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High Point, NC - Vacuum Tank Replacement, Bid 9004-101822

Work under this contract consists of furnishing personnel, equipment, and materials for the City of High Point Vacuum Tank Replacement project. The City of High Point, Public Services Department is seeking qualified vendors to replace the vacuum tank for the Green Leaf Filters (filters 5-8) at the Ward Water Plant, located at 121 N. Pendleton St., High Point, NC 27260. The existing vacuum tank was installed as part of the original construction in 1998. Attached are drawings and schematics of the Green Leaf Filters.
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  Plan Holder List for 'High Point, NC - Vacuum Tank Replacement, Bid 9004-101822'
  Company Information    CSI Codes  Contact Information  Status
Date Filled
Date Returned  
Delivery Method  
Tracking Number  
  Harper Corporation  
  312 E Coffee Street  
  Greenville, SC 29601-2817  
00002 - General Contractor  
Jessica Haltiwanger  
Phone: (864) 527-2500  
Fax: (864) 527-2536  

Ship - FedEx Overnight  
Track Item - 514272997609  
  Kemp Construction Inc.  
  2217 Lynmore  
  Sherrils Ford, NC 28673  
00002 - General Contractor  
Amy McBride  
Phone: (828) 478-3040  
Fax: (828) 478-3940  

Ship - FedEx Ground  
Track Item - 514272997517  
  Wharton-Smith, Inc.  
  5601 77 Center Dr  
  Suite 120  
  Charlotte, NC 28217  
00002 - General Contractor  
Dawn Crary  
Phone: (407) 321-8410  
Fax: (407) 321-8410  

Ship - FedEx Ground  
Track Item - 514272997550