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Greensboro NC - Battleground Avenue (US 220) at Westridge Road (2010-034)

The work in this contract consists of approximately 4,000 linear feet (LF) of roadway widening along Battleground Avenue and Westridge Road, the installation of approximately 2,750 square yards (SY) of sidewalk, and the installation of ADA ramps in these locations. Sections will not be awarded separately.



Contact:   Reginald Lee
PreBid Date:   08/09/2018 11:00 AM
PreBid Info:   300 West Washington St. Greensboro NC

Company:   City of Greensboro
Bid Date:   08/24/2018 03:00 PM
Bid Info:   Bid Time has changed by Addendum #2
300 West Washington St. Greensboro NC

Project Location: Greensboro, NC

Public Notes:
For information regarding this project please contact:

Donald Saintsing
City of Greensboro Engineering and Inspections Department
300 West Washington Street, Greensboro, North Carolina
Phone: 336-373-7966

Job Purchase Information:
Bid Closed