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REBID - Myrtle Beach International Airport-Taxiway A Rehabilitation-Bid Package 1 (18003)

The scope of the project consists of the rehabilitation (reconstruction) of Taxiway A south of Taxiway A4, including Taxiway A1, Taxiway A2, and Taxiway A3. Included in the project will be the widening and/or relocation of the taxiways, construction of paved shoulders, and rehabilitation (replacement) of the taxiway edge lighting system. Alternate 1 includes all work shown on the plans and/or described in the specifications for the rehabilitation(reconstruction) of Taxiway A south of Taxiway A4, Taxiway A1, Taxiway A2, and Taxiway A3. Alternate 2 includes all work south of the terminal apron. The re-bid plans includes changing all the airfield surface asphalt pavement except for Taxiway A2 and asphalt base course from P-401 surface and P-401 base to state mix R-403, Type B and R-402, Type A respectively.
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