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LYNX BLE Track & Systems and LYNX Blue Line Capacity Expansion

The BLE Track & Systems work of this Contract consists of the furnishing of track materials, which includes rails, concrete cross ties, ballast, crossing pads, turnouts, and all other track components and the construction of all trackwork. The work of this Contract also includes all work for traction power, train control, and communications, substations, substation site work, overhead catenary system, and other elements related to the construction of the power supply system for the light rail transit system, interlocking, way side controllers, grade crossings, carbone equipment, and spare parts, variable message signs, customer assistance telephones, CCTV, station public address, spare parts, fare collection, and related equipment.

The Blue Line Capacity Expansion work of this Contract consists of expanding the existing light rail stations along the existing Blue Line (South Boulevard) to increase station capacity from two-car loading to three-car loading. The work includes rails, concrete cross ties, ballast, traction power substation, train control, communications, substation site work, and overhead catenary system.




Contact:   Kate Reid
PreBid Date:   01/21/2014 01:00 PM EST
PreBid Info:   Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center
2nd Floor, Room 267
600 East Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Company:   City of Charlotte
Bid Date:   04/01/2014 03:30 PM EST
Bid Info:   The Bid Date has been changed by Addendum #8
The City of Charlotte will receive sealed bids from Pre-Qualified Bidders only at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center
12th Floor, Room 1201
600 East Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Project Location: Charlotte, NC

Public Notes:
If you would like to view the drawings for this project on the left side please click on the “Private Jobs” and enter the password TRK-BLCE

If you have any questions, you may contact:

Kate Reid, Senior Procurement Officer
600 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
Direct Phone: (704) 336-3641; Main Phone (704) 336-2292
James McLeod, Senior Procurement Officer
600 East Fourth St, Charlotte NC 28202
Direct Phone: (704) 432-3659 Main Phone: (704) 336-7902

Please submit questions or inquiries at least seven (7) calendar days before the Bid Due Date. Questions or inquiries past this deadline may not be addressed by the City prior to the Bid Due Date.

Bidders must be properly licensed under North Carolina state law to perform the Work. A 5% bid security is required with each Bid that equals or exceeds $100,000. The estimated cost of this Project is $150,179,000 for the BLE Track & Systems and $14,365,000 for the Blue Line Capacity Expansion.

The City of Charlotte reserves the right to reject any and all Bids and to waive any informalities or technicalities as it may deem to be in its best interest.

The Contract entered into by and between the successful Bidder and the City will be subject to the requirements of a financial assistance contract between the City and the U.S. Department of Transportation (US-DOT). The Contractor, and his Subcontractors performing Work will be required to comply with federal statutes and regulations including but not limited to: 49 CFR Part 26; the Occupational Safety and Health Standards and the Safety and Health Regulations for Construction, 29 CFR Parts 1910 and 1926; the Davis-Bacon Act; the Anti-Kickback Act; the Contract Work Hours Standards; and the President’s Executive Orders No. 11246 and No. 11375. The City will act to ensure that Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) have an equitable opportunity to compete in contracting activities.

A contract goal of <<(TBD)>> DBE participation has been established for this Contract.

Additional City of Charlotte Contract Opportunities can be accessed at
Content on the City’s website includes the posted legal advertisement for this (and other) City of Charlotte projects.

Job Purchase Information:
Bid Closed

Copy of Final Bid Tabulation can be viewed by clicking HERE