsMadill Municipal Airport-1F4 New South Taxiway (18007)
Projects includes constructing a new paved taxiway to serve existing hangars.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/18/2019
View Job DetailsMorristown Municipal Airport, Runway 13-31 Keel Rehabilitation – Phase 1 (17086)
The project consists of rehabilitating approximately 900 feet of the center 50-feet of the Runway 13-31 pavement. The work consists of approximately 24,000 SF of milling, crack repair, installing paving fabric and paving; and approximately 24,000 SF of milling, stone base removal, installing new stone base and paving. All new surfaces including approximately 23,000 SF of previously paved surfaces will be grooved and remarked.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/18/2019
View Job Details | OrderNorfolk International Airport-Replace Airfield Electrical Signs and Lights (19028)
The Replace Airfield Electrical Signs and Lights project will include the replacing of airfield signs, taxiway edge lights, runway edge lights, airport beacon, and PAPI’s on Runway 5, 23, 14, and 32.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/23/2019
View Job DetailsREBID - Bloomsburg Municipal Airport - Rehabilitate Apron Phase II Construction (17031)
This project includes reconstruction of the pavement on the Airport’s transient apron (approximately 11,500 SY), replacement of portions of the closed drainage system, sealcoating, marking, installation of tie-downs, and limited airfield lighting.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/25/2019
View Job DetailsREBID - Morristown Municipal Airport - Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 Improve Runway Safety Area – Phase II (Phase A Construction) (15022)
The Base Bid for this project consists of grading approximately 3,800 feet of Runway Safety Area (RSA), constructing approximately 5,000 feet of gravel access road and paved approaches to airfield pavements, and constructing approximately 120,000 SF of gravel staging area to be used by contractors over several years for a multi-phased project. An optional Bid Additive consists of grading an additional approximately 1,100 feet of RSA and constructing an additional approximately 1,100 feet of gravel access road. A second Bid Additive consists of installing approximately 5,000 linear feet of electrical conduit and manholes for a future relocated power service.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/26/2019
View Job DetailsREBID - Pocono Mountians Municipal Airport - Construct Hangar Buildings (18051)
This project includes the construction of a 12-Unit T-hangar building for the storage of small aircraft. Selected alternates also include the construction of a 65’x62’ box-style hangar, and the demolition of an existing 8,500 SF T-hangar. The work includes paving around the proposed hangars with PennDOT specification aggregates and asphalt. The project does not require any interface with airfield operations.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/27/2019
View Job DetailsTri-State Steuben County Airport - Tree Obstruction Removal (17049)
This project is to clear and grub and remove select trees from a designated area in the approach to Runway 23 at the Tri-State Steuben County Airport (KANQ) in Angola, Indiana. The project is also planned to include the installation of two (2) FAA L-810 solar-powered obstruction lights mounted on wood poles, placed to identify nearby tree obstructions. The project is planned to include, but not be limited to the following general project elements:

1. Clearing and grubbing of approximately 11 acres of moderately populated shrubbery and deciduous trees of approximately 12”-24” diameter. Clearing and grubbing operations may only occur between October 1st and April 1st annually.
2. Removal of select trees within the project area of approximately 12” – 24” diameter. Select tree removal operations may only occur between October 1st and April 1st annually.
3. General root raking and smooth surface grading/cleanup of the project area.
4. Seeding and Mulching of the project area.
5. Construct two each FAA L-810 solar-powered obstruction lights mounted on approximately 45’ tall wood poles. The FAA L-810 obstruction light is to be a red, steady burning LED, night vision goggle (NVG) compatible dual obstruction light powered by a solar-powered electrical source mounted at the base of the wood pole.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/09/2019
View Job DetailsVirginia Highlands Airport-Extend Runway 6-Phase 3 (Embankment) (18119)
This project includes placement of approximately 950,000 cubic yards of fill, installation of a new drainage system, and relocation of 7,000 linear feet of airport perimeter fence.

Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/25/2019
View Job DetailsWilburton Municipal Airport-H05-Conduct Rehabilitate Apron-Phase II (18006)
The project includes the reconstruction of a new concrete apron for a portion of the existing asphalt apron to reduce FOD issues from the deterioration of the existing apron. The new apron will include tie downs for transient parking and new permanent pavement markings to meet current FAA standard requirements. This project includes all pavement demolition, grading, subgrade stabilization, pavement, markings and all other work required for a complete project.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/20/2019
View Job DetailsWilliams County Airport - Construct Partial Parallel Taxiway "B1" to RWY 7 End (15111)
This Project is to construct a new partial parallel taxiway (Taxiway “B1”) to the west end of Runway 7-25 (RWY 7 End) at the Williams County Airport (0G6) in Bryan, Ohio. The project is planned to include, but not be limited to the following general project elements: 1. Construct approximately 2,000 linear feet by 35 feet wide FAA specification P-401 bituminous asphalt (approximately 4,000 tons) taxiway pavement. 2. Rehabilitate approximately 2,700 square yards of existing taxiway with FAA specification P-401 bituminous asphalt (approximately 500 tons) taxiway pavement. 3. Construct drainage structures, storm water drainage culverts and perform site grading along the new taxiway. 4. Install approximately five FAA specification L-858 airfield guidance signs and approximately 89 FAA specification L-861T LED medium-intensity taxiway edge lights (MITL).
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/13/2019