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Duncan-Parnell Branch 1
Charlotte - McDowell St
900 South McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
(704) 372-7766
View Job DetailsBarringer Dr Bridge No 376 Replacement (512-12-044)
The project involves replacing the existing bridge no. 376 over Irwin Creek on Barringer Drive. Work includes replacing bridge structure, grading, paving, storm drainage, concrete curb & gutter, sidewalk, driveways, traffic control, pavement marking, erosion control and water and sanitary sewer works.
City of Charlotte06/27/2017
View Job DetailsCharlotte NC - Seneca Place & Wedgewood Dr SDI (512-15-006)
Construction Contract for Seneca at Wedgewood Intersection and Storm Drainage Improvements. Scope includes water & sewer pipe installations, storm drainage pipe installation, asphalt and concrete work, as-well-as structure assessment and foundation protection.
City of Charlotte07/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderChester County SC - Public Library Repairs and Waterproofing
Construction of basement concrete slab and installation of below grade waterproofing with Alternate for demolition and construction of two (2) exterior stairs.
HALL a/e/c PA08/08/2017
View Job Details | OrderDuplin County NC - Terminal Parking Lot (20170102.00WL)
Project includes construction of a new 8,995 sq ft asphalt parking lot and approximately 650 LF of asphalt access road. Also included are earthwork, miscellaneous drainage installation, erosion control, curb and gutter, and installation of 810 LF of chain link fence with automatic vehicle gate.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/10/2017
View Job Details | OrderElizabethtown NC - Curtis L. Brown, Jr. Field EYF Airport Industrial Park Phase 1 (20160075.00.RA & 20160076.00.RA)
The project shall generally include clearing and grubbing, construction of an asphalt connector taxiway, construction of a new access roadway, grading, drainage, fencing, and erosion control measures.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/11/2017
View Job Details | OrderGeorgetown, SC - North Side Water Storage Tank (20160218.00.CH)
Generally and without force or effect on the Contract requirements, the Work consists of construction a new 250,000 gallon elevated water storage tank, approximately 2,100 linear feet of new 12" water line, and the modification of an existing altitude valve vault.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.09/06/2017
View Job Details | OrderHarrisburg NC - Water Line Replacements (20160180.00.HI)
The work will consist of providing professional engineering services related to the installation of approximately 7,080 linear feet of 6-inch water line; water service line replacements, fire hydrants, valves, and associated appurtenances.

Engineer's Estimate: $950,000.00
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/01/2017
View Job Details | OrderIndian Trail NC - Floodplain Maintenance Contract
This contract is for floodplain maintenance of the blue line streams within Indian Trail, NC. Maintenance may include but is not limited to, cutting and removing of over grow vegetation, removing stream blockages, and cleaning storm drain outfalls and inlets.
Town of Indian Trail08/02/2017
View Job Details | OrderIndian Trail, NC - FY 17/18 Storm Drainage System Maintenance Contract Phase - 1
This contract is for storm water maintenance of drainage features within the Beacon Hills Subdivision in Indian Trail, NC. Included within this contract will be the cleaning of approximately 150 features and pipe cleaning.

The Contractor shall be prepared to work and have resources (manpower, supervision, and equipment) necessary to complete the assigned Project.
Town of Indian Trail07/25/2017
View Job Details | OrderKernersville Fire Station 42
The work includes General, Site, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Electrical work to be constructed under one Single Prime Contract. The extent of work is shown on the drawings and specified in the project manual.
ADW Architects07/25/2017
View Job DetailsKershaw County Airport CDN Airfield Drainage Improvements (20160211.00.CA)
The Project will include airfield drainage and grading improvements.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/29/2017
View Job Details | OrderLaurinburg Maxton Airport Localizer Replacement (20160189.00.CL)
The work will consist of replacing the existing localizer and relocating the runway 23 threshold.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/01/2017
View Job DetailsLB Owens Airport CUB - Airfield Lighted Signage (20160277.00.CA)
LB Owens Airport CUB - Airfield Lighted Signage (20160277.00.CA)
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.06/29/2017
View Job DetailsPoovey Farms CDBG Sewer Rehab Design Basin 23 (20160164.00.CL)
The work is for rehabilitation of select portions of the collection system and will be performed in accordance with South Carolina CDBG Grant # 4-CI-16-011 requirements. The work will consist of, but is not limited to, inspection, cleaning, installation of Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP), pipe replacement, service reinstatement, manhole rehabilitation, and point repairs to damaged sections of the pipe.

Engineer Estimate $630,000

W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/11/2017
View Job Details | OrderREBID - Asheville - Miscellaneous Water Plant Improvements
A. Replacement of rate of flow controllers, butterfly valves and powered actuators for Filter No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 at the North Fork Water Treatment Plant

B. Replacement of the backwash rate of flow controller and backwash pipe leak repair at the North Fork Plant

C. Construction of backwash lagoon parshall flume flow meter, RTU and wireless transmitter at the North Fork Plant

D. Construction of backwash lagoon ultrasonic level sensor flow meter, RTU, solar panel and wireless transmitter at the Mills River Plant

E. Repair of leaks around pipe penetrations in the filter gallery wall at the North Fork Plant

F. Construction of 8-inch high pressure water line and fire hydrant and 2-inch water line and yard hydrants at the North Fork Plant

G. Architectural and structural building repairs at the North Fork Plant

H. Repair to stop leak around inlet pipe penetration in the clearwell at the North Fork Plant
Brown and Caldwell11/01/2016
View Job Details | OrderREBID Charlotte NC - Beatties Ford Road Widening (512-03-013)
This project will widen Beatties Ford Road from its existing two-lane cross-section to a four-lane, median divided cross-section between Capps Hill Mine Road and Pauline Lane. The project will include bicycle lanes, turning lanes, curb and gutter, and sidewalk.
City of Charlotte08/10/2017
View Job Details | OrderREBID Fort Lawn, SC - El Bethel Fire Station
Construction of slab and engineered metal building
HALL a/e/c PA08/08/2017
View Job Details | OrderRock Hill, SC - Dave Lyle Streetscape Project
The work to be performed consists of furnishing all materials, tools and equipment and performing all labor necessary for the construction of streetscape, landscape, and drainage elements as detailed in the drawings and specifications.
Kimley-Horn and Associates08/01/2017
View Job Details | OrderRutherford Co NC Airport Runway, Taxiway, and Apron Overlay (20160164.00.CL)
This project will include crack repair, isolated full depth pavement repair, a 3-inch asphalt overlay and pavement marking.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.08/02/2017
View Job Details | OrderShelby Runway Overlay (20150149.00.CL)
The work will consist of an asphalt overlay on the runway, taxiway fillet taper widening, direct access, and edge lighting modifications, and an asphalt overlay on a portion of the apron.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/27/2017
View Job Details | OrderShelby Security Fencing (20170123.00.CL)
The work will consist of the removal of 400 linear feet of existing chain link fence and the installation of approximately 2,500 linear feet of new 8-foot high chain link fence.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/27/2017
View Job DetailsSpartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport [SPA] - Runway Safety Area [RSA] Improvements & Runway 23 Extension Phase 3 (20160217.00.CA)
The Project will include storm management and control improvements to the runway safety area and runway 23 extension, including fill and associated grading, drainage and erosion control at the Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport.
W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.07/11/2017
View Job DetailsStorm Water Maintenance FY 2017E (TK17150002)
Work performed under this contract will consist of storm water infrastructure work (pipe systems and channels) within the city limits of Charlotte, NC, involving mobilization, earthwork, asphalt paving, planting and landscaping, and any associated work required by the Engineer, including, but not limited to foundation protection, pipe lining, joint repair. Storm Water maintenance work may be located entirely within or a combination of the street right-ofway, private, and commercial properties.
City of Charlotte02/28/2017
View Job Details | OrderStorm Water Repair and Improvement FY2018-A (TK17150002)
Work performed under this contract will consist of storm water infrastructure repair and improvement projects within the city limits of Charlotte, NC. Work will involve mobilization, earthwork, drainage structures, storm drain pipe systems, channels, working over, under, near, and around existing private utilities, asphalt paving, concrete flatwork, and landscaping and any associated work required by the Engineer. Other work may include structural foundation protection, storm water pipe lining, storm water pipe joint and structure repair, water and sewer (relocations, installations and adjustments). Storm Water maintenance work may be located entirely within or a combination of the street right-of-way, private, residential and commercial properties.
City of Charlotte08/15/2017
View Job Details | OrderThomasville NC - Pilot Drive Area Waterline Improvements
The project is for the construction of new 6-inch watermain to replace existing 2-inch watermain around the greater Pilot Drive Area. Work consists of all associated site work, piping and appurtenances.
LaBella Associates08/08/2017
View Job DetailsWinston-Salem, NC - South Mill Creek Interceptor Replacement Project
The scope of work includes, but is not limited to: construction of approximately 16,800 LF of 48-inch sanitary sewer pipe, 2,150 LF of 8-inch sanitary sewer pipe, 460 LF 10-inch sanitary sewer pipe, and 60 LF of 18-inch sanitary sewer pipe, 92 manholes, approximately 400 LF of 72-inch casing installed via trenchless crossing in NCDOT and City of Winston-Salem maintained rights-of-way; bypass pumping of all sanitary sewer flows while performing the work; and other miscellaneous work.
Gavel & Dorn Engineering, PLLC07/19/2017
Duncan-Parnell Branch 2
Raleigh Office
201 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 833-4677
View Job DetailsRaleigh NC - Scotland Street Drainage Improvements
Project involves improvements to the existing storm drainage system along Scotland Street. The improvements include installing curb and gutter along the south side of Scotland Street, adding two new drainage curb inlets, and replacing the south endwall to the arch pipe culvert on Beaver Dam Creek. Water and sewer utility work is required to address utility conflicts. The contractor will be responsible for maintaining access to all residential and commercial driveways during construction activities, and providing necessary erosion and sediment control as well as traffic control.
City of Raleigh06/30/2017
View Job Details | OrderRaleigh NC - West Drewry Lane Culvert Replacement and Stream Stabilization
83 LF of 6’ x 7’ precast reinforced concrete box culvert, two headwalls, stream stabilization, landscaping, replacement of 53 LF of sanitary sewer pipe, installation of one sanitary sewer manhole, replacement of 40 LF of 6” water line, installation of two 6” insertion valves, and all related appurtenances.
City of Raleigh - Stormwater Management Division - Engineering Services08/23/2017
Duncan-Parnell Branch 15
Myrtle Beach Office
1478 Dividend Loop
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 626-3641
View Job Details | OrderConway SC - Light Fixture Replacement for Horry Co Material Recovery Facility
The Work includes Light Fixture Replacement for the Material Recovery Facility, consisting of approximately 44,800 sq ft.
Pike McFarland Hall Associates, Inc.08/03/2017
View Job DetailsKershaw County SC - Cooler Freezer & Generator Additions at 7 Kershaw County Schools
Work to include demolition and proper disposal of selected building structure elements and all associated components and accessories as indicated in these contract documents.

New work to include preparation of the subgrade and installation of new reinforced 6" concrete slabs over vapor retarder, granulated base over properly compacted soil substrate and the purchase and installation of six (6) new interior and exterior cooler and freezer units and two (2) dish washing machines as specified and all associated work indicated in these contract documents. Work shall also include new flashing at openings and intersections of the new units to the existing building and minor work to the existing interior finishes around new wall openings at each unit. Work also includes installation of Emergency Back-Up Generators as indicated in the Contract Documents.

Contractor shall be responsible for preserving, protecting and reusing the existing electrical system connections as required for new connections for required power source to the new equipment for proper operation as indicated in these contract documents. Contractor shall verify existing voltage, phase and amperage necessary when ordering new equipment.
Pike McFarland Hall Associates, Inc.06/29/2017
Duncan-Parnell Branch 8
Lake Norman Office
364 Williamson Rd #301
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 658-9666
View Job DetailsREBID Mooresville NC - 2018 Street Resurfacing Project (301-18-01)
The work will consist of milling, repaving and restriping multiple Town owned streets located in Mooresville, North Carolina.
Town of Mooresville06/27/2017
Duncan-Parnell Branch 4
North Charleston Office
3150 West Montague Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29418
(843) 747-6033
View Job DetailsCharleston SC - Burke High School LTA Front Entry Renovations
The following scope of work (and/or special conditions) considered a part of the bid requirements for the work. Demolition of slab, steel, finishes, roofing, electrical for approximately 1,200 sf. Renovation of the current secondary entry at Burke High School to convert to the main Secured Entry along Fishburne Street. Work includes foundations, slab on grade, structural steel, metal studs / gypboard, painting, doors and hardware, casework, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Some sitework and brick paver work will also be required.
Cumming Construction Management Inc06/28/2017
View Job DetailsCharleston, SC - Rivers Campus Utility Abandonment & Site Restoration
Project will consist of Demo utilities / existing sidewalks, Restore the site as described by plans / specs from Davis & Floyd dated November 16, 2016.
Cumming Construction Management Inc01/18/2017
View Job Details | OrderDarlington SC - Harmon Baldwin Recreation Center & Arthur W. Stanley Gymnasium
Base Bid work includes total removal of existing roofing systems down to the structural deck for approximately 98 squares of roof for Roof Areas A and D on the Harmon Baldwin Rec Center. Roof replacement includes minor deck repairs, rough carpentry, roof insulation, including taper, and a thermoplastic roof system. All associated sheet metal components and accessories are included. Also included are roof repairs on Roof Areas B and C. Removal of minor, non-friable asbestos containing roof materials is included.

Alternate Number 1 work includes total removal of existing roofing systems down to the structural deck for approximately 60 squares of roof for Roof Area B on the Arthur W. Stanley Gym. Roof replacement includes minor deck repairs, rough carpentry, roof insulation, including taper, and a thermoplastic roof system. All associated sheet metal components and accessories are included. Also included are roof repairs on Roof Areas A and C. Removal of minor, non-friable asbestos containing roof materials is included.
ADC Engineering08/08/2017
View Job DetailsHollywood SC - Baptist Hill High School Athletic Track & Field Renovations
The scope of work includes, but is not limited to: providing a new running track. The scope also includes grading facilities for triple jump, long jump, pole vault, discus, shot put, and high jump and all chain-link fencing and gates around track areas. Contractor to schedule his work in accordance with all noise ordinances per the authority having jurisdiction.
Cumming Construction Management Inc06/27/2017
View Job DetailsMt. Pleasant SC - Town Hall Gymnasium
The Scope of Services shall include, but not be limited to, geotechnical ground improvements, phased site-work, and construction of a two-story, approximately 26,000 square foot tilt-up concrete and steel structure. The building program includes a double gymnasium, lobby, public restrooms/locker-rooms, and a second floor Town staff wellness center, comprised of a fitness area, a multipurpose exercise room, and staff restrooms/locker rooms. The demolition of existing Town Hall structures and the preparation of the building pad is under separate contract and is scheduled to be completed prior to the commencement of the Work under this Contract. A portion of the parking, utility infrastructure and site work for the new Gymnasium will be constructed under that separate contract, and the balance of the Work under this Solicitation will be limited site work, parking, landscape, and utilities. Removal of, or repair of damage, to any existing Work necessary for the construction of the Gymnasium shall be the responsibility of the successful Bidder.
Town of Mount Pleasant07/18/2017
View Job DetailsN Charleston SC - TTC Building 500 2nd Floor Renovation
Project consists of interior renovation of second floor of Building 500
Stubbs Muldrow Herin Architects07/13/2017
View Job DetailsSeptima P. Clark Academy – Asbestos and Disposal of Asbestos Containing Materials
Cumming Construction Management Inc06/30/2017
Duncan-Parnell Branch 5
Charlotte -Granit St
11333-A Granite Street
Charlotte, NC 28273
(704) 588-0047
View Job Details | OrderWinchester Regional Airport - Runway 14 Obstruction Removal – Phase 1 (17026)
This project includes the clearing, grubbing, and reseeding of 6 acres of forest/scrub land and associated erosion and sediment controls. Although the work occurs on Airport property, there is no interface with airport activities.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.08/10/2017
Duncan-Parnell Branch 7
Greensboro Office
4275 Regency Drive #100
Greensboro, NC 27410
(336) 855-1211
View Job DetailsAsheboro NC - Technimark Railroad Spur Addition
Construction of an industrial railroad spur track including all associated Site Work & grading, Ballast Track construction, Turnout, Site Electrical & Lighting, Railway Fencing, Earth Mound, HB Sliding Derails & Rubber Flangeguard.
Summey Engineering Associates, PLLC08/03/2017
View Job Details | OrderGreensboro NC - 2014-024 General Sidewalk Improvement
This contract includes approximately 1,337 square yards (SY) of sidewalks. Sidewalks will be installed along Plymouth Street (from Harrington St. to Lucerne St.) in addition sidewalks will be installed on both sides of East Lake Drive, which starts at the intersection of Courtland and East Lake Drive and on the north side of Courtland Street. Sidewalks will also be installed along East Wendover, sidewalk at Carrieland and on a portion of the south side of East Wendover, which starts at Rollins Street. Sections will not be awarded separately. All materials and workmanship shall be in accordance with all referenced plans and specifications herein.
City of Greensboro07/27/2017
View Job Details | OrderGreensboro NC - Mitchell Filter Plant Structural And Durability Improvements (2017-035)
This project consists of structural repairs to existing reinforced concrete members and durability repairs and enhancements to existing concrete surfaces in walls, beams and slabs.
City of Greensboro07/20/2017
View Job Details | OrderHigh Point, NC - Hedgecock Dog Park
Contractor shall be responsible for completing all work associated with the construction of a +/- 1-acre dog park at the existing Hedgecock Park. The park consists of approximately 1,150 linear feet of chain-link fence and associated gates, site furnishings, concrete walks, brick paved gathering areas and landscaping. Improvements will also include minor utility work to provide water and sewer to a pet fountain, and installation of a heavy duty concrete pad for ADA parking in an existing gravel lot.
City of High Point, N.C.07/26/2017
View Job Details | OrderHigh Point, NC - Model Farm Road Bridge Replacement
The scope of the project includes, but is not limited to, demolition and removal of Bridge # 428 on Model Farm Road, reinforced concrete box culvert construction, grading, paving, guardrail, curb and gutter, pavement markings, and utility construction.
City of High Point, N.C.08/02/2017
View Job Details | OrderHigh Point, NC - Water & Sewer Emergency Repairs
Work under this contract consists of furnishing personnel, equipment and materials to make emergency repairs and maintenance on existing water and sewer system. Work shall consist of but not limited to, replacing damaged or substandard water and sewer mains, fire hydrants, water and sewer services, rebuild manholes, and making new taps.
City of High Point, N.C.08/09/2017
View Job DetailsLexington, NC - East Davidson High School Proposed Tennis Facility
The construction work will consist of the following approximate major quantities: Construction of a new tennis facility (5 courts total), including grading, paving, fencing, court color system and appurtenances.
Davis Martin Powell & Associates, Inc.06/28/2017
View Job DetailsLexington, NC - I-85 Business Park Sanitary Sewer Improvements Contract 1 & 2
The construction work will consist of the following approximate major quantities:

Contract 1: Approximately 4,700 LF of 12” forcemain and appurtenances; 900 GPM wastewater pumping station, complete
Contract 2: Approximately 23,000 LF of 12” forcemain and appurtenances
Davis Martin Powell & Associates, Inc.07/06/2017
View Job DetailsREBID - Greensboro, NC - Downtown Greenway Phase 3 (2017-006)
The contract includes construction of approximately 932 square yards (SY) of 12-foot wide greenway trail in this area – West Smith Street from Prescott Street to North Spring Street (Phase 3c). Phase 3c also includes a closure of access from North Cedar Street to West Spring and construction of approximately 288 linear feet totaling approximately 1,800 square feet of soldier pile wall.
City of Greensboro07/13/2017
Duncan-Parnell Branch 12
Downtown Charleston
8 Beaufain Street
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 722-2898
View Job Details | OrderCharleston SC - Episcopal Diocese of SC Community Housing Development Office
This project involves building to Energy Star v3 construction standards one new two story, approximately 1240 square foot, 2- bedroom, 2.5-bath home on the lot located at 28 Humphrey Court in downtown Charleston. Alternate Number One (#1) includes all work required to complete a house at 24 Humphreys Court . Construction includes ordering and handling all materials need to construct the residence, constructing the foundation for the home, installing a concrete HVAC pad, and landscaping the lot following construction. The contractor shall be responsible for obtaining and complying with all necessary City of Charleston, Charleston Water System and SCE&G permits and approvals for connecting to existing utilities, and complying with existing City of Charleston Boards of Zoning Appeals (BZA) and Board of Architectural Review (BAR) approvals as necessary for the project.
Cummings & McCrady Inc07/25/2017
Delta - Released
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View Job DetailsAsheville Regional Airport - Expand Air Carrier Apron (17016)
This project involves the expansion of the existing Portland Cement Concrete Apron (Approx. 1750SY) at Asheville Regional Airport. The apron expansion is located adjacent to the North end of the existing terminal building. The project will consist of FAA P-501 Portland Cement Concrete pavement and P-304 Cement Treated Base Course.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/29/2017
View Job Details | OrderChester County/G.O. Carlson Airport-Rehabilitate Taxiway sections/Runway 29 sections-16034/35
The project consists of pavement reconstruction of portions of Runway 11-29, a portion of parallel Taxiway A, and Taxiway F. The taxiway reconstructions will also include geometry reconfiguration.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/26/2017
View Job DetailsIngalls Field Airport-Replace Jet A Fuel System (16040)
Installation of high quality aviation fuel systems to install a new 12,000 gallon Jet A tank and removal/salvage of existing Jet A tank and AVGAS Tank.

All equipment provided shall be of new construction specifically designed for use as a Jet A fueling system, including but not limited to filtering requirements, pumps, truck fueling capability, testing needs, and all other systems to meet FAA and NFPA requirements.

The design must embody the latest approved design practices. The workmanship must be of the highest quality in its respective field. Special consideration shall be given to the service access to areas needing periodic maintenance.

Delivery shall be made such that down time for fuel availability is minimal. Delivery shall include all items necessary to have the turnkey installation of the tank complete and operational based on existing operational conditions of the existing fuel system, including provisions of transferring fuel from existing tank to new tank.

Delivery shall also include the removal and off-site disposal/salvage of one existing 12,000 gallon Jet A system and one 12,000 gallon AVGAS system including any appurtenances no long required.

Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.07/13/2017
View Job DetailsLynchburg Regional Airport - Rehabilitate Taxiway Lighting / Rehabilitate Airfield Electrical Vault (16123)
This project includes the rehabilitation of the remainder of the Airport’s taxiway lighting and signage with LED fixtures, along with new isolation transformers and cable. The rehabilitation of the existing airfield electrical vaults includes the installation of new Constant Current Regulators (CCRs), L-821 Lighting Control System and HVAC unit.

The project will have a 60 Calendar Day performance time, with Notice to Proceed anticipated to begin in Spring 2018.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/26/2017
View Job DetailsMecklenburg-Brunswick Regional Airport - Rehabilitate Apron & Taxilanes (17002)
The Rehabilitate Apron and Taxilanes project involves rehabilitation and expansion of aircraft parking apron and the reconstruction of existing taxilanes.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/26/2017
View Job DetailsMountain Empire Airport - Obstruction Removal Runway 26 [VDOT right-of-way] (16096)
The project consists of the removal of obstructions (trees) from the approach to Runway 26 at Mountain Empire Airport. The tree obstructions are located within the VDOT Right-of-Way for Interstate I-81, as well as on private properties adjacent to I-81 with airport-owned avigation easements.

The scope of the project includes approximately 4 acres of clearing, 2 acres of clearing and grubbing, and 1 acre of grubbing of stumps from a previously cleared area. In addition to the tree removal, the work includes installation of erosion and sediment control measures, as well as removal and replacement of woven wire farm fence.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/27/2017
View Job DetailsTruth or Consequences Municipal Airport - Construct Aviation Fuel Farm-Schedule 3 (17061)
This project is to complete the final phase (Schedule 3) for the Aviation Fuel Farm at the Truth or Consequences Municipal Airport located northwest of the City of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. The work to be included in this phase includes the demolition and removal of the existing above-ground storage tanks and equipment; the installation of a 1,000-gallon AvGas self-fuel dispensing facility; and completion of the remaining site work.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/27/2017
View Job DetailsVirginia Highlands Airport - Extend Runway 6 – Phase 2 (17003)
The Extend Runway 6 – Phase 2 involves installation of a large multi-unit culvert and earth work / erosion & sediment control to install culvert.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/27/2017
View Job DetailsVirginia Highlands Regional Airport - Rehabilitation of T-Hangar Taxilane and Seal Coat Apron (17039)
This project includes Rehabilitation of T-Hangar Taxilane. Additionally, project includes seal coat and marking of Apron areas, as well as, sealcoat and marking of automobile area.
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.06/27/2017