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Duncan-Parnell Branch 1
Charlotte - McDowell St
900 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 372-7766
View Job Details | OrderBarwick-LaFayette Airport GA - Obstruction Removal (20170122.00.AT)
The work shall consist of the furnishing of labor, material, and equipment for obstruction removal.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.03/22/2018
View Job Details | OrderBeaufort-Jasper SC Water & Sewer Authority - Waddell Gardens Water Main Replacements (20170029.00.CH)
The work to be done consists of furnishing all materials, equipment and labor necessary to install approximately 6,000 linear feet of 6-inch PVC water mains in the Waddell Gardens area of Beaufort and Port Royal, South Carolina, including approximately 225 linear feet of 16-inch casing pipe installed by bore and jack, 1,790 linear feet of fusible 6-inch PVC pipe installed using horizontal directional drill, six fire hydrant assemblies, and other appurtenances.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.02/22/2018
View Job DetailsCharlotte NC - Ayrsley Town Boulevard (512-16-013)
This project will improve safety and pedestrian connection along Ayrsley Town Boulevard from the South Tryon Street to Kings Parade Boulevard. Work involves construction of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, accessible ramps and pedestrian refuge island; storm drainage; grading; asphalt pavement; pavement markings and traffic signage.


City of Charlotte02/01/2018
View Job DetailsCharlotte NC - Beam Rd at Shopton Rd Roundabout (512-13-010)
This project consists of construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Shopton Road and Beam Road. Work includes construction of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, wheel chair ramps, concrete islands, storm drainage, grading, roadway widening, asphalt resurfacing, erosion control, traffic control, pavement markings, and utility related works.
City of Charlotte01/23/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - Brigmore Drive Storm Drainage Improvement Project (SWDES00520)
This project is located on Brigmore Drive between Connan Lane and Entwhistle Court. Work includes primarily storm drainage pipe and structure removal and installation and foundation protection. Work will also include minor paving, curb and gutter removal and installation, concrete work and utility relocation.
City of Charlotte03/15/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - Cedars East Storm Drainage Improvement (671-10-014)
This project includes upgrading and repairing the storm drainage system to reduce apartment, house, and road flooding and channel erosion. The watershed is primarily urbanized consisting of single and multi-family residential mixed with commercial. The improvements include pipe system upgrades, channel stabilization, and deteriorated infrastructure upgrades.
City of Charlotte03/22/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - LaSalle St Storm Drainage Improvement (SWDES00270)
This project is located on LaSalle Street between Botany Street and Senior Drive. Work includes primarily storm drainage pipe and structure removal and installation, asphalt milling and paving, and curb and gutter removal and installation. Work will also include minor sidewalk removal and installation, driveway removal and installation, existing pipes filled with flowable fill, and utility replacement.


City of Charlotte03/15/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - Michael Baker Place Bridge #210 Replacement (512-12-045)
The project involves replacing the existing bridge no. 210 over Briar Creek on Michael Baker Place. Work includes replacing bridge structure, grading, paving, storm drainage, concrete curb & gutter, sidewalk, driveways, traffic control, pavement marking, erosion control and water and sanitary sewer works.
City of Charlotte02/27/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - North Graham Street Sidewalk (512-15-034)
This project will add concrete sidewalk along N. Graham Street from 10th Street to 12th Street. This project will also install speciallity glass aggregate concrete sidewalk, concrete pavers, retaining walls with brick veener, stucco finish CMU column and lighting fixture for the walls. The works also involved construction curb and gutter, wheel chair ramps, concrete island, storm drainage; grading; milling; asphalt pavement; pavement markings; traffic control; erosion control and utility works.
City of Charlotte03/13/2018
View Job DetailsCharlotte NC - Rea Rd Sidewalk & Pedestrian Safety (512-15-033)
The objective of this project is to construct new sidewalk along the south side of Rea Road from Swans Run Road to Windyrush Road in order to improve pedestrian access along the corridor. The works include grading; construction of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, driveways, wheel chair ramps; storm drainage; pavement marking; traffic control and related utility works.
City of Charlotte01/25/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - Rose Valley Dr SWI (SWDES 00470-00626)
This project addresses failing storm drainage systems on Rose Valley Drive, Stonewood Drive and Brookhaven Road. The project includes 1664 feet of 18” through 48” storm drainage pipe, 100 feet of 36” Cured in Place Pipe Lining (CIPP), drainage structures, as well as replacement of associated asphalt paving, curb and gutter and concrete driveways.
City of Charlotte02/22/2018
View Job DetailsCharlotte NC - South Tryon St Sidewalk (512-16-057)
This project will provide sidewalk on both sides of South Tryon Street from Shopton Road West to Steele Creek Road.
City of Charlotte02/01/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - UNCC - Softball Training Facility (017381.00)
New 5,400 square foot softball training facility with batting cages in a pre-engineered metal building with masonry veneer. Project also includes connection of utilities to adjacent lines and integration of security with campus systems.

Bids will be received for single prime. All proposals shall be lump sum.
McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture02/28/2018
View Job DetailsCharlotte, NC - Royston Road Channel Stabilization Project (SWDES00468SWDES00468)
This project is for stream stabilization enhancement and restoration. Work includes grading, installation of log sills, log riffles, riffles, plantings, curb and gutter and sidewalk, plantings and erosion control.
City of Charlotte01/23/2018
View Job DetailsElkin NC - Raw Water System Improvements (20160049.00.HI)
The work will consist of three (3) Divisions generally described as follows:

~ Division 1 – Big Elkin Creek Raw Water Pump Station and Reservoir Improvements:
This division includes demolition of noted components of the existing pump station and the installation of new vertical turbine pumps, valves, pump suction backwash system, temporary piping for transfer of water from Big Elkin Creek to the reservoir using an Owner supplied transfer pump during time pump station is out of service, and replacement of existing sluice gates at reservoir raw water outlet structure.

~ Division 2 – Emergency 12” Yadkin Raw Water Line Extension:
Extension of approximately 3900 lf extension of the 12-inch emergency raw water supply line from the Yadkin River to the water reservoir including related stream and road crossings.

~ Division 3 – Streambank Stabilization & J-Hook Installation at Existing 24” Raw Water Line:
Stabilization of approximately 464 lf of streambank and installation of approximately 264 lf of “Jhook” boulders in the Big Elkin Creek at exposed areas of the existing 24-inch raw water supply line.

Engineer's Estimate is $1,400,000.00
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.01/30/2018
View Job Details | OrderFayetteville NC - Phase V Annexation Area 20 Hackney Hills Lake Point & Robin Hill Estates Subdivision (20160154.00.RA)
construction of the proposed sanitary sewer improvements to consist of approximately 100 manholes, 221 sanitary sewer laterals, 16,625 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer improvements with associated appurtenances.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.02/28/2018
View Job Details | OrderGreer SC - GSP New Cargo Area Development (20170164.00.CA)
The Project will include construction of a new cargo ramp, including storm management and control improvements, associated grading, drainage and erosion control at the Greenville Spartanburg International Airport (GSP).
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.03/06/2018
View Job DetailsIndian Trail NC - Additional Parking at Crooked Creek Park & Town Hall (520-2018-003)
SCOPE OF WORK: This contract is for the installation of additional parking within the Town of Indian Trail, N.C. Work will take place at two locations and in two phases within the Town. Phase I consists of the installation of accessible parking at Crooked Creek Park (5900 Oakwood Lane) and Phase II consists of the installation of additional parking at Town Hall (315 Matthews Indian Trail Road). Work will include but is not limited to grading, installing curb and gutter, installing asphalt and striping. All work should comply with ADA standards.
Town of Indian Trail02/16/2018
View Job DetailsJackson County Airport New Fuel Farm (20170133.00.CL)
The project will include the removal of an existing, above ground fuel tank and replacement with a new, above ground, self-serve, 10,000-gallon AVGAS fuel tank. The new tank must be installed and operational prior to removing the existing tank to prevent service interruption. Site prep for the new fuel tank will included about 500 square yards on concrete pavement with minimal grading and storm drainage.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.01/30/2018
View Job DetailsKannapolis NC - Hercules (CLT3)- Right of Way Improvements
This project will consist of the following:

Realignment of Barr Road (approximately 842 linear feet) and Macedonia Church Road (1881 linear feet) with proposed roundabout at intersection.
Widening of Roadway, Proposed Right of Way Dedication and Other Improvements along 2554 linear feet of NC 73
Intersection Improvements of Kannapolis Parkway

Paving, Concrete, Guardrail, Thermoplastic Markings, Grading, Drainage, and Erosion Control
Burton Engineering02/16/2018
View Job DetailsLancaster County Water & Sewer District - Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation (20170223.00.CA)
The Project consists of, but is not limited to, installation of approximately 11,871 LF of 8-inch Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), replacement of approximately 561 LF of 8-inch gravity sewer line, service reinstatements, and manhole rehabilitation. Work will include the completion of the Pineview Phase II rehabilitation, then continue into Baker Place Phase I & II until the contract award amount is reached.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.02/06/2018
View Job Details | OrderNorth Mecklenburg Recycling Center Scale Installation
The project generally consists of the following:

The Work to be performed under this Contract generally includes the manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning of two pre-manufactured modular buildings and two above-ground electronic truck scales with all appurtenances including scale foundation, ramps, aprons, digital scale indicators, remote displays, and all other required equipment; supporting civil, automation, and electrical work; and other equipment and incidentals as shown on the Drawings and noted in the Specifications. The project consists of the construction of two above-ground truck scales, two pre-manufactured modular buildings, automated weighing systems, asphalt removal and paving, sewer and water service lines, and other improvements necessary to provide scale operations at the North Mecklenburg Recycling Center in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.
CDM Smith03/08/2018
View Job DetailsPickens County Airport (LQK) Hangar Development (20170233.00.CA)
Project consists of the construction of nine (9) corporate aircraft hangers (60’ x 60’).
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.02/15/2018
View Job DetailsRe-Advertise Charlotte, NC - Marlwood and Waverly Water Quality Enhancement Project (PM67113036)
Marlwood/Waverly is a water quality pollution control project located off of Albemarle Rd. It encompasses two ponds, and several culverts that will be studied as an integrated system. Marlwood pond is north and east of Marlwood Circle, west of Timber Lake Drive, and south of Sherington Way. Waverly Pond is just upstream from Marlwood Pond. Waverly Pond is north and adjacent to Albemarle Rd, south of Ivey Hollow Drive, east of Almond Rd and west of Tamora Drive.
City of Charlotte02/06/2018
View Job DetailsRe-Advertisement - Charlotte NC - Louise Avenue CIP (671-06-008)
The project area is roughly bounded by Seigle Avenue to the west, Central Avenue to the south, The Plaza to the east, and Parkwood Avenue north. The project will improve approximately 7,000 feet of open channel and pipe system that includes neighborhoods to the east of Independence, north of The Plaza, south of Seigle Avenue and west of Parkwood Avenue. The area which was analyzed is the central channel from Seigle Avenue to Hawthorne Avenue and the enclosed storm drainage system from Hawthorne Avenue to Thomas Avenue. Channel conditions were assessed to determine areas suitable for stream restoration (enhancement) to self-mitigate impacts. The drainage area for the project covers approximately 446.5 acres. The work includes pre-cast reinforced concrete box culverts, reinforced concrete pipe, sanitary sewer, curb and gutter and sidewalk, asphalt paving, and channel improvements.
City of Charlotte
View Job DetailsREBID - Duplin County Airport (DPL) Runway Widening and Strengthening (20160276.00.RA)
The project generally consists of widening the runway from 75’ to 100’; removing an existing connector taxiway; construction of a new connector taxiway; overlay of the existing runway pavement; new runway edge lighting, REILs, and windsock; and miscellaneous erosion control measures.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.02/15/2018
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Fayetteville NC - Buckhead Creek Sewer Relocation (20150177.01.RA)
Construction of the proposed sanitary sewer system improvements to consist of approximately 300 feet of 16-inch diameter, 320 feet of 8-inch diameter and 155 feet of 12-inch diameter of sewer relocation/replacement and 165 linear feet of 30-inch steel encasement by guided bore and jack, and bypass pumping, with associated appurtenances.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.02/27/2018
View Job DetailsREBID - Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Apron Rehab Taxilanes & T-Hangar (20160250.00.CL)
The project will include approximately 2,900 SY of apron rehabilitation, taking bids for both asphalt and concrete pavement options. The apron rehab area will add a new asphalt taxilane (approx. 1,500 SY) for future hangar development. The project will also include construction of a new 10-unit T-hangar building with associated asphalt taxilanes. Total contract time is 180 calendar days. The paving operations are anticipated to begin in the March of 2018. The 10-unit T-hangar construction may begin prior to March 2018.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.01/25/2018
View Job Details | OrderRock Hill SC - Burgis Creek Sewer Improvements
The work to be done consists of furnishing all materials and equipment and performing all labor necessary for the construction of approximately 260 linear feet of 12-inch sewer line, 8,661 linear feet of 16-inch sewer line, 6,086 linear feet of 18-inch sewer line, 71 manholes, 1,035 linear feet of 12” force main, 2,500 linear feet of electrical conduit, the decommissioning of the Ellis Pond Pump Station and force main, a new pumping station located along Church Road, associated appurtenances and surface restoration as detailed in the drawings and specifications for the Burgis Creek Sewer Improvements project.
Brown and Caldwell02/22/2018
View Job DetailsRock Hill SC - Cherry Road Sewer Relocation (149872)
The work to be performed consists of furnishing all materials, tools and equipment and performing all labor necessary for the construction/replacement of approximately 2,880 linear feet of 8-inch sewer line, 18 manholes, sanitary sewer service reconnects, 6,041 SY of roadway milling and resurfacing, site restoration, and associated appurtenances as detailed in the Drawings and Specifications.
Brown and Caldwell02/15/2018
View Job Details | OrderRutherfordton NC - Water Treatment Plant Expansion for Broad River Water Authority
The proposed Work is generally described as follows:
Installation of a 200 horsepower (HP) raw water pump, modifications to the existing raw water pump, installation of a 300 HP finished water pump, modifications to the sodium hypochlorite chemical feed systems, installation of an automated sludge collection system and all associated appurtenances required for successful project completion, as described in the Specifications and shown on the Drawings.

Engineer’s Estimate: $2,095,000

Kimley-Horn and Associates03/06/2018
View Job Details | OrderShelby NC Runway Overlay (20150149.00.CL)
Schedule One (1) work will consist of an asphalt overlay on the runway. Schedule Two (2) work will include taxiway fillet taper widening on four (4) of the runway exit taxiways. The fillet taper widening will include minor grading and minor edge lighting modifications.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.02/27/2018
View Job DetailsShelby, NC - Farmville Road Loop 24-Inch Waterline
Construction of approximately 26,000 linear feet of 12-inch thru 24-water main, 2,000 linear feet of 8-inch sewer force main, construction of 3.3 MGD Booster Pump Station, and all associated appurtenances required for successful project completion, as described in the Specifications and shown on the Drawings. The construction of this project will be coordinated with the construction of a new elevated water storage tank that will be built concurrently under a separate contract.

Engineer's Estimate: $10,268,000

Kimley-Horn and Associates02/13/2018
View Job DetailsShelby, NC - Westside 0.75 MG Elevated Storage Tank
Construction of a 0.75 MG Elevated Storage Tank and all associated appurtenances required for successful project completion, as described in the Specifications and shown on the Drawings. The construction of the elevated storage tank will be coordinated with the construction of a new water main and booster pumping station that will be built concurrently under a separate contract.

Engineer's Estimate: $2,477,250

Kimley-Horn and Associates02/13/2018
View Job Details | OrderSouthern Pines NC - Fire Station No 2
The work includes General, Site, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical work to be constructed under one Single Prime Contract. The extent of work is shown on the drawings and specified in the project manual.
ADW Architects02/27/2018
View Job Details | OrderTara Circle Stormwater Improvement Project (20160064.00.AT)
Scope of Work. The Invitation for Bids seeks competitive sealed bids from qualified contractors for performance of the Project. The scope of work includes the provision by the Contractor of all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, and supplies necessary to provide a complete and functioning product as described by the Contract Documents including Construction Documents for the Project. All services will be "turn key" and require minimal involvement of Authority personnel. The Contractor is responsible for verifying the dimensions of the existing conditions.

The work to be performed shall include the removal of approximately 41 linear feet (L.F.) of 42” corrugated metal pipe and two headwalls, 560 square feet (S.F.) of asphalt pavement, the relocation of one existing water main and the utility coordination for possible relocation of one existing gas main along Tara Circle in the vicinity of the proposed headwalls as well as coordination for relocation, as appropriate, of all other utilities that may be found to conflict with the proposed work; and installation of 41 L.F. of 10’ x 4’ concrete box culvert and headwalls, 560 S.F. of asphalt pavement, along with related erosion control items including rip rap for bank and channel protection. The work will be installed in Douglas County, in a residential area, by open trench methods and detour provided for the closure of Tara Circle at the culvert construction site, and as otherwise shown on the plans and specifications for the Tara Circle Culvert Replacement, prepared by W.K. Dickson & Co., Inc., David R. Braswell, P.E. dated 02/07/2018.

W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.03/21/2018
View Job Details | OrderUNC Charlotte Campus Infrastructure Renewal Phase 3
The project entails boiler replacement in the Kennedy Hall, Atkins Library, and McMillan Greenhouse. The Base Bid scope of work is for the Kennedy Building and Atkins Building. The McMillan Greenhouse will be bid as an Add Alternate to the Project. The general scope of work involves the removal of existing steam and steam condensate piping, exhaust fan, and some exterior glazing and the installation of two new steam boilers in the Kennedy Hall mechanical room and replacement of two steam boilers in the Atkins Library mechanical room. The McMillan Greenhouse will consist of the removal of existing piping, valves, vent lines and heat transfer package, and installing two new natural gas condensing type boilers in the mechanical room. Limited sitework is associated with the project.

Bids will be received for Single Prime. All proposals shall be lump sum.

Clark Nexsen03/15/2018
View Job Details | OrderYork County SC - Springfield Interceptor Gravity Sewer Replacement
The work of this project consists of furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, services, and incidentals; and of performing all work necessary to complete all specified work in accordance with the Contract Documents prepared therefore and entitled Springfield Interceptor Gravity Sewer Replacement (YCE 16244). The work generally consists of the replacement of approximately 523 linear feet of 12-inch DIP sewer main and reconstruction of one manhole near Springfield Middle School. Additionally, removal of a blockage inside a downstream sewer pipe under Steele Creek will be required. Construction is expected to be completed via open cut. Bypass pumping for the project will be installed through an existing culvert under U.S. Highway 21 and across Steele Creek.
Kimley-Horn and Associates03/06/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 2
Raleigh Office
201 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 833-4677
View Job Details | OrderRaleigh NC - Lake Dam Road Bridge Replacement
Approximately 102.5 LF (4611 SF) of bridge, approximately 522.5 LF of two-lane roadway with sidewalk and accomodations for future bike lanes, associated public utility relocations, relocation of greenway access and City maintenance driveway and associated drainage facilities and improvements. The project also includes traffic and pedestrian signs and pavement markings, curb and gutter, curb ramps, erosion control measures and other miscellaneous items.
City of Raleigh - Stormwater Management Division - Engineering Services03/06/2018
View Job Details | OrderRaleigh NC - Longview Stream Stabilization
Project generally includes the stabilization of approximately 400 linear feet of streambank immediately downstream of New B ern Avenue, adjacent to L ongview L ake Drive. T he stabilization will include vegetation removal, grading back the existing vertical banks to a stable slope, matting and stabilizing the graded banks with riparian vegetation, and installing and maintaining erosion control measures through project completion. In addition, 68 linear feet of 18-inch RCP and a standard junction box will be installed to extend an existing storm drain to the stream in place of an eroding drainage channel. T he Contractor will be responsible for maintaining access to all residential driveways during construction activities and providing necessary traffic control.
City of Raleigh - Stormwater Management Division - Engineering Services03/16/2018
View Job DetailsRaleigh, NC - Laurel Hills Dam and Spillway Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation of an existing dam and spillway structure including furnishing all materials, labor, tools, and equipment for the construction work. The existing dam will be excavated to construct a new concrete riser, trash rack, sluice gate and reinforced concrete boxes, as well as replace the existing reinforce concrete pipe. Upon completion of the spillway construction, the dam will be backfilled and prepared for the new roadway cross- section. The roadway section will be widened and included curb and gutter, stormwater inlets and piping, guardrail, sidewalk and handrail. Sanitary sewer and water main upgrades and realignments will be required to accommodate the new roadway section. A retaining wall will be installed to minimize impact to the unnamed tributary that flows into Crabtree Creek.
City of Raleigh - Stormwater Management Division - Engineering Services02/14/2018
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Raleigh NC - Swann Street Drainage Improvement
The work will generally consist of clearing, grading, storm and sewer pipe removal, RCP, water and sanitary sewer installation, utility relocations and adjustments, curb and gutter, block retaining wall, installation of in- stream boulder structures, 3-sided culvert bridges, driveway repairs, paving, traffic control, erosion and sediment control and other related items as shown on the plans, in the contract specifications and/or as directed by the Project Engineer. The Contractor shall be responsible for the installation of soil erosion and sediment control devices; earth excavation; fill borrow, topsoil and seedbed material; and storing and stockpiling material and stabilization measures.
City of Raleigh03/13/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 8
Lake Norman Office
364 Williamson Rd #301
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 658-9666
View Job DetailsMooresville NC - 2018 Sewer Rehabilitation (301-18-05)
The work will consist of rehabilitating using Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) methods for approximately 5,400 linear feet of 8” clay, ductile iron and PVC sanitary sewer. The work also consists of 270 vertical feet of manhole rehabilitation.
Town of Mooresville01/23/2018
View Job DetailsMooresville NC - Cabarrus Avenue Culvert Replacement (301-17-08)
The work will consist of constructing complete in place approximately 175 LF of 72” RCP Culvert, and associated appurtenances along Cabarrus Avenue in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Town of Mooresville02/15/2018
View Job Details | OrderMooresville NC - McCrary Creek Pump Station Improvements Contract 80.0
The work will consist of removal of the existing hydraulic grinder and installation of mechanical screening equipment, conveyor equipment and all appurtenances.
Willis Engineers03/06/2018
View Job Details | OrderMooresville NC - Mt Mourne Gravity Outfall (301-11-14)
Approximately 13,750 LF of 24- and 30-inch gravity sewer, manholes and appurtenances
Connection to existing piping
All erosion control, seeding and other work shown on the drawings and described in the specifications
Town of Mooresville04/12/2018
View Job DetailsMooresville NC - Rocky River Outfall (301-17-06)
The work will consist of installation of approximately 9,200 feet of sewer outfall varying in size from 24-inch to 42-inch from the vicinity of NC Highway 3 along Rocky River to the existing sewer at the Linwood Farms Pumping Station. The work will include decommissioning of the Linwood Farms Pumping Station. Approximately 680 feet of 8-inch sewer will also be installed to allow for decommissioning of the Harris Village Pumping Station.
Willis Engineers02/08/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 4
North Charleston Office
3150 West Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 747-6033
View Job Details | OrderCharleston SC - Citadel - Construction Indefinite Delivery Contract with Representative Project Murray Barracks Restroom South
Work includes, but is not limited to, removal of existing wall and floor tile, mortar beds, shower drains and lighting fixtures; porcelain tile, ceramic tile, epoxy grout, shower partitions, paint and LED lighting fixtures.
Red Iron Architects, LLC02/22/2018
View Job DetailsLucy G. Beckham High School – Site Development Package
Scope of work includes, but is not limited to: Clearing, grading, building pad, earthquake drains/aggregate piers/stone columns, water, sewer, storm piping, base course, paving, fine grading. Temporary grassing, and SWPPP. Install curb/gutter, building demolition, possible asbestos abatement
Cumming Construction Management Inc02/06/2018
View Job DetailsMatthews SC - Calhoun County Courthouse Exterior Renovation
Project scope consists of furnishing all materials, equipment and labor necessary for restoration construction services to the exterior and interior of an existing courthouse structure. The courthouse was constructed in 1913. The two-story brick building measures approximately 7,600 sf. Calhoun County anticipates a construction start date of early-mid March 2018 with required completion within a six-month timeline. If the alternates related to the interior finishes are selected the construction timeline will be extended to eight-months. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, structural repairs to the roof and floor framing; repair of exterior windows; restoration and repair of exterior doors and replacement of door hardware; repointing of masonry; repair to existing concrete stairs, wood cornice, and entablature; replacement of the existing roof, new standing seam copper roof and flashing replacement, repair of cupola; over framing existing built-in gutters and installing new copper gutters and downspouts; exterior painting including metal, wood, & masonry substrates; abatement and hazardous material removal; addition of ladders and access doors; interior removal of vinyl wallpaper and repair to plaster walls; and repainting of the interior walls, ceilings, and trim.
Meadors, Inc02/20/2018
View Job DetailsNew Edmund A. Burns Elementary School
The work includes, but is not limited to, the construction of a new, two-story, fully sprinkled, 75,000 square foot elementary school, located on Dorchester Rd, on the same site as the previous building. The facility will be constructed predominately of structural concrete masonry and steel with brick veneer, metal joists, and decking. A single roof system will be utilized overall (modified bituminous sheet system). A direct air to air HVAC system is used for the majority of the spaces with a separate make-up air system providing outside air. Finishes will include, but are not limited to: VCT, ceramic and quarry tile, rubberized flooring, carpet, acoustical ceilings, paint, casework, marker/tack boards, and an elevator. The package also includes site work and utilities including ground modification with earthquake drains, paving, curb & gutter, basic mechanical and electrical services, electrical life safety systems, technology items, and cable trays.
Cumming Construction Management Inc02/14/2018
View Job Details | OrderNorth Charleston SC - Little Avenue Sewer Main
The work generally involves the removal of an existing sanitary sewer pump station, installation of 8” PVC gravity sewer main, 3 new sanitary sewer manholes, and a jack and bore crossing of an existing railroad.
Stantec Consulting Services Inc.03/06/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 7
Greensboro Office
4275 Regency Drive #100
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 855-1211
View Job Details | OrderGreensboro NC - Downtown Greenway Phase 2 (2009-056)
The contract includes construction of approximately 1,150 square yards (SY) of 12-foot wide concrete greenway trail along Fisher Avenue between North Greene Street and the Church Street overpass including new curb and gutter. A replacement waterline is included from North Greene to Smith Street and an extension to connect into Church Street. The construction will also include approximately 5,500 linear feet of 12-foot wide asphalt concrete greenway trail along Murrow Boulevard from the Church Street overpass to E. Gate City Boulevard to include new curb and gutter and stormdrainage revisions. Modifications for pedestrian and bicycle safety will be retrofitted onto the Summit Avenue bridge over Murrow Boulevard and onto the Murrow Boulevard bridges over Church Street and the Norfolk Southern Railroad. The intersection of Murrow Boulevard and E. Gate City Boulevard will be completely reconstructed requiring reconstruction of Murrow Boulevard from the Gorrell Street overpass to E. Gate City Boulevard. The existing traffic signals will be replaced or modified at the five intersections along Fisher Avenue and Murrow Boulevard between Elm Street and E. Gate City Boulevard including new mast arms at three of them.
City of Greensboro03/01/2018
View Job DetailsHigh Point NC - Oak Hollow Pump Station VFD Replacement
Work to include modifications and additions to convert an existing storage room to a VFD room, to include installation and commissioning of air handling unit, condensing unit, medium voltage variable frequency drive system, upgrade and replacement of existing pump station RTU and integration of proposed VFD, RTU and existing SCADA system.
City of High Point, N.C.02/21/2018
View Job Details | OrderHigh Point NC - Pedestrian Bridge Repairs
Work under this contract consists of furnishing personnel, equipment, permitting and materials to perform maintenance repairs on two (2) pedestrian bridges. Work includes, but is not limited to: repairing concrete spalls and concrete cracking, realignment of bearing plate(s), power washing concrete surfaces, epoxy coating of concrete surfaces, pouring of concrete slab, remove chain link fence and replace with PVC coated chain link fence, traffic control.
City of High Point, N.C.03/01/2018
View Job Details | OrderLaurinburg-Maxton Airport Commission NC (LMAC), Scotland County Lead Track Reactivation and Proposed Crossing Project (SEA E-3929)
The intent of this project is to upgrade the existing Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Lead Track to accommodate unit train traffic to serve the proposed Mountaire Farms Offloading Loop Track. Reactivation construction of the industrial railroad spur track shall include all associated site work, ballast track construction, turnout, site electrical, signalization, and roadway crossings. Construction shall include all necessary removal and reinstallation of required track and associated component.
Summey Engineering Associates, PLLC03/01/2018
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Greensboro NC - Stormwater Improvements (2017-052)
The work in this contract consists of: This contract consists of multiple types of stormwater system maintenance and construction. In this contract there are two projects of new storm system construction, three projects of CM (corrugated metal) pipe joint and pipe wall repair, one project involving the construction of a new concrete endwall, and one project constructing a new channel erosion control retaining wall.
City of Greensboro03/15/2018
View Job Details | OrderREBID Greensboro, NC - 2017-064 Water Main Rehabilitation Project
The work in this contract shall include cleaning and lining of existing cast iron pipe and replacing valves and hydrants in designated construction limits. The project consist of approximately 20,139/l.f. of Temporary Water, 16,399/l.f. of 6” Clean and Line, 1,096/l.f. of 8” Clean and line 2,644/l.f. of 12” Clean and Line, 41/ea Valve Replacements, 19/ea. Reconnect to Fire Hydrant Assembly and 18/ea. Replace Fire Hydrant Assembly.
City of Greensboro03/01/2018
View Job DetailsREBID High Point NC - Tanglewood Pump Station Improvements
Summary of scope of work for the Project includes demolition of the existing pumps, motors, electrical equipment, masonry building and related appurtenances; and installation of a new preengineered self-priming pump station, pre-cast concrete building, stand-by generator, and related facilities.
City of High Point, N.C.01/24/2018
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View Job Details | OrderFulton County Airport USE - Construct Snow Removal Equipment Storage (14121)
This project is to construct a Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Storage building and building access pavement.

The project is to include, but not be limited to, the following general project elements:

~1. Construct an approximately 40’ wide by 50’ deep by 24’ high, standing seam metal gable-style roof, metal sided, structural steel, pre-engineered SRE storage building on a Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) footer reinforced PCC slab floor inside the building. The building is to be classified by Ohio Basic Building Codes as a storage building and is to have only heat and electric utilities. Heat is to be natural gas or LP gas provided by gas fired IR tube heaters mounted on the interior ceiling of the building. Electric is to be single-phase electric service. The building is to have three doors: a man-door, an approximate 10’ wide by 16’ high rolling door and an approximate 40’ wide by 16’ high (minimum clearance) bi-fold main door.
~2. Construct an approximately 40’ wide by 75’ long PCC pavement drive abutting the new SRE building to the existing bituminous asphalt aircraft parking apron. The new pavement is to be constructed of approximately 420 SY of ODOT specification 451 PCC.
~3. Grade project site and install storm drainage inlets to promote positive drainage away from SRE storage building.
~4. Include other miscellaneous construction items related to SRE storage building construction.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.03/20/2018
View Job Details | OrderNeil Armstrong Airport - Runway 8 Approach Obstruction Removal (17075)
This project at the Neil Armstrong Airport in New Knoxville, Ohio shall consist of clearing and grubbing approximately 2.6 acres of small trees and shrubs and installing a 45 feet tall and a 65 feet tall obstruction light pole with dual-LED FAA specification L-810 obstruction lights on top of each pole. Electric service to each of the poles shall be included as part of the project.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.03/13/2018
View Job DetailsREBID - Asheville Regional Airport - Expand Air Carrier Apron (17016)
This project involves the expansion of the existing Portland Cement Concrete Apron (Approx. 1750 SY) at Asheville Regional Airport. The apron expansion is located adjacent to the North end of the existing terminal building. The project will consist of FAA P-501 Portland Cement Concrete pavement and P-304 Cement Treated Base Course.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.01/22/2018
View Job DetailsReBid - Medina Municipal Airport - 1G5-Reconstruct North-South Taxiway (15108)
This project is to reconstruct the existing North-South Taxiway (approximately 1,984'x25') south of Runway 9-27.

The project is proposed to include, but not be limited to, the following general project elements:
1. Demolition of the existing North-South Taxiway and Connector Taxiway Pavements. (Approximately 6.5” thick, non-reinforced Portland Cement Concrete – approximately 3,400 SY). Disposal of materials is to be at a designated on-site location.
2. Install approximately 240 LF of 24” RCCP storm drainage pipe and drainage structures.
3. Re-grade project site to promote positive drainage away from the Runway.
4. Construct taxiway pavement consisting of approximately 1,050 TN FAA P-401 bituminous asphalt on approximately 1,100 CY FAA P-209 crushed aggregate base course material.
5. Install FAA L-853 Type II, Retroreflective Taxiway Edge Markers.
6. Include other miscellaneous construction items related to taxiway construction.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.02/07/2018
View Job DetailsREBID-Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport - Construct North Ramp Taxiways (15128)
This project involves the rehabilitation and expansion of the existing North Ramp, construction of new airfield pavements to support future hangars, drainage improvements, and the installation of stormwater management controls. Three Alternates are to be bid for funding flexibility, and only one Alternate will be awarded. FAA Specification P-401 bituminous paving is required for Alternates 1 and 2. All Alternates include airfield electrical improvements.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.01/25/2018