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Union County, NC - REBID - Phase 2 Sheriff's Office Training Complex

Construction of a concrete pad, electrical, sanitary and power connections for 4 pre-sited double wide modular buildings. Two of the buildings will be storage facilities and two will be classroom buildings. The storage buildings only require power connections to existing panels. The classroom buildings will each be modified to add one unisex, ADA compliant toilet with attending electrical, water and sanitary connections. The work will also include an ADA compliant ramp, sidewalk and stairs from the existing Phase 1 parking lot. The following work is excluded from the contract:
a. Moving and setting the buildings on foundations.
b. Combining the buildings and making them watertight.
c. Installing the prefabricated stairs and ramps.
d. Repairs to existing buildings.



Contact:   Vicky Watts
PreBid Date:   N/A
PreBid Info:  

Company:   Union County NC
Bid Date:   09/10/2020 10:00 AM
Bid Info:   Sealed Bids for the construction of the PHASE 2 SHERIFF’S OFFICE TRAINING COMPLEX will be received by the Union County Procurement Department, Union County Government Center at *500 North Main Street, Suite 709, Monroe, NC 28112, until 10:00 AM local time on September 10, 2020 at which time the Bids received will be publicly opened and read. The public bid opening will be conducted outdoors, in the front entrance area of the Union County Government Center at the specified bid date and time. Late bids will not be accepted. If you plan to attend the bid opening, social distancing rules apply.

*On September 10, 2020, beginning at 9:30 AM local time, bids will be received by the Union County Procurement Department at the bid opening location, outdoors in the front entrance area of the Union County Government Center at 500 North Main Street, Monroe, NC 28112.

Project Location: Union County, NC

Public Notes:
For information regarding this Invitation to Bid, contact as follow:

Vicky Watts, CLGPO
Senior Procurement Specialist
Union County Government Procurement Department
500 North Main Street, Suite 709, Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: 704-283-3601

Bids will be received for a single prime Contract. Bids shall be on a lump sum and unit price basis, with additive alternate bid items as indicated in the Bid Form.

Bidders must have a license to do work as a general contractor in the State of North Carolina, as set forth under Article 1 of Chapter 87 of the North Carolina General Statutes. The Contractor’s North Carolina License number shall be designated on the outside of the envelope containing the bid.

Bidders are required to comply with the non-collusion requirements set forth in the Bidding Documents.

Bid security shall be furnished in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

Union County reserves the right to reject any or all bids, including without limitation, nonconforming, nonresponsive, unbalanced, or conditional bids.

Good Faith effort outreach to Minority Businesses (HUB Certified) and Small Businesses shall be documented in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders. Bidders should note the provisions of the instructions to Bidders contained in the Bid Documents regarding HUB/minority participation. Bidders shall submit a completed identification of HUB Certified/Minority Participation form and with Affidavit A or Affidavit B, as Applicable, along with their bid.

Job Purchase Information:
Bid Closed