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Charleston, SC - Mitchell Elementary School Renovations

The work involved in the renovation of Julian Mitchell Math & Science Elementary (2 Perry St., Charleston, SC 29403) includes, but is not limited to:

Construction and integration of a new secured vestibule at the second-floor main entrance
*Transformation of an existing second-floor classroom into a contemporary and secure reception office
*Construction of a new exterior elevator with a covered vestibule (first floor) and veranda (second floor) providing secure and direct access to the new reception office
*Modernization of the existing interior elevator
*Reorganization of the existing business area
*Installation of new rooftop HVAC units and aluminum screening
*Replacement of existing interior HVAC units
*Integration of new mechanical chases on the second and third floors, and duct replacement in hallways
*Resurfacing of the existing roof
*Replacement of acoustical ceiling tiles and grids in hallways and select rooms following installation of new HVAC ductwork
*Remodeling of group and faculty restrooms
*Extensive interior painting
*Replacement of selected flooring
*Replacement of selected built-in cabinetry, countertops, and classroom sinks and bubblers, and kitchenettes
*Replacement of selected interior wood door slabs and hardware
*Replacement of selected door hardware
*Integration of new third floor workroom

The construction of new exterior elevator, open-air vestibules, and elevator machine room will be composed predominantly of load bearing masonry veneered with brick and reinforced with structural steel, joists, trusses, and metal decking. The roof resurfacing will be a fluid applied coating system over a modified bitumen base sheet. Finishes will include, but are not limited to: LVT, porcelain full body tile, carpet tiles, acoustical ceilings, paint, and casework. The package also includes basic electrical services, electrical supply upgrade, electrical life safety systems, technology items, and upgrades to the existing fire alarm system. Limited sitework includes installation of new sidewalk in at new first floor vestibule where the existing sidewalk will be demolished for installation of new concrete footings and elevator pit.



Contact:   Sandy Marlowe
PreBid Date:   06/16/2020 11:00 AM
PreBid Info:   Online Pre-Bid to Be Conducted. Contact Ms. Sandra Marlowe of Cumming Management Group, Inc. at for an invitation.

Company:   Cumming Construction Management Inc
Bid Date:   07/15/2020 11:00 AM
Bid Info:   See Addendum #6
3820 Faber Place Drive, Suite 600, N. Charleston, SC 29405

Project Location: Charleston, SC

Public Notes:
The Owner has retained the services of a Program Manager to represent the Owner's interest during construction.
For information regarding this project please contact the Program Manager:
Sandy Marlowe
Cumming Construction Management, Inc.
3820 Faber Place Drive, Suite 600, N. Charleston, SC 29405

Bid Security, Performance and Payment Bond

Job Purchase Information:
Bid Closed