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REBID - High Point NC - Intersection & Parking Lot Improvements

This contract consists of providing personnel, equipment and materials to complete intersection improvements at two locations and repair and resurface three parking lots. The work consists of placing approximately 590 Tons of asphalt concrete intermediate course, 390 Tons of asphalt concrete base course, 1,160 Tons of asphalt concrete surface course, 11,600 SY of asphalt surface treatment mat coat and a variety of other items and materials including but not limited to services, traffic control, traffic signal modifications, pavement repairs and additional work necessary to complete this contract.
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  Plan Holder List for 'REBID - High Point NC - Intersection & Parking Lot Improvements'
  Company Information    CSI Codes  Contact Information  Status
Date Filled
Date Returned  
Delivery Method  
Tracking Number  
  P&S Grading LLC  
  4211 Belvoir Drive  
  Greensboro, NC 27406  
02000 - Site Construction  
Andy jones  
Phone: (336) 285-9397  
Fax: (336) 285-9776  

Pickup - Greensboro Office  

  Ruston Paving Company, Inc  
  PO Box 8805  
  Greensboro, NC 27419  
00001 - General Subcontractor  
Rob Thomas  
Phone: (336) 544-9580  
Fax: (336) 297-9394  

Pickup - Greensboro Office  

  Sharpe Brothers A Division of vecellio & Grogan, Inc  
  204 Base Leg Road  
  Greensboro, NC 27409  
00001 - General Subcontractor  
Rob Stafford  
Phone: (336) 235-2756  
Fax: (336) 235-2743  

Pickup - Greensboro Office  

  W.C. Construction Company, LLC  
  3680 Westgate Center Circle  
  Winston-Salem, NC 27103  
00002 - General Contractor  
Chris Hoover  
Phone: (336) 721-3420  
Fax: (336) 721-3421  

Pickup - Greensboro Office