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Sharpsburg, NC - 2019 Clean Water State Revolving Fund Wastewater System Improvements Project Project Number: CS370698-01

The Project includes the following Work:

Restore the remote monitoring of nine municipal wastewater pump stations.
Replace the existing vacuum assist pumps with submersible pumps at seven of the Town’s nine wastewater pump stations.
Extend an existing 6-inch force main on Railroad Street 580 LF to a new discharge location.
Raise or seal manhole tops for 22 manholes.
CCTV inspect 14,300 LF of gravity sewer.
Provide the following work in the Brickyard Pump Station service area:
Provide up to 20 point repairs to gravity sewer main lines.
Cap up to 136 services in the Weaver MHP and adjacent MHP in the Brickyard PS service area.
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