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Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Parking Deck Lighting Safety Upgrades

The scope of work includes the following services under the direction of Design & Construction Services and Devita Inc. Contractor shall provide a HVAC system upgrade to the one story, approx. 44,800 square foot, mixed office and classroom Building 200, located on the campus of Montgomery Community College. The construction work will consist of demolition work, replacement of 2 air cooled chillers, 4 room mounted air handlers, one boiler, 4 hydronic pumps, 39 variable volume terminal units and various required air and waterside accessories.
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  Plan Holder List for 'Chapel Hill, NC - UNC Parking Deck Lighting Safety Upgrades'
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Date Filled
Date Returned  
Delivery Method  
Tracking Number  
  Central Builders Inc, of Mebane   
  816 E Hanover Road  
  Haw River, NC 27258  
00002 - General Contractor  
Todd Ray  
Phone: (336) 227-4551  
Fax: (336) 227-0610  

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  Green Facilities Solutions, LLC  
  16 Fairway Drive  
  Caswell Beach, NC 28465  
16500 - Lighting  
Irvin Teeters  
Phone: (770) 378-5596  
Fax: (910) 278-1607  

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  H.M. Kern Corporation  
  160 Thatcher Rd.  
  Greensboro, NC 27419  
00002 - General Contractor  
Josh Hyler  
Phone: (336) 668-3213  
Fax: (336) 668-2142  

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  The New Florida Industrial Electric INC  
  5939 Wilkinson Ave  
  Belmont, NC 28012  
16000 - Electrical  
Bradford Spelbring  
Phone: (407) 379-1718  
Fax: (407) 331-1551  

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