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North Charleston, SC - Roof Covering Replacement Pump Stations #205 (Watkins) and #208 (Filbin Creek)

North Charleston Sewer District is seeking to replace the existing roof coverings at Pump Station #205 (Watkins), 4743 Watkins Road and at Pump Station #208 (Filbin Creek), 5251 Virginia Avenue. The pump stations were originally constructed in the mid 1960’s (Watkins) and early 1970’s (Watkins). The structural systems consist primarily of cast-inplace concrete walls and diaphragms below grade and concrete beams, columns, and slabs with infill masonry walls above grade. The exterior walls are clad with brick veneer. The goal of this project is to remove and replace the existing modified bitumen roof coverings and roof insulation at Pump Station #205 (Watkins) and at Pump Station #208 (Filbin Creek) with new Thermoplastic Polyolefin Roofs over new roof insulation.
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