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Rock Hill, SC - Keiger Street Apartments Renovations - Phase II

Project scope consists of renovating 28 existing apartment buildings in the Keiger Street Community, located at 110-570 Keiger Street in Rock Hill, SC. The 28 apartment buildings are positioned in clusters around five existing parking lots. The project scope will be executed in two (2) phases. The work is to be coordinated with the Rock Hill Housing Authority during the construction phases. The intent of the project is to renovate the interior buildings within the Keiger Community by providing minor wall relocations, new finishes, energy efficient appliances, plumbing fixtures & accessories, new interior doors and painting as needed to accommodate the project needs. The project drawings and specifications define the project scope. The current project scope bidding at this time is the interior scope of work. The exterior scope of work was bid earlier as a separate project.

Work Scope (See Drawings and Specifications for full Scope):

1. Provide new interior doors (29 buildings).
2. Provide new Kitchen cabinets and appliances (29 buildings).
3. Provide new toilet fixtures and accessories (29 buildings).
4. Provide new interior doors and hardware at 58 units (29 buildings).
5. Provide new interior finishes (29 buildings).
6. Provide new Hot Water Heaters (29 buildings).
7. Provide new HVAC units (29 buildings).



Contact:   Frank Little
PreBid Date:   09/22/2022 10:00 AM
PreBid Info:   Keiger Street Apartments, 170B Keiger St., Rock Hill, SC 29730

Prospective Bidders are encouraged to attend the pre-bid conference. Any subject matter discussed during the conference that influences the bid requirements shall result in an amendment to the IFB.

Company:   Neighboring Concepts
Bid Date:   10/20/2022 02:00 PM
Bid Info:   See Addendum #1
Housing Authority of the City of Rock Hill, 467 S. Wilson St., Rock Hill, SC 29730

Project Location: Rock Hill, SC

Public Notes:
All communications relative to this Invitation for Bid shall be submitted via email only to

The deadline for inquiries is no later than Thursday, September 29 2022, end of business day at 5:00 PM (local time).

Bids can be submitted prior to the deadline, but no bid shall be evaluated until after this deadline. No bids will be accepted after the deadline, or by email (digital format), or by mail delivery. All bids are to be hand delivered. Bid Opening shall take place immediately after the bid closes. A zoom link will be included in the addenda for interested bidders to view the bid opening.

Bidders shall provide one (1) unbound original of their complete submission package in a sealed envelope or box. On the outside should be the offeror’s name and address, and General Contractor License # along with the following information:

The bid should be delivered or mailed to the following address and contact:
Bonnie Patton
Purchasing Specialist
Housing Authority of the City of Rock Hill
467 S. Wilson St., Rock Hill, SC 29730

Job Purchase Information:
Bid Closed