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Denver, NC - Killian Creek WWTP Upgrade Phase 3 (20170294.00.CL)

The Project consists of supplying, installation, startup and related construction services associated with the expansion of the existing Killian Creek wastewater treatment plant as summarized below on a lump sum bid.

A. New influent headworks, Sequencing Batch Reactor System (SBR) flow splitter and related slide gates and electric actuators.
B. New SBR, Post Equalization, Aerobic Digester and Sludge Holding Tank System including concrete basin structure, blowers, jet aeration mixers, sludge transfer pumps, and related controls incorporating the existing SBR system into a four (4) SBR basin system.
C. Modifications to existing SBR system to include changeout of existing blower sheaves to increase blower speed and capacity, modifications to influent flow splitter/electrically actuated gates, addition of influent drop boxes and diffuser pipes in each SBR basin and modification to existing SBR control system to integrate controls into the new four (4) SBR basin control system.
D. New Effluent Filters Building with two (2) new effluent disk filters and three (3) relocated existing disk filters and related controls.
E. New effluent Ultraviolet (UV), dual channel disinfection system installed in existing effluent building with related controls and building modifications.
F. New waste activated sludge (WAS) sludge thickener and related sludge transfer pumps, polymer feed system, piping and controls.
G. Modifications to existing RTD sludge building to add a hot water tank and tepid eye wash.
H. New sludge pump station including sludge grinder, rotary lobe pumps and related transfer piping and controls.
I. Modifications in existing sludge pump building to add hot water heater and tepid water mixing valve to supply existing safety shower/eye washes with tepid water.
J. New sludge dewatering building including two (2) new rotary sludge filter presses, polymer feed systems, sludge conveyors and related controls.
K. New caustic chemical feed pumps capable of caustic addition to the new SBR tanks and digesters.
L. New chemical feed system associated with phosphorus removal including storage tank, recirculation pump and chemical metering pumps and controls in a precast concrete building.
M. Related site grading, storm water drainage, erosion/sediment control, site piping and roads.

Engineer’s Estimate, $26,000,000




Contact:   Angela Hall
PreBid Date:   03/10/2020 02:00 PM
PreBid Info:   A pre-bid conference will be held at the Killian Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant located at 7085 Old Plank Road, Stanley, NC. Attendance at the pre-bid conference is highly encouraged but is not mandatory.

Company:   W. K. Dickson & Co. Inc.
Bid Date:   05/12/2020 02:00 PM
Bid Info:   See Addendum #3
Sealed Bids for the construction of the Killian Creek WWTP Upgrade Phase 3 will be received by Lincoln County, C/O John Henry, Purchasing Agent at Lincoln County, 353 N. General Blvd., Executive Conference Room, Lincolnton, NC 28093, at which time the Bids received will be “publicly” opened and read.

All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope and plainly labeled on the outer most package “RFB-2020-0402 - KILLIAN CREEK WWTP UPGRADE PHASE 3.” The Inside and outside package shall include the Contractor’s License Number.

Project Location: Denver, NC

Public Notes:
For information regarding this project please contact:

Angela Hall
W.K. Dickson & Co., Inc.
401 4th Street SW, Suite 201, Hickory, NC 28602
Office: 828-327-6911

Bid security shall be furnished in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.

Lincoln County reserves the right to reject all bids, to waive informalities and technicalities, and to cancel the Bid Process at any time.

Job Purchase Information:
Bid Closed

Copy of Final Bid Tabulation can be viewed by clicking HERE