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Duncan-Parnell Branch 1
Charlotte - McDowell St
900 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 372-7766
View Job Details | OrderCharleston SC International Airport RFQ – Parking Garage and Associated Roadway Construction (PARC)
The Charleston County Aviation Authority is requesting SOQs from qualified contractors for the construction of a new, one (1) million square foot, 5-story, cast-in-place, open parking garage with elevated walkway and associated site and roadway work at Charleston International Airport. This project includes the parking garage, elevated pedestrian passageway, site and roadway work, mechanical, electrical, telecom and wayfinding systems. In addition, lighting, access control, revenue control, and landscaping will be included.
Charleston County Aviation Authority08/21/2018
View Job DetailsCharlotte NC - 324 Sardis Lane SDI (SWDES00164)
This project will replace three existing storm drainage culverts on private property along Sardis Lane with precast box culverts and three-sided culverts. Work will include replacement of existing utilities, curb and gutter, private asphalt driveways and related activities
City of Charlotte07/12/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - 6013 Ingleside Dr Storm Drainage Improvement Project (SWDES00603)
This project is located on Ingleside Drive between Archdale Drive and Keeling Place. This project will replace the failing storm water system. Work includes 15” through 54” storm drainage pipe, curb and gutter, sidewalk, asphalt pavement, and related activities.
City of Charlotte08/16/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - 6730 Bradstock Lane Storm Drainage Improvement Project (SWDES00378)
This project will upgrade existing piped systems within residential lots and roadway of Olde Providence South neighborhood. Work will include replacement of impacted fencing, sidewalks, roads and gutters. Work includes storm drainage pipe and structure removal/installation, paving, fencing, curb & gutter, concrete work, utility relocations and related activities.
City of Charlotte07/24/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - CATS FY 19 Bus Stop Improvements, and CATS BLE Area Bus Stop Improvements
This project will make improvements to existing CATS bus stops throughout the City of Charlotte for fiscal year 2019. This project will also include the improvements of the existing bus stops impacted by Blue Line Extension (BLE) work. The work includes installation of concrete pads, curb and gutters, sidewalks, wheel chair ramps with domes and other incidental work.
City of Charlotte07/31/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - McKee Rd & Providence Rd Intersection Improvements (512-11-013)
This project will construct improvements to the intersection of McKee Road, Ballantyne Commons Parkway and Providence Road to improve capacity and relieve congestion at this heavily traveled intersection. The improvements involve constructing a second southbound left turn lane and completing the widening of McKee Road to Alderbrook Lane. The project will also add pedestrian refuge islands, wider sidewalks, and bicycle lanes. The works include grading; construction of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutter, driveways, wheel chair ramps and islands; installation of pipe culvert and drainage structures; retaining walls; asphalt pavement; pavement markings; erosion control; traffic control and utility works.
City of Charlotte07/24/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte NC - Resurfacing FY 2019 (TKOP120003)
This project involves street resurfacing and associated functions throughout the City. The project includes traffic control, pavement milling, bituminous surface treatment, structure adjustment, full depth patching, sidewalk & curb repairs, wheelchair ramp installation, and pavement markings.
City of Charlotte07/31/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharlotte, NC - Oakdale Road Widening (512-07-010)
This 1.1 mile project is located in Charlotte, NC, along Oakdale Road and is bounded by Old Plank Road to the south and Dale Avenue to the north. The project intersects four roads: Auten Road, Rook Road, Peachtree Road, and Dale Avenue. The project also includes two culvert replacements along Dale Avenue approximately midway between Oakdale Road and Old Plank Road. The work consists of grading; storm drainage pipe and structures; sanitary sewer pipe and structures; asphalt paving; concrete flat work; concrete curb; channel improvements; soil bioengineering; landscaping; and installation of erosion and traffic control devices.
City of Charlotte08/16/2018
View Job DetailsChester County SC Sports Colmplex (Rodman & Chester) Phase 2 (H18118.0)

A. Summary Project Description: Construction of athletic fields and concession stand at Rodman and Chester Sports Complex.
B. Contract Scope: Construction, demolition, and renovation.
C. Contract Terms: Lump sum (fixed price, stipulated sum).

HALL a/e/c PA07/03/2018
View Job Details | OrderEllijay, GA - New Hope Pressure Zone Improvements (20170246.00.AG)
The project consists of furnishing all materials, equipment, and performance of all labor necessary to construct the following major elements:

1. Upgrade to the existing Roberts Ridge Booster Pump Station by replacing the existing pumps with a prefabricated, vertical multistage pump skid with a 500 gallon-per-minute capacity including all associated controls, piping, and accessories. A magnetic flow meter will be installed on the pump station discharge piping inside of the existing building housing the booster pump skid.

2. The New Hope 44 foot diameter, 325,000-gallon prestressed concrete water tank including an onsite prefabricated, 100 gallon-per-minute booster pump station with enclosure, approximately 2,500 linear feet of 10-inch water transmission main piping, and approximately 850 linear feet of 6-inch water distribution piping.

3. Rehabilitation of a 160,000-gallon Metal Storage Tank including:
a. Blast removal and disposal of the entire lead-based interior tank coating;
b. Repainting the tank interior and painting an overcoat on the tank exterior;
c. Remove and replace the tank vent pipe, access hatch, and interior tank support rods;
d. Extend the overflow pipe to the surface and install a flapper valve and screen; and
e. Install a safety climb system to the existing ladders.

4. A new SCADA system for the Roberts Ridge BPS, Metal Storage Tank, and New Hope Tank.

5. All related sedimentation and erosion control, yard piping, process piping, electrical equipment and wiring, and site work.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/16/2018
View Job Details | OrderElm City NC - Rocky Mount-Wilson Regional Airport Runway and Taxiway Pavement Rehabilitation (20170179.00.RA)
Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiway Pavements, improvements to existing access roads, and installation of a new perimeter access road and associated pavement markings, lighting and signage relocation, grading and erosion control.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/27/2018
View Job DetailsGaston County NC - Library Renovations
Project consists of interior and exterior ADA improvements and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents.
LaBella Associates07/12/2018
View Job Details | OrderHarrisburg, NC - 2018 Water Line Replacements (20170258.00.HI)
The work will consist of providing construction to the installation of approximately 6,420 LF of 6-inch water mains along Ridge Dr. (Morehead to Patricia Ave.-2,145 LF of 6-inch water line); Patricia Ave. (Ridge to Autumn Dr.-773 LF of 6-inch water line); Autumn Dr. (Patricia to Autumn Dr.-1,693 LF of 6-inch water line); Whitefield Ct. (Willow to Carving Tree-857 LF of 6-inch water line); Boulder Creek Lane (Carving Tree to Leatherwood-403 LF of 6-inch water line); and Carving Tree Dr. (Boulder Creek to Morehead-458 LF of 6-inch water line); including all necessary appurtenances for a successful project completion.

Engineer's estimate: $933,400
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/21/2018
View Job Details | OrderLaurinburg-Maxton Airport NC - Apron Rehab Taxilanes & T-Hangar (20160250.00.CL)
The project will include approximately 2,900 SY of apron rehabilitation with a new asphalt pavement section. The apron rehab area will add a new asphalt taxilane (approx. 1,500 SY) for future hangar development. The project will also include construction of a new 10-unit T-hangar building with associated asphalt taxilanes. Total contract time is 180 calendar days.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/26/2018
View Job DetailsMyrtle-Morehead Storm Drainage Improvements Phase II (671-14-116)
This project will address flooding and system failure along the storm drainage system running from South Boulevard, between Morehead and East Boulevard to Kenilworth at Baxter. Improvements will include realigning and upsizing the existing pipe system, adding additional pipes and inlets to capture street drainage, and abandoning sections of existing drainage systems located under buildings. Work includes installation of active shoring, storm drainage system installation at depths greater than 30 feet, micro-tunneling of pipes up to 42 inches in diameter, storm drainage installation along NCDOT maintained roads and construction of cast-in-place reinforced concrete box culverts and bends. Work also includes but is not limited to utility relocations, curb and gutter, sidewalk, asphalt paving and traffic control.

Additional work will be added to this project through an Addendum for Charlotte Water Sanitary Sewer Improvements on Caldwell Street, South Boulevard, Oriole Street, Morehead Street, S. McDowell Street and Baxter Street. The major components of the improvements will include Microtunnel and Horizontal Auger Bore installation of 48-inch steel casing pipe for 36-inch, 24-inch and 18-inch Sanitary Sewer installations within NCDOT right-of-way. The addendum will additionally include open cut installation of 42-inch Sanitary Sewer, 16-inch HDPE pipe bursting installation, launch/receiving pits ranging between 10 and 30 linear feet deep, concrete manholes varying between 4 and 6 feet in diameter up to depths of 30 feet. The improvements are all within street right of ways and all excavations will require active shoring designs and agency approvals prior to installation.

City of Charlotte07/19/2018
View Job Details | OrderOrangeburg SC Airport Water and Sewer Extension (2018015100CA)
The project will consist of the extension of approximately 959 linear feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer, including a wastewater dump station, and 1,255 linear feet of 2-inch water service line located along Nils Lane within the Orangeburg Municipal Airport.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/02/2018
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Elizabethtown NC Downtown Revitalization Phase 2 (20150090.00.RA)
The Project consists of utility, lighting, and some landscape improvements along an eight-block corridor of West Broad Street from Pine Street to just east of Gillespie Street.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/22/2018
View Job DetailsREBID - Wilkes County NC Airport Parallel Taxiway Rehabilitation (20170176.00.CL)
The project will include a 3-inch asphalt overlay on the existing parallel taxiway and connector taxiways with isolated areas of full depth pavement repair. The pavement will be widened at the taxiway intersections to comply with current fillet taper requirements. The existing taxiway edge lighting will be replaced with a new edge lighting system to reflect the modified pavement edges.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/29/2018
View Job Details | OrderREBID- Burgaw, NC - Pender Memorial and Osgood Canal Stormwater Improvements (20170063.00.RA)
The work will consist of installing a parallel 36” reinforced concrete pipe storm drainage system along East Satchwell Street and replacing existing culverts along the Osgood Canal at East Fremont and South Cowan Street. The existing culverts at East Fremont Street are currently both 84 feet long consisting of 72” and 42” pipe. The existing culverts will be replaced with a single 13’-1” x 8’-4” aluminum structural plate pipe-arch. The existing culvert at South Cowan Street is 53 feet long and includes a single 72” pipe and will be replaced with a single 12’-5” x 7’-4” aluminum box culvert. Both culvert replacement locations will require stream by-pass pumping, aluminum endwalls, stream bank stabilization, plantings, traffic control, erosion control, roadway reconstruction, paving, sidewalks and minor utility relocations.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/08/2018
View Job Details | OrderShelby-Cleveland County NC Regional Airport T-Hangar and Taxilane Development (20180207.00.CL)
The project will include 3 new 10 unit T-hangar buildings, associated asphalt taxilanes (approximately 2800 TN) and grading for a future 10 unit T-hangar and taxilane. The project will also include utility extensions for the proposed T-hangars. Total contract time is 180 calendar days.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/01/2018
View Job DetailsWayne County NC - Wayne Executive Jetport - Corporate Area Expansion (20170020.00.RA)
This project is to prepare the site for the future construction of four 100’x100’ corporate aircraft hangars. The project consists of the construction of approximately 13,300 square yards of aircraft apron and taxiway pavements, 4,800 square yards of roadway pavement, 310 square yards of concrete sidewalk, 15,000 cubic yards of embankment, 11 acres of clearing and grubbing, installation of new drainage pipes and structures, new sewer pipes and manholes, new chain link fence, pavement markings, and airfield lighting and signage. A separate project will follow to construct the water line to service the site.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/19/2018
View Job DetailsWest Columbia SC - 30-inch Sanitary Sewer Replacement (2018015500CA)
The project will consist of the removal and replacement of approximately 340 linear feet of 30-inch RCP gravity sewer, located along the Saluda River, adjacent to the Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Gardens Entrance and a SCE&G power line easement. The work will include removal of the existing 30” concrete gravity sewer, installation of 340 LF 30-inch DIP, manhole rehabilitation and epoxy lining.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/09/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 2
Raleigh Office
201 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 833-4677
View Job DetailsChapel Hill, NC - Pritchard Avenue Water Main Replacement
Approximately 1,865 linear feet of 8-inch ductile iron water main including valve assemblies, fire hydrant assemblies, air release valve assemblies, water services, connections to existing mains, pressure and disinfection testing, fittings traffic control, erosion control, surface restoration, paving, abandonment of existing water mains and all associated appurtenances as described in the Specifications
CJS Conveyance06/26/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 8
Lake Norman Office
364 Williamson Rd #301
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 658-9666
View Job DetailsREBID - Mooresville NC - 2019 Street Resurfacing Project #301-19-01
The work will consist of milling, repaving and restriping multiple Town owned streets located in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Town of Mooresville07/10/2018
View Job DetailsREBID - Mooresville NC - Water Treatment Plant 1 Washwater Basin Improvements (Contract 79.0)
The work will consist of improvements to the existing washwater basin at the Town of Mooresville Water Treatment Plant #1.
Town of Mooresville07/12/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 4
North Charleston Office
3150 West Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 747-6033
View Job Details | OrderCharleston SC - Camp Road Middle School - Building Package
The work includes, but is not limited to, the construction of a new, two-story, fully sprinkled, 137,000 square foot middle school (900 student), located on Camp Road. The facility will be constructed predominately of structural concrete masonry and steel with brick veneer, metal joists, and decking. A single roof system will be utilized overall (modified bituminous sheet system). A direct air to air HVAC system is used for the majority of the spaces with a separate make-up air system providing outside air. Finishes will include, but are not limited to: metal stud & drywall, VCT, ceramic and quarry tile, rubberized flooring, carpet, acoustical ceilings, paint, casework, marker/tack boards, and an elevator. The package also includes site work and utilities, paving, curb & gutter, basic mechanical and electrical services, electrical life safety systems, technology items, and cable trays.
Cumming Construction Management Inc07/26/2018
View Job DetailsCharleston SC - West Ashley High School – Roof Replacement
The project consists of, but is not limited to, the provision of all labor, material, equipment, supervision and administration to integrate the work outlined in this project manual into the total building system such that no leakage into the system occurs. In general, the scope of work in the Base Bid will include: roof replacement for Sectors “O”, “M”, and “N”, Lightning Protection, and miscellaneous rooftop painting where indicated.
Cumming Construction Management Inc07/19/2018
View Job Details | OrderCharleston, SC - James Island Bus Lot – District 3
The project consists of, but is not limited to, the full site development for a new bus lot to serve District 3 Schools. The site is located adjacent to James Island Elementary School on Grimball Road. New site improvements made to the site include: 35 bus parking spaces, 39 employee parking spaces, 2 handicapped space, fencing to enclose the facility, a new access drive, landscaping, lighting and cameras, new water distribution system, and a new sanitary sewer system. Grading, sidewalks, conduit for fire, security, and IT systems, fire extinguishers, and utilities for a modular building are also required. The building and steps and ramps are provided by others.
Cumming Construction Management Inc
View Job DetailsMt Pleasant SC - Lucy G. Beckham High School – Final Building Package
The scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the construction of a new, three-story, fully sprinkled, 242,500 square foot High school (1500 student), located at the intersection of Mathis Ferry Road and Whipple Road in Mount Pleasant, SC. The facility will be constructed predominately of structural concrete masonry and steel with brick veneer, metal joists, and decking. A single roof system will be utilized overall (modified bituminous sheet system). In addition, there are also sections of Standing Seam metal roof systems. A direct air to air HVAC system is used for the majority of the spaces with a separate make-up air system providing outside air. Finishes will include, but are not limited to: metal stud & drywall, Texas Granite (or similar No Wax system) flooring, ceramic and quarry tile, rubberized flooring, carpet, acoustical ceilings, paint, casework, marker/tack boards, and an elevator. In addition, the facility will also have two gymnasiums, a performing arts auditorium, multiple CTE labs, full media center, computer labs, and outdoor sports facilities. The package also includes some limited site work and utilities, basic mechanical and electrical services, electrical life safety systems, technology items, and cable trays. Permanent fencing and all landscaping and irrigation is included in the Final Building Contractor package. Sidewalks, concrete paving, and any hardscape is also included in this package.
Cumming Construction Management Inc07/10/2018
View Job Details | OrderPerry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 1 - Water Treatment Plant
Perry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 1 - Water Treatment Plant

The Project consists of a 2 MGD water treatment plant
Constantine Engineering, Inc.08/07/2018
View Job Details | OrderPerry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 2 - Groundwater Supply Wells
Perry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 2 - Groundwater Supply Wells

The Project consists of two (2) 2-MGD drinking water wells and abandonment of two (2) existing drinking water wells.

Constantine Engineering, Inc.08/07/2018
View Job Details | OrderPerry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 3 - Clearwell
Perry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 3 - Clearwell

The Project consists of a 1-MG prestressed circular concrete tank

Constantine Engineering, Inc.08/07/2018
View Job Details | OrderPerry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 4 - Offsite Water Line
Perry GA - Water Treatment Plant No3 - Division 4 Offsite Water Line

Constantine Engineering, Inc.08/07/2018
View Job DetailsREBID - Charleston SC Naval Complex Quarters A Rehabilitation
Complete architectural, MEP, structural, building envelope renocation for use as an event venue including site work (utility connections and ADA parking spaces)

The Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority & Naval Base Museum Authority (hereinafter “Agency”) has determined that the prime contractor and the subcontractors listed in this specification section (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Contractors” and individually as “Contractor”) on this Project to be undertaken by the Agency must be qualified to perform work on structures listed on the National Parks Register of Historic Places prior to submitting a bid on this project. It is mandatory that all Contractors who intend to submit a bid be prepared immediately after the bid opening to fully complete a questionnaire and provide all materials requested therein in order to be awarded the Contract. (The questionnaire and materials requested herein are hereinafter collectively referred to as the “statement of qualifications”). ONLY the apparent low-bidder, who shall be contacted by the Agency after the bid opening, is required to provide this statement of qualifications.
2. The Agency has determined that, in addition to the prime contractor submitting the bid for the project, the qualifications and experience of firms providing the work associated with the following crafts or trades are a critical element in ensuring the successful completion of the Project and any such firm seeking to provide a sub-bid on this project must be qualified:
a. Copper Roofing: standing and flat lock soldered seam work.
b. Drywall: Master of Plaster finish.
C. Qualification Documents:
1. Office of State Engineer (OSE) form SE-350 Questionnaire for Contractors.
2. List of Projects Completed for Facilities listed on the National Parks Register of Historic Places. 00900.02

Evans & Schmidt Architects06/27/2018
Duncan-Parnell Branch 7
Greensboro Office
4275 Regency Drive #100
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 855-1211
View Job Details | OrderGreensboro NC - Hobbs Road Sidewalk (2018-010)
This contract shall consist of sidewalk construction with utility adjustments and/or relocations, ADA compliant concrete curb ramps and driveways. Location is:

1. Hobbs Road (East side from Starmount Farms Drive to North Holden Road)
2. Hobbs Road (West side from Northline Avenue to 143 feet south of Hobbs Landing Court)

City of Greensboro08/02/2018
View Job Details | OrderGreensboro NC - SCADA Communications Upgrades for Water Supply 2017 (2015-085)
The work in this contract consists of the implementation of the City’s new 4G LTE wireless communication system standards at 18 remotely located facilities in the Water Supply Division (of which 5 of 18 facilities will receive a new panel upgrade). It also includes the implementation of the City’s preferred video surveillance system at 17 remotely located facilities in the Water Supply Division.
City of Greensboro08/23/2018
View Job Details | OrderHigh Piont NC - Cedrow Drive Improvements
This contract consists of providing personnel, equipment and materials to install approximately 257 linear feet of 15 inch reinforced concrete storm pipe, 367 linear feet of 18 inch reinforced concrete storm pipe, 519 linear feet of 24 inch reinforced concrete storm pipe, 8 drainage structures, clearing and grubbing approximately 4.5 acres, constructing a sediment basin, installing erosion control and other various items associated with the contract plans and specifications. This work is being done for the City of High Point’s Community Development and Housing Department to accommodate a future subdivision. Timely completion of this project is critical to the success of this project.
City of High Point, N.C.08/15/2018
View Job DetailsHigh Point NC - SCADA System Upgrade
Work for this project includes providing, installing, and commissioning into service a cellular modem and network, programming, modifications and testing of a cellular network, removing old system and returning to owner, removal of wood pole, installation and commissioning into service A-B Compactlogix 5370 PLC and network, programming, modifications and testing of SCADA pages.
City of High Point, N.C.06/28/2018
View Job Details | OrderHigh Point NC - Ward Water Plant Upgrade
The Work to be performed under these Contract Documents for the Ward Water Treatment Plant Upgrades project includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Process and Electrical Upgrades:
Demolition of the existing 2300V power supply and related equipment serving high- service pumps.
New 4160V power supply including switchgear, transformers, medium voltage AFDs and 4160V rated motors for high service pumps.
Demolition of MCC units.
Upgrade of existing 480V power supply with new MCCs and feeders to MCCs.
New medium voltage cable and conduit and low voltage cable and conduit to power existing loads and new equipment.
New 12 MGD high service pump with 4160V rated motor with AFD and associated piping.
New 12 MGD transfer pump with 480V rated motor with AFD and associated piping.
Replace existing starters with soft starters for TP-5,6 and AFDs for TP-2,3.
New plant control system
Associated Sitework including grading, paved access road and parking, yard piping, ductbank, storm drainage, seeding, and erosion control.
Appurtenant work as indicated in these specifications and on the contract drawings.

HVAC Upgrades:
Demolition of existing Boiler/Chiller in Operations Building with associated ductwork.
Installation of new single large heat pump and associated piping.
Replacement of dehumidifier serving transfer pump room/filter gallery area.
Provision of supply and exhaust fans, electric duct heater, and exhaust stacks for the laboratory spaces within the Operations Building.
Installation of ductbank in yard and operations building.
City of High Point, N.C.08/22/2018
View Job DetailsREBID - High Point NC - Emergency Water and Sewer Repairs (51-062718)
Work under this contract consists of furnishing personnel, equipment and materials to make emergency repairs and maintenance on existing water and sewer system. Work shall consist of, but not limited to, replacing damaged or substandard water and sewer mains, fire hydrants, water and sewer services, rebuild manholes, and making new taps.
City of High Point, N.C.07/06/2018
Delta - Released
Projects listed here are available to receive bids.
Place your order to be added to the official bidders list.
View Job Details | OrderDeleware Coastal Airport - Construct Parallel Taxiway D Phase 2 (17010)
Construction of a new full length parallel taxiway (2,900 feet long, 35 feet wide) to existing Runway 10-28 with three (3) connectior taxiways. Project elements include grading, drainage, lighting and signage.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.08/08/2018
View Job DetailsGreater Cumberland Regional Airport-Rehabilitate Runway 5-23-Phase II (17041)
This is the second of several planned projects for the Rehabilitate Runway 5-23 program at the Greater Cumberland Regional Airport. The second phase of work includes construction of a partial parallel taxiway approximately 60 feet wide by 3,000 feet long, and stub taxiways to the runway and parking apron area. The project will require clearing and grubbing approximately 11 acres of brush and trees, installation of reinforced concrete pipe and drainage structures, earthwork and grading to prepare the partial parallel taxiway and stub taxiways, approximately 9,500 tons of asphalt pavement, taxiway edge lighting system, pavement marking, and seeding disturbed areas.

The project is anticipated to begin in fall 2018.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/28/2018
View Job Details | OrderMFD – Rehabilitate (Reconstruct) Taxiway ‘E” – Rehabilitate Taxiway “D” (17072)
This project is to rehabilitate and reconstruct Taxiway E and rehabilitate Taxiway D at the Mansfield Lahm Regional Airport in Mansfield, Ohio.

The following are general project elements:

1. Reconstruction of Taxiway E to be realigned for a standard perpendicular connection from Runway 14-32 to Taxiway D. The Taxiway E pavement will be constructed of FAA Item P-401 Bituminous Surface, Course, FAA Item P-304 Cement-Treated Base Couse, and FAA Item P-209 Crushed Aggregate Base Course.
2. The Taxiway E reconstruction will also include new edge lights, signs, new pavement-edge underdrains, shoulder grading, and markings.
3. Rehabilitation (mill and overlay) of the Taxiway D from approximately the intersection of Taxiway D and Runway 5-23 to the approach end of Runway 14. The Taxiway D overlay will be completed using FAA Item P-401 Bituminous Surface Course.
4. The Taxiway D rehabilitation will also include removal and replacement of the pavement edge drain, shoulder and surface drainage re-grading, adjustment of existing taxiway edge lights, pavement marking, and installation of new taxiway signage.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/25/2018
View Job DetailsNeil Armstrong Airport-AXV-Construct New Airport Terminal Bldg. (17101)
This project is to construct a new airport terminal building at the Neil Armstrong Airport in the Village of New Knoxville, Ohio. Construction will involve demolition and replacement of apron concrete, demolition of the existing terminal building, addition and expansion of concrete sidewalks, construction of the new terminal building, and installation of associated utilities, drainage, and area lighting.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/26/2018
View Job Details | OrderPottstown PA Municipal Airport Rehabilitate E. Apron and Taxiway, Ph. 2 Construction (17032)
This project will rehabilitate the Airport’s east apron and R-Hangar Taxiway. Work includes grading, base material construction, and paving. The project also recycles existing asphalt to be reused as base material.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.08/15/2018
View Job DetailsREBID - Fulton County OH Airport-Construct Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Storage Building (14121)
This project is to construct a Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) Storage building and building access pavement.

The project is to include, but not be limited to, the following general project elements:

1. Construct an approximately 40’ wide by 40’ deep (Base Bid) or a 50’ wide by 40’ deep (10’ extension Bid Additive 1), pre-engineered all metal construction SRE storage building. The building shall have a standing seam metal gable-style roof with insulation on the interior. The building shall be metal sided with insulation and an interior liner panel partly up the interior sidewalls of the building. The building shall be constructed on a Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) footer and reinforced PCC slab floor inside the building. The building is to be classified by Ohio Basic Building Codes as a storage building and is to have only heat and electric utilities. Heat is to be natural gas or LP gas provided by gas fired IR tube heaters mounted on the interior ceiling of the building. Electric is to be single-phase electric service. The building is to have two doors: a man-door and an approximate 36’ wide (Base Bid) or 46’ wide (Bid Additive 1) by 14’ high-(minimum clearance) bi-fold or hydraulic lift door.

2. Construct an approximately 8” thick, 40’ wide (Base Bid) or 50’ wide (with Bid Additive 1) by 60’ deep PCC pavement drive abutting the new SRE building to the existing bituminous asphalt aircraft parking apron. The new pavement is to be constructed of approximately 270 SY (Base Bid) or 340 SY (with Bid Additive 1) of ODOT specification 452 non-reinforced PCC.

3. Grade project site and install storm drainage inlets to promote positive drainage away from SRE storage building.

4. Include other miscellaneous construction items related to SRE storage building construction.

5. The project is to be a lump sum bid to complete all of the Base Bid estimated summary of quantity items and a lump sum bid to complete all of the Bid Additive 1 estimated summary of quantity items per the plans and specification documents.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/17/2018
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Myrtle Beach International Airport-Taxiway A Rehabilitation-Bid Package 1 (18003)
The scope of the project consists of the rehabilitation (reconstruction) of Taxiway A south of Taxiway A4, including Taxiway A1, Taxiway A2, and Taxiway A3. Included in the project will be the widening and/or relocation of the taxiways, construction of paved shoulders, and rehabilitation (replacement) of the taxiway edge lighting system. Alternate 1 includes all work shown on the plans and/or described in the specifications for the rehabilitation(reconstruction) of Taxiway A south of Taxiway A4, Taxiway A1, Taxiway A2, and Taxiway A3. Alternate 2 includes all work south of the terminal apron. The re-bid plans includes changing all the airfield surface asphalt pavement except for Taxiway A2 and asphalt base course from P-401 surface and P-401 base to state mix R-403, Type B and R-402, Type A respectively.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/27/2018
View Job DetailsVirginia Highlands Airport - Extend Runway 6 Phase 3 (Embankment) (18024)
A runway extension project is being completed at Virginia Highlands Airport. In order to complete the Runway 6 extension, approximately 980,000 cubic yards of earthwork will need to be placed. This phase of the project will place approximately 100,000 cubic yards of earthwork.

The scope of the project includes the following:

~ Placement of approximately 100,000 cubic yards of fill.

Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/28/2018
View Job DetailsWeyers Cave VA -Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport Replace Airfield Signs (18015)
The objective of this project is to replace the electronic components of the airfield signs at the Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport. The signs were installed between 2009 and 2016. The signs are no longer maintainable as the industry has moved from quartz lit signs to LED signs. The bulbs and parts for the signs are becoming more difficult to obtain.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/28/2018