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Medina Municipal Airport-1G5 - Extend North-South Taxiway (19062)

This project is to extend the North-South Taxiway to the south and tie it into the Runway 01 Approach End (approximately 325’ x 25’).

The project is proposed to include, but not be limited to, the following general project elements:

1. Demolition of the existing Concrete Connector Taxiway. (Approximately 6.5” thick, non-reinforced Portland Cement Concrete – approximately 700 SY). Disposal of materials is to be at a designated on-site location.
2. Finish grading of project site to promote positive drainage away from the Runway.
3. Construct taxiway pavement consisting of approximately 400 TN FAA P-401 bituminous asphalt on approximately 500 CY FAA P-209 crushed aggregate base course material.
4. Install FAA L-853 Type II, Retroreflective Taxiway Edge Markers.
5. Include other miscellaneous construction items related to taxiway construction.
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Contact:   Cindy Chavez
PreBid Date:   08/19/2019 11:00 AM EST
PreBid Info:   Medina Municipal Airport Terminal Bldg., 2050 Medina , OH 44256

Company:   Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
Bid Date:   08/23/2019 11:00 AM
Bid Info:   Mayor of the City of Medina, 132 N. Elmwood Ave., Medina, OH 44256

Project Location: Medina Municipal Airport, OH View a Map of this Location

Public Notes:
For information regarding this project please contact:

Steve A. Potoczak
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
7804 Pan American Freeway NE Suite 4
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Bids must be accompanied by a certified check or a bid bond in the amount of not less than 5 percent of the total amount bid. A Contract Performance Bond and a Contract Payment Bond each equal to 100 percent of the Contract Price will be required for the successful Contractor. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of 30 calendar days after the date of receiving bids.

Proposals shall be placed in a sealed envelope addressed to the City of Medina at the office of the Mayor of the City of Medina, at 132 N. Elmwood Ave., Medina, OH 44256 and labeled in lower left-hand corner:

Extend North-South Taxiway

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