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Mooresville, NC - RFLOI (Request for Letters of Interest) Silicon Shores East-West Connector Road

SUBCONSULTANTS ARE PERMITTED UNDER THIS CONTRACT. This contract shall be partially reimbursed with US BUILD TRANSPORTATION DISCRETIONARY funding through the North Carolina Department of Transportation (hereinafter referred to as the Department). The solicitation, selection, and negotiation of a contract shall be conducted in accordance with all Department requirements and guidelines.

The primary and/or subconsultant firm(s) shall be pre-qualified by the Department to perform ANY COMBINATION of the Discipline Codes listed below for the Town of Mooresville. Discipline Codes required are:
*26 – Capacity Analysis – Intersections and Corridors
*70 - Erosion and Sediment Control Design
*92 – GPS
*97 – Guide Sign Design – Conventional Roads
*132 - Landscape & Streetscape Design
*155 - Pavement Markings Plans
*173 – Public Water Distribution Systems
*182 - Railroad Crossing Signal & Traffic Engineering Services
*192 – ROW Appraisals
*194 – ROW Negotiators
*199 – Route Location Surveys
*207 – Signal Design
*208 – Signal Equipment Design
*209 – Signal Communication Design
*235 - Subsurface Utility Engineering
*251 – Project Level Traffic Forecasting
*252 – Traffic Impact Studies
*269 – Urban Road Design
*294 – Roadway Foundation Investigation and Design
*296 - Retaining Wall Investigation & Design
*297 – Pavement Design Investigation
*298 – Ground Improvement Design
*309 – Traffic Data Collection
*314 – Roadway Lighting
*316 - Multi-Use Trail Design, Survey & Layout
*360 – Topographic Surveying
*361 – Boundary Surveying
*362 – Easement Surveying
*364 – MSE Segmental Wall Design
*433 – Tier I Basic Hydrologic and Hydraulic Design
*479 – Tier III Complex Hydraulic Design
*541 - Traffic Management Plan – Level 1 and 2
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Contact:   Jonathan Young
PreBid Date:   N/A
PreBid Info:  

Company:   Town of Mooresville
Bid Date:   06/04/2020 03:00 PM
Bid Info:  

Project Location: Mooresville, NC

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