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Fair Bluff, NC - Wastewater Pump Station Flood Resiliency (20170154.00.CH)

Work of the Project includes modifications to the existing 76 West, Elm Street, and Sunset Street pump stations to include the following: conversion from suction lift to submersible wastewater pumps in the existing wet well; installation of pump bases and guide rails; rehabilitate and line wet well; install new above-ground piping and valves; replace pump control panel, electrical boxes, and SCADA panel above flood elevation; site electrical work; install magnetic flow meters; and install flood proof hatches.

Work of the Project also includes the following: raising the existing pump control panels, electrical components, and diesel generator and installing an elevated aluminum platform and canopy at the Main Pump Station; raising the pump control panel and electrical components above the flood plain and installing a second grinder pump at the Causey Street Pump Station; and installing new flood proof hatches and raising the bypass pumping connection at the Dead End Pump Station.



Contact:   Nancy Lee
PreBid Date:   None Scheduled
PreBid Info:  

Company:   W. K. Dickson & Co., Inc.
Bid Date:   10/30/2018 02:00 PM EST
Bid Info:   Sealed bids will be received by Town of Fair Bluff, at 1054 Main Street, Fair Bluff, NC 28439 until 2:00 p.m. EST, on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, for Wastewater Pump Station Flood Resiliency, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud in Town Hall of Fair Bluff, NC

Bids must be submitted on the complete project. Bids must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Town of Fair Bluff, North Carolina, and the outside of the envelope must be marked Bid for Wastewater Pump Station Flood Resiliency. The envelope must also bear, on the outside, the name of the Bidder, his address, and his Contractor's license number. All bids must be made on blank forms provided and included in the bound document or as provided by addendum prior to bid.

Project Location: Fair Bluff, NC

Public Notes:
For information regarding this project please contact:

Nancy Lee
W.K. Dickson & Co., Inc.
162 Seven Farms Drive, Charleston, SC 29492
Phone: 843-416-5560

Bid evaluation will include a single contract as shown above. Bidders are notified that the project is being funded through a North Carolina Division of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ), Division of Water Infrastructure, State Reserve and 2016 Disaster Recovery Funds, Project Nos. E-SRP-W-17-0037 and ESAP- W-17-0009.

The bidder shall identify in the bid documents the minority business participation it will use on the project. Forms are included in the bid documents for this purpose. Failure to complete these forms is grounds for rejection of the bid.

Bidders must be licensed contractors in the State of North Carolina. All Subcontractors must also be licensed contractors in the State of North Carolina. Successful bidder and all subcontractors shall be required to obtain and hold a valid Town of Fair Bluff Business License.

Each proposal shall be accompanied by a cash deposit or certified check drawn on some bank or trust company insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, of an amount equal to not less than five percent of the proposal, or in lieu thereof a bidder may offer a bid bond of five percent of the bidprepared on the form of Bid Bond contained within the Contract Documents or a Surety Company's Standard Bid Bond form, duly executed by the Bidder as principal, and executed by a surety company licensed under the laws of North Carolina to execute such bonds and listed in the latest issue of U. S. Treasury Circular 570, conditioned that the surety will, upon demand, forthwith make payment to the obligee upon said bond if the bidder fails to execute the contract in accordance with the bid bond. Said deposit shall be retained by the Owner as liquidated damages in event of failure of the successful bidder to execute the contract within ten days after the award or to give satisfactory surety as required by law.

The Successful Bidder will be required to furnish a Construction Performance Bond and a Construction Payment Bond as security for the faithful performance and the payment of all bills and obligations arising from the performance of the Contract.

Contractor and all Subcontractors will be required to conform to the labor standards employment requirements set forth in the Contract Documents.

No bid may be withdrawn after the scheduled closing time for the receipt of bids for a period of 90 days.

Bidders must comply with the President’s Executive Order No. 11246, as amended, which prohibits discrimination in employment regarding race, creed, color, sex, or national origin.

The Contractor shall comply with the Department of Labor Safety and Health Regulations for construction promulgated under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (PL91-596) and under Section 107 of the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act (PL91-54), or latest revisions.

General Contractors are notified that "An Act to Regulate the Practices of General Contracting" ratified by the General Assembly on March 10, 1925, and as subsequently amended will be observed in receiving bids and awarding General Contracts.

All Qualification Packages, per Paragraph 11. of the Instructions to Bidders, must be submitted at least seven days prior to the advertised bid date.

The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities and technicalities.

Job Purchase Information:
Bid Closed